The JLA-Team would be a great example! They’re all very skilled and friendly animals. We go out on missions often and I’m glad most of them always turn out to be successful!

I’m very proud to be a part of such an important team and I’m more than happy to say that all of us a very close to one another!~

However… A part of me still carry vague, yet fond memories of my younger years.

My memories can’t remember them completely, but I remember these two strange hyenas. They were creepy, sure, but..

They knew how to make me forget the horrors of being in a slaughterhouse. Even if it was for just a few short moments, I enjoyed every memory I had with them.

Despite their reputation of doing horrible things, after interacting with them from time to time… I don’t think it was always that simple.

Maybe.. Just like their owner..

It was all for the act of love..  I could tell the three of them weren’t exactly happy, but I do hope they’ve moved on somehow.

Wherever they are now, I thank them for the short glimpses of freedom they gave me during my time of imprisonment.