You Need to Know Your Rights

Not a lot sweeter than when a friend calls b/c her cousin is getting arrested, you tell her what her and his rights are, and you hear in the background “[name]! Tell them you want a lawyer, tell them you’re going to be silent, then shut the hell up until you’re out!” And then a second later “no officer I don’t have to answer any of your questions.”

Fuck yeah, that was a success. Plus, that’s the friend who wants to be a DA. Maybe she’ll see the light now.

Memorable Experience


Many of us have their own memorable experience, some are painful, embarrassing and most of the time we treasure the happy ones. This experience will make us for what we are now. Even if it was embarrassing, it’s not that we embarrassed ourselves. It’s that we treasure the moment with the one we love.

I have this memory of a friend. She was my first love and the same time she is one of my closest friends. When the time I first laid on eyes on her I fell in love with her. She got the most beautiful pair of eyes. We cuddle and sweet to each other. Some of my friends thought that she was my girlfriend and I was very shy of the thought. Then started that time we stopped seeing each other and it makes me sad. I love her but I’m afraid she does not feel the same way.

It’s been a week when I last saw her. I missed her so much. I could hardly concentrate on my studies anymore. Every time, I fight the urge to talk to her because I know if I would, she’ll going to neglect my presence. And it would be painful in my part. I’m really afraid of the thought that she’ll reject me. So I said to myself. “I don’t want to expect and assume anymore and that’s it. If we’re not meant to be, so be it. If we really are, I’m glad then”.

It was a fine morning; I went to school early that day because we have to present our “Hataw”. She was there standing beautifully at the center of the crowd. It makes me nervous although I am a good dancer; in fact I’m one of the members of a certain group called PCC Perfect Combination Crew.

The program end successfully. She approach and said these words to me, “hey, Kyrt I didn’t know that you were a good dancer, I’m proud of you!” And then she hugged me tight. I don’t know if that’s only my imagination that she misses me. As what I said, I don’t want to assume, so I played numb.

One day I heard that she got a boyfriend. I was really shock and jealous. As if I want to the punch that guy straight to his skull! I’ve been so afraid to confess my feelings straight to her. Days passed by, I observed that she’s happy with him. I have nothing to do with it. She’s happy now, what can I do? So I let go.

I don’t know what happen to us. Our closeness fades away. If I could turn back time I will confess my feelings to her. I regret those things I did before, I really do. I don’t know if you called this a happy experience because I used to be so happy with her company or painful one because I experience my very first heart break. You judge what kind of experience I had with her.

We know that every experience we encounter, we have a lesson to be learned. As for me, I learned that if you love, you bet it with your life because it better to do so, than regretting you never have done so.

It’s my little brother memorable experience. Quite interesting right?