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Prompt- Thanks Dearie! My request is a Mon-el x reader. The reader works for the DEO but she also owns her own bakery, it’s kind of like an escape from all the stuff she deals with at the DEO. Mon-el has a crush on the reader and is unsure how to woo her, I guess would be the right word. He ends up being really sweet and he tries to help out but just ends up messing things up, but in the end he just comes out and says that he likes the reader and the reader likes him too. Something cute and fluffy! Thanks Dearie!!!-anon // “ i don’t have a prompt or anything but pls write anything about mon el 🙏🏼-anon


Word count - 1,684


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So I’ve been reading Supergirl’s (old) comics and I found this masterpieces

feel u sister

Poor babygirl, all this men messing with you around

I wish I could go there too! take me with you!


I also want everyone to know that Hippolyta not only adopted Kara as her daughter, but she also named her by her kyrptonian name (in the comic Supergirl always goes by Linda Danvers fyi)


Legendary Dragon-Birds

  • Myths and Legends Day: Kyrptonian Gods: Flamebird and Nightwing (New Earth)
Today is Myths and Legends Day (11 October) and one of my favorite myths and legends in the DC Universe are about Flamebird and Nightwing.

In the Pre-Crisis continuity, while visiting the Bottle City of Kandor, Superman was branded an outlaw due to a misunderstanding. To protect themselves, Superman and Jimmy Olsen, who followed Superman, created vigilante identities inspired by Batman and Robin. However, as neither bats nor robins exist on Krypton, they took the name of two native avian species – Flamebird and Nightwing.

In the Post-Crisis continuity, Flamebird and Nightwing were outcast Kryptonians who became vigilantes to fight crime, which Bette Kane and Dick Grayson would eventually adopt. Later on, they were revealed to be deities in the Kryptonian Pantheon. Flamebird was the goddess of creation and destruction, while Nightwing was the god of hunting evil and later (in Prime Earth) known to be the Great Rebuilder and the Catalyst of Change.

“Nightwing and Flamebird – my Earthly associates – took their names from Kryptonian Tales I related.”

– Clark Kent as Nightwing to Lois Lane as Flamebird in Superman: The Man of Steel #111 by Mark Schultz.
Image Used:
  • Action Comics (Vol. 1) #886 by Pere Pérez and Fernando Dagnino
  • Action Comics (Vol. 1) #888 and Annual #12 by Pere Pérez
  • Batman (Vol. 1) #687 by Ed Benes
  • Beast Boy #4 by Justiniano

astradanvers  asked:

Alex/Astra - they're left taking care of a humanoid alien baby, it won't stop crying for either of them

When you’re a Kyrptonian former general and your girlfriend is a government secret agent, your life is bound to be a bit different than normal. However, of all the scenarios she could possibly think of, the sight that greeted Astra upon her return home to the apartment after helping Kara was not something that she had even thought of. Alex was stood there holding something, or rather someone, in her arms who was making quite the loud pitched wailing noise. Astra walked up to the woman, pressing a kiss to her cheek as she always did though she looked curious at the new development.

“We now have a tiny human?” Astra questioned, her hand very delicately stroking the baby’s cheek who was still crying “I did not realise you were even pregnant, though I must admit I don’t know a lot about the human birthing process”

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Clark and Kara attempted to go through the, “dying your hair funny colors,” phase. Unfortunately, their hair will not absorb the dye due to some specific Kyrptonian gene. At most the dye lasted about a week, depending if they let their hair bleach for a few days and that left them with some awfully white hair for awhile. Still, Kara will occasionally throw some hair chalk on when she goes out.


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Headcanon that both Bruce and Clark speak Kryptonian with a horrifically thick "country hick" accent, since Clark couldn't figure out how to change the regional accent settings in the fortress' language tutorials. Meanwhile Kara, who had proper elocution lessons on Krypton, winces every time she hears them speaking Kryptonian. She hasn't told them though - hearing the dark knight talk as though he's discussing "them thar tracterrrs" is worth it.

Thank you anon,

My gut is now busted imagining the stern, tall Batman discussing “them thar tracterrrs” with Superman oh my gawd. Clark maybe eventually finds out but they agree never to tell Bruce. One, Bruce would kill them. Two, more importantly, Bruce would work on the accent and they’d be denied the pleasure of hearing the trust fund baby speak like a Kyrptonian hick

I’ve seen comments about how Wonder Woman is the best part in BvS (no arguments here) and that some people would have preferred it if she had been given more screen time so that “they could have cut out the useless Lois sub-plot”.

Ha. Hahahahahahaha. Haa…

Ya know, I cannot, for the life of me, figure out why people would say this. Why would people want more of Wonder Woman, an extended cameo character who was essential in bringing down the Third Act villain, at the cost of Lois, a main character who’s investigative skills shown throughout the movie led to her to evidence putting Luthor in jail, along with her being the reason Batman doesn’t kill Superman for triggering him with his mother’s name? Why would people want more of the physically active Wonder Woman, a woman who spends most of her screen time fighting, over Lois, the only truly average hero in this film, who does her job investigating and contributing to the main plot? Are these people saying that in order to merit screen time, Lois should have been kicking ass and taking names instead of acting like a journalist? Are they saying that by virtue of needing saving from gunpoint like a regular person, Lois doesn’t merit the screen time she gets? Hmm, watch out. We’re straying dangerously close to the Strong Female Character, where now it’s the audience that confuses punching things as superior character action.

Look, maybe it’s not so much a desire to cut Lois out of the movie she’s the female lead of. Maybe people just really wanted to see more of Wonder Woman because we only got little glimpses of who she is as a character. You’re not alone, my friends: I, along with many others, also want more Wonder Woman to grace my movie screen. Congrats! Lucky for all of us there’s a Wonder Woman movie coming out in June 2017! All your questions should be answered then. We didn’t have to cut anyone’s screen time because most of it will now belong to Wonder Woman. Everyone wins.

But then there are people that didn’t like Lois by virtue of her being human. By virtue of her needing saving in the impossible situations she finds herself in. And last time I checked, it’s not really damseling if concrete pillars fall on top of you; after that it’s just needing help. Kinda like when a Kyrptonian abomination is about to blast you with its eyes and you’re stuck in your jet: I think some super Amazonian help is warranted there too, don’t ya think?

So to those people: y'all can sit down. Lois isn’t going anywhere. Maybe you should figure out why seeing a human act like a human in these superhero movies bothers you so much, or why you feel the need to pit one woman’s screen time against another’s.

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Alex running a fever and Astra being all caring ?

Alex mumbled as she felt something cold on her head and turned over to escape it.

“Brave one,” a voice murmured over her, “I researched ways to help treat flu and they say to put a wet flannel on your head.”

“How the hell did you know I had the flu?” Alex muttered, stil buried under blankets and her duvet.

She heard Astra shuffle round beside her, several plastic bags obviously being emptied.

“I may have had a small panic. Kara insisted that you were not about to die, and just that you needed a few items,” Astra said, pushing Alex’s hair behind her ear.

“You bought me thing?” Alex asked, looking up at the Kyrptonian. Alex knew that Kara would be fretting, but seeing the other alien slightly tense and concerned made warmth explode in her chest and a smile to form on her face.

“I got you something called Lucozade, or how ever you say it, some chicken noodle soup, that icecream you and Kara get through, some odd little tablets that Kara insisted on and some book that reminded me of you.”

“You, Astra In-Ze, went to a grocery story and bought me ice-cream?”

Astra blushed slightly and hung her head, “Kara told me that everything would be fine, but I felt so helpless watching you there.”

Alex had always understood that Astra was more reserved with her feelings than Kara. It’s why it took them so long to get together, after months of tip-toeing around each other and the unspoken feelings between them. But right now, Alex knew that she loved Astra In-Ze more than anyone in this world, or the galaxy.

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Alex/Astra- "So how does marriage on Earth work, exactly?"

For some reason, Astra had gotten into Friends. Alex wouldn’t have minded, if she hadn’t been forced to watch 7 seasons in 2 weeks.. Luckily the DEO had forced her to rest after a few broken ribs and concussion.

Finally, after binging, they’d gotten to Monica and Chandler’s wedding. Not long now and Astra will move onto something else to obsess over.

“So, how does marriage on Earth work, exactly?”

Alex stalled, chow mein noodles hovering in the air half way between the box and her mouth.

“Well, typically they live together, and want to certify their relationship together, so they get together with friends and family to celebrate.”

The agent watched the Kyrptonian mull over herr words. From what Kara had told her, marriages on Krypton were mostly done out of convinience and arranged by the parents.

Laughing at Monica freaking out, Alex turned from the woman beside her, and continued eating her noodles.

“So like us.”

The agent chokes on her noodles. What the hell did Alex think they were? She had been staying with her since she’d been released and aligned with the DEO.

“Astra, we are definitely not married.”

“But we celebrated me living with you the other day with Kara’s friends.”

Alex sighed. Dealing with clueless Kyrptonians was great fun.

“When I say relationship I mean like dating. Courtship, whatever you call it. We are definitely not dating.”

Astra stared at her. Alex tried to ignore how green the former general’s eyes were.

“Why do you think I have been bringing you flowers and making you that odd bitter hot drink?”

Alex paled. She thought Astra was just being kind.

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Alex/Astra- Astra watches Star Wars

“I don’t understand what these Jedi are.”

Alex sighed. Astra has been moaning since they put A New Hope on. Apparently Tattoine wouldn’t have 2 moons. Apparently Jedis are a separate alien race. Apparently light sabers aren’t scientifically possible.

“Astra!” Alex shouted, immediately shutting up her girlfriend.

“I just want to watch my favourite movie. I don’t need a detailed comparison of the similarities of Jedi and the alien race on Parteon. We can watch Finding Nemo after if you want.”

She felt the Kyrptonian curl into her side, a head of soft wild hair coming down onto her shoulder.

“I’ve heard about the little green man, Yoda. He is remarkably similar to a species in the next system over…”

Alex just sighed again and whacked Astra firmly in the face with a pillow.

“No more Finding Nemo.”