I’m the idol everyone craves!

Mettaton EX, Undertale (Toby Fox).

All photography, editing (last photo) by CosLife ( website / twitter / facebook / instagram )
Cosplay, makeup, modeling, editing (the rest of the photos) by me.
Photos taken at Katsucon 2016.

Steam Powered Giraffe - mAlFuNcTiOn (Scanned)

scanned, and at that I finish yet another art project! Yaaayy!! //applauds self

Haven’t thought up what to draw next, and there /may/ be a short hiatus on new art projects while I prepare for the holidays, but I’ll be trying to finish up some projects that I haven’t yet finished.

so stay tuned, and stay fluffy, biscuiteers. <:

I made an MTT Program Essay slip.

How to use this: Cosplay as Mettaton to a convention. Find people who like Undertale. Hand a pen/pencil and this sheet to them. Give them approximately 5 seconds to respond. Swipe the essay away. Say something silly/witty about it. Do this for as many as people as possible. Review all of them after the convention. Laugh a lot. Post what you get online!

(idk i’m cosplaying as mettaton ex to katsucon in february and i thought this was inventive so why not)