Old friends, please do me a favor if you have the bandwidth. You know @kyrieanne and I have been working together for the last three years on various projects. I love her dearly. She’s incredibly compassionate and patient in ways that I wish I were. The world would be a better place if more people like her. Anyway. She’s having an absolute shit day. A lot of people she loves are going through really hard, heartbreaking things and if you love her or any of her work, now would be a good time to remind her.

Fic Recs #10

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9

Forever sending the fic love to @realityisoverrated-fic so she will never run out of reading material.

And now on to the fic party! Guys, should I start calling this “Fic Party” instead of “Fic Recs?” That’s basically what I’ve called all of them.

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Nothing left to hide by @ohmypreciousgirl - Asexual Oliver, guys. It keeps with canon, going into the spectrum of asexuality, and is SO beautiful and sweet.

Truths and Consequences by @slowcookedvig - Oliver has so much to deal with while being the mayor. Code of Ethics, committees, and his Bratva past coming back to haunt him and those he loves. One of these things is not like the other.

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Dust to Dust by @anthfan - Oliver dies and Felicity has to find a way to move on. But for a vigilante who’s come back from the dead more times than he can count, death isn’t always such a permanent thing. EMOTIONAL but I promise it has a happy ending!

These Games We Play by @overwatchqueens - I’ve recced this before I’m almost sure, but I don’t care! It’s been updated and I’m so excited!!! The kiss in the mansion in S2 happened and it changes everything. Fake marriage, sharing an apartment, sex pollen in one chapter, investigating crimes… It’s got a little bit of everything!

Savin’ Me by @stygian-omada-fan - Bratva AU! One of my greatest weaknesses. Oliver and Felicity are dating and he’s trying to keep her out of the more dangerous parts of his life, but he’s forced to ask her for help when he gets set up to take the fall for a crime he didn’t commit.


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ready for the fall by @callistawolf - Takes place right after the S1 finale and TOMMY LIVES FAM. Oliver has run off to parts unknown after the Undertaking, but Felicity isn’t going to let him go without a fight. She follows him to Tommy’s family’s cabin. What on earth could happen there for fifteen chapters? We’re gonna find out!

The Love Thieves: Amour de Soi by @truemyth - (nice icon, girl!) Olicity/Nikita AU! Felicity is wrongfully convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison. But Section One thinks that her computer prowess on top of her seeming killer instinct is the perfect formula for her to become one of their agents. Will Felicity survive training? In Section One, failure equals death.

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Let’s Misbehave by @dettiot - Olicity 1920s AU! In a whirl of slang, flapper skirts and illegal booze, Felicity’s just trying to save enough money as a switchboard operator to afford another year at MIT. Her friends lure her into the best speakeasy in town, Verdant, and Felicity finds herself living in the moment maybe for the first time in her life. So, when she can’t take the phone company anymore and quits her job before she can get fired, she finds herself drinking alone at Verdant with no place to go. Thankfully, the devilishly handsome owner has a proposition for her. (sorry I just spoiled like all of chapter 1 but I’m a really dramatic person and I couldn’t help myself.)

Into You Like a Train by @hannasus - Felicity is a script supervisor and Oliver is the disgraced former-heartthrob who’s been off the scene for 5 years dealing with his drug addiction. They come together to work on a movie that may redeem Oliver’s career and drive Felicity insane.

of Redemption and Inebriation by @emmilynestill - In the 4.5 hiatus, Felicity and Oliver deal with themselves, their relationship, and a lot of alcohol. (despite the below gif, they promised not to have sex until the third date.)

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Caught in the Rapture by @bindy417 - Felicity Smoak is the daughter of Damien Darhk. To bury the ratchet with Ra’s al Ghul, he sells his only daughter to the Demon to marry the Demon’s Heir - Al Sah-him.

The Edge of Hope by @thatmasquedgirl - PACIFIC RIM AU. Felicity Smoak is a J-Tech genius who just wants to pilot a Jaeger, but Marshal Diggle doesn’t want to send his brightest mind out in a giant metal suit to die fighting a Kaiju. It helps that she hasn’t found anyone she’s drift-compatible with yet. In comes Oliver Queen, ex-Ranger who’s one of the most successful Jaeger pilots in history. He and Tommy Merlyn were partners on the Green Arrow until it went down fighting a Kaiju and Oliver lost his partner and best friend. Now he’s back in Starling to train Rangers for the new Jaeger, Striker Eureka. WHATEVER WILL HAPPEN NEXT?

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Canaries by @kyrieanne - Felicity has just moved to Starling City after the devastating events that left her shattered in Boston. She’s a new, normal woman ready to enjoy a normal life. Right? But after a year in Starling, she has exactly one friend to show for her efforts and routinely goes to work on the weekends to avoid her empty condo. All that changes, however, when the coffee shop Canaries opens across the street seemingly overnight. She meets Oliver Queen and they’re a study in opposites, but they could be exactly what the other needs.

carry on my wayward son by @babblekeen - PART TWO of the “Felicity is Bruce Wayne’s little sister” fic that I’m obsessed with. It’s not too Felicity-centric right now because it’s laying the groundwork for Batman and stuff, but it’s almost there! And watching Bruce interact with little Felicity is beyond adorable. I can’t wait to see how he reacts to his baby sister dating Oliver Queen.

Wrap The Dark Around Me by @jsq - Whatever happened to Damien Darhk’s daughter? This fic explores that while dealing with what happens in an underworld power vacuum. That’s right, baby. The Bratva moved in.

Workin’ My Way Back to You by ME - Yes, we’ve reached the self-promotion part of the evening. This series is my take on the 4.5 hiatus. Don’t worry, it’s mostly happy and everything’s comin’ up Olicity. I was gonna try and end it to coincide with canon, but I realized I had no desire to do that. SO OLICITY WILL BE HAPPY GOSH DARN IT.

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if you haven’t, you should (part xxiii)

Twenty-third  installment of my Olicity-centric Arrow fanfiction recommendations, parts: I, II, III, IV, V, VI,VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII, XIII, XIV, XV, XVI,  XVII, XVIII, XIX, XX, XXI, & XXII.

  1. A Soul Lost at Sea by TinaDay3W. Olicity historical romance AU written by one of my faves. I’d die of happiness but then I wouldn’t get to read @tinaday3w‘s latest endeavor and that would make me sad because I love each and every tale she has gifted us with and already this one is absolute perfection and a must read.
  2. Piece of Always by @so-caffeinated & @dust2dust34. FICoN lives on this inter-connected collection of future one-shots. Married Olicity with their awesome kids, oh hell yeah!
  3. god knows we’re worth it by callistawolf. A certain nosy reporter tries to make trouble for Oliver and Felicity. S5 compliant/speculation three-fer. @callistawolf knocks it out of the park as always.
  4. Only One Thing by SuperSillyAndDorky06. In case you missed it @supersillyanddorky06 is back. Hallelujah. Praise the dear lord baby Jesus. And not only is Matty updating her WIPs (FIREBIRD most recently thank goodness!) she is delighting us with marvelous S5 inspired one-shots like this one.
  5. Current!Verse series by adiwriting. I love @adiwriting‘s Mutant!Felicity verse. It is magical, awesome, moving and if you’re not reading it for shame. Most recent installments include Surrender and Heavy, along with a collection of pre-Arrow timeline Mutant!Felicity vignettes: Undone.
  6. Little Bird Blue by AlexiaBlackbriar13. AU. Oliver finds a wounded kestrel in his lair that he nurses back to health having no idea that the bird is actually a shape-shifted Felicity Smoak. Such a beautiful and humorous tale. Once again @alexiablackbriar13 nails it.
  7. Geas Wolf by SquidbillyBritt. Werewolf AU. Injured and trapped in his wolf form Oliver Queen thinks death is imminent. Then he is unexpectedly rescued by the woman who just so happens to be his mate. Too weak to transform, he must wait to track her down. Or alternatively Felicity Smoak has no idea what to do with the hot stranger who approaches her at a party.
  8. Canaries by kyrieanne. Magical realism coffee shop AU. Oliver and Felicity meet at the new coffee shop Canaries owned by Laurel Lance, her sister Sara and Sara’s girlfriend Nyssa and sparks fly.
  9. Earth-X series by smoakenarrow. Earth-2 Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak are very different from the counterparts we know. What happens when the two sets of Olicity meet?
  10. Our Version of Events by geneeste, MachaSWicket. Celebrity fake dating AU. Pop star Felicity Smoak needs to shed her teenybopper image, while bad boy actor Oliver Queen needs to appear more wholesome. Their agents think the perfect solution is a media relationship between the two. Such trope-y goodness with not so hidden depths from @geneeste & @machawicket.
  11. we used to be friends (a long time ago) by DemiC. A Veronica Mars inspired twist on Arrow. Yep, it is just as amazing as it sounds.
  12. When Did I Become A Cliche? by A_BadSpellr. Season 2 AU. To help prop up QC and get the Queens back in the Dearden side of the family’s good graces, Oliver needs to put in an appearance at family wedding. One problem: he needs a date. Thea and Moira think Felicity is the perfect companion and if they have their way things will finally stop being platonic between the two partners. Scheming Queen ladies is so much fun!!!

Sort of a shameless plug, but @alexiablackbriar13 and I are co-writing fic chess together. If you haven’t been keeping up with our individual rounds here on Tumblr you can find the collected rounds on AO3 as Ipso Facto. We’re writing a back-half of season two AU and we’ll be posting chapter 2 once Lexi gets back from vacation.

Did I hallucinate?

So once upon a time in a non-rebloggable post, Kyrie Anne was replying to leslielikesthings

“It’s a short series, and apparently there is only going to be one plotty episode per week, so I don’t know if there is enough time for us to meet everybody.”

Yes, but, but… didn’t they say they didn't know for certain how long it would be? (I may be inventing things here, but …)

In my head I thought it was “at least 12 episodes” with a “we’ll see how it goes” caveat.  Like… if people were sufficiently interested, they might keep going?

Granted, the main emphasis will be on the new series, once it starts… but WtS has a separate team, right? (?) so it could keep going, right? (?) and I mean… they’ll want to keep people running with the RP aspect, so keeping a plot going would be a good idea… (?)

Do I sound desperate?

I mean… I just…

I kind of got the impression somewhere that WtS was intended to be sort of open-ended with a “we’ll see how it goes” attitude… (that is part of the reason that I’ve been restraining myself from wondering about plot just yet…)

I think my impression that the length/depth of WtS plot would depend somewhat on the level fan engagement is part of the reason that I get stressed when people post that they’re not loving it.  My heart goes, “no! don’t say that out loud! on tumblr! what if tptb decide we aren’t interested so they don’t extend past 12 eps!?!?”

Because bottom line?  whatever Pemberley Digital wants to create for us, I want as much of it as possible.  I am just a desperate fangirl like that.

Can someone please tell me that I’m not the only person who feels like they read something (back before WtS started) that implied that Welcome to Sanditon might go significantly longer than 12 eps if the interest was there?

I’m just desperate for extra content…

R - A pairing you ship that you don’t think anyone else ships

Ann/Tammy 2. I’m totally kidding. Maybe. I did write that in a fic once lol.

S - Show us an example of your personal headcanon

Ooof haha. I’ve written a handful of these, but one off the top of my head. Hmmm (okay yeah this one got a little off course haha, but oh well):

When Leslie and Ben get together, the second time, the official time, they spend every night for the first week at her house, cooped up in the clutter with a DVD boxset of John Adams and whatever food they can get delivered. When she finally mentions on day 6 that they should spend the night at his house, Ben panics a little. Because Leslie’s house might be messy, but Ben’s? Ben’s is a war zone. So he preps her. He tells her about finding corn syrup in his hamper, the day Andy used the last of his shampoo and replaced it with dish soap, the one time he came home and found out one of his sneakers still partially on fire in the driveway. He’s still prepping her as they walk up the driveway, and then: nothing. Andy and April are on their best behavior. Of course. And from that point on, April only messes with Ben when Leslie’s not around, making him look more and more paranoid each time Leslie spends a perfectly pleasant evening at the Ludgate-Dwyer-Wyatt house with no weird complications. Even Ben has to admit: it’s kind of a brilliant move.

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kyrieanne replied to your post: rikyl replied to your post: I would just like to…

Why is Ben’s parent’s divorce such a surprise?

It probably shouldn’t be and as a rational human being I can certainly make it work in my head. (Ice Town could not have been a picnic for them).  I had simply gotten kind of attached to a world where no matter how estranged Ben was from his parents, his parents were still together.  I think it’s the fact that Ben jumped so hard, so fast and so completely with Leslie.  We have a tendency to chalk some of Leslie’s romantic pragmatism/guardedness (this isn’t the right word, but stay with me) up to the assumed background of her parents divorce.  I think when you contrast that against Ben’s head over heels tumble, it’s kind of natural to assume he didn’t have the same background.  Only now we know he did.  So the contrast stems from other things (inherent personality differences, previous relationships, the fact Leslie Knope is just greater than everyone … whatever).

It’s not that it’s illogical as a character perspective.  I’d just gotten really attached to my headcanon, and I’m momentarily irrational about it.

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diaphenia’s choices have caused my preferences to go wacky

Is she into really weird stuff? I knew it. What a wacko. This is my profile, though. C has his own profile. Nobody else uses mine. This is all me. The only thing I can think of is that I watched Arrow recently. Hmm, maybe that makes this kyrieanne’s fault.

kyrie-anne replied to your post “imaginarycircus replied to your post “I love it when words happen to…”

FYI, my cat chases words around every day after breakfast. He thinks they are his friends.

imaginarycircus replied to your post “imaginarycircus replied to your post “I love it when words happen to…”

Bertie will cuddle them and sleep on them. Cover them in fur and toy mice.

You two (and your cats) (and your words) just make me feel warm and fuzzy.


Tommy is an idiot of epic proportions and I find him infuriating. But… His puppy face and shiny blue eyes. It’s a problem.

Also… Laurel’s eye makeup is frankly top notch, and I need to learn how to do it.