So I was at the beach just now and I was just chillin in the water when suddenly this guy on the shore yells “WE’RE BREAKIN FREE!” and out of no where this girl comes running and she yells “WE’RE SOARRRINNNN. FLYYYYYYIN. THERE’S NOT A STAR IN HEAVEN THAT WE CANT REAAACCH” and she jumps into his arms and they kiss and then walk off like nothing happened. 

Literally whats going on right now:

  • Julia is reading LIES on the bed in front of me
  • My sister is sleeping some where
  • My parents are grocery shopping
  • I’m avoiding my summer homework and crying about HQ

ok so earlier we went to the dole pineapple plantation and we went into the maze thing right

it is so hot in that thing its insane

i was sweating and i felt so gross ugh 

and we didnt even buy any pineapple because im allergic