kyouya x kaoru

Kyouya’s Engagement (Kyouya Ootori x Reader) - Part 2

(Part 1) (Also on AO3)

The next few days were tense and quiet in the Music Room. Kyouya had closed the Host Club so they could have a rest.

At least, that’s what he told them.

But deep down, Tamaki knew it was because he was mourning. Kyouya didn’t have any smart remarks. No smirks, no pushing up his glasses in arrogance. He was just…there.


Tamaki was snapped back into reality and out of his daydreams hearing Haruhi’s voice. He looked down at her and gave her a soft smile. “Yes?”

“Is there something we could do? To help Kyouya?”

Suddenly, Tamaki was aware of all of the other hosts looking at him. He glanced at Kyouya, who was sitting across the room in a chair and staring out the window. “I have a plan. But I’m going to need all of you for it.”

“Good afternoon, father.” Tamaki smiled, pumping his chest and straightening his posture.

“Afternoon, Tamaki. Is there something I can help you with? I’m very busy- Ah! Haruhi.” Yuzuru Suoh’s full attitude changed as his eyes landed on the honours student. “Is there something troubling you?”

Tamaki felt the jealous pang hit his stomach but shoved it away as he needed his father’s happiness for this plan to go well.

“Well, sir…” Haruhi hesitated and then looked at the group for inspiration. “You are good friends with Kyouya Ootori’s father, aren’t you?”

“Yushio? Well of course. He and I are great business partners.” Yuzuru’s smile was charming, just like his son’s, and suddenly, Haruhi knew where Tamaki got it from. “Is there something that troubles you about the Ootori family?” He paused and looked at the group of students in front of him. “Ah. This is about Kyouya’s engagement is it not?”

“Yes sir.” The group nodded, looking up at him with what they hoped were super cute eyes pleading for help.

“Tamaki, how could you bring this to me. You know very well that I cannot tread on another business’ plans.” Yuzuru shook his head in disappointment. “I am very busy and Yushio has already thought this all through-”

“Father, I brought this to you because you of all people should know what it’s like to be in a loveless marriage.” Tamaki’s voice was soft and Haruhi took his hand gently, trying to give him some courage. Tamaki’s eyes slid to hers and he gave her a gentle smile.

Yuzuru paused and his frown tightened. “Thank you for the visit, all of you. But I’m very busy and must get going.” He spoke, ushering them out of the room and closing the door behind them.

“Well…that didn’t go as well as you thought.” The twins mumbled.

“He’ll do something. I have faith.” Haruhi nodded, sighing quietly. “Hopefully he can do something..”


Days passed, and (Y/N) did everything in her power to avoid the Music Room. She ducked away whenever she saw Kyouya in the halls and barely spoke to anyone from the host club, except Haruhi.

Kyouya avoided looking in her direction, the constant reminder of being rejected was thrown at him any time they were in the same room together. But after a while, he couldn’t help it anymore. He was hurting, but he needed to know about her…

“Have any of you seen (Y/N)?” Kyouya asked one day, and everybody’s heads whipped up, eyes wide open. “She’s normally a regular guest and I’ve noticed a decline in her visits.”

“Wonder why.” Hikaru muttered and Kaoru nudged him in the side with a look.

“Is something wrong? Is she sick?” Kyouya asked, forehead wrinkled in worry.

“Very.” Tamaki responded to the surprise of everyone in the room. “Love does damage on the heart and mind.”

Kyouya frowned and shook his head slowly, “Tamaki, you idiot, I’ve already told you, what (Y/N) and I have is platonic at best.”

Before anyone could argue with him, there was a knock at the door. It swung open and in walked Yuzuru Suoh, an air of confidence in his stride.

“Father!” Tamaki exclaimed, surprised to see him in the Music Room.

“Hello, Tamaki. No host club activities today?” Suoh asked, hands behind his back.

“No sir, we’re…helping Kyouya plan his wedding.” Tamaki’s eyes searched his father’s expression, looking for any sign that he had done something to help the situation.

“Ah. Right, the big wedding.” Suoh smiled and nodded towards Kyouya, “Your father is in my office right now, Kyouya…I was wondering if you’d walk there with me.”

Kyouya gave his charming smile and nodded, “Of course, Mr. Chairman.” Grabbing all his things, Kyouya avoided the eyes of his friends and rushed out the room with Tamaki’s father.

“What do you think is going to happen, Tama-chan?” Honey asked nervously, cake crumbs on his face.

“If we’re lucky, a miracle,” he responded with a sigh.


An urgent sounding knock awoke (Y/N) from her nap on the couch. She sat up and stretched before quickly walking towards the door.

Probably the twins looking to hang out again…I don’t think I have the heart to ask them to leave me alone again… She thought to herself as she swung the door open, only to find an out of breath, ruffled looking Kyouya standing on her porch.

“K-Kyouya-senpai!” Her eyes widened and then the pang in her heart reminded her that this was not a happy situation. “You shouldn’t be here-” she began, as she started to close the door.

The slam caused by his hand meeting the door echoed into the hallways behind her. “I’m here for you,” he whispered, standing up and taking a step closer, shortening the distance between them. “You. You met with my father.”

Unsure of whether his face was filled with rage or sadness, (Y/N) took a step back. “I-I…”

“You met with him and offered your whole company just to give me a choice.” Kyouya continued, stepping closer to her, every step she took further away from him until they were both inside the house.

“Kyouya, I-I’m sorry, I just-”

“Thank you.” He whispered, making her freeze. His last step closed the space between them, his hand reaching up to touch her cheek. “You’ve been avoiding me, (Y/N)…”

“You’ve been avoiding me too.” She murmured, biting her lower lip. “How did you find out? Your father told you?”

“My father…and Tamaki’s.”

Her face had confused written all over it, and he started to smile. “My father didn’t want to take your offer because there was no reputation behind your name. Tamaki’s father is about to offer to buy the company off of you, so my father will take your offer and…” he paused.

“And?” She repeated softly.

“And allow me to be with the one I truly love, and the one I know loves me, whether or not she rejected me before…I know you were just trying to save me from betraying my family name,” he finished, leaning in and pressing his lips against hers.

(Y/N) froze but quickly responded, wrapping her arms around his neck. “Since when?” She asked, when their lips parted.

“Since you first walked in through the Music Room doors.” He grinned, holding her hands and squeezing them lovingly. “There’s only one problem.”

Her smile faltered a little as she watched his expression, “What is it?”

“There’s a wedding being planned…and I don’t have a bride…” He teased softly, chuckling.

“Oh I’m sure many girls would love to be your bride,” she laughed, smiling at him. “You haven’t really started planning a wedding, have you?”

“I could,” he gently slipped his hand away, tucking it into his jacket pocket. “All you have to do is say yes.” He smirked, sliding down to one knee and opening a small red velvet box to reveal a gorgeous diamond ring.

“K-Kyouya, you’re not serious.” She mumbled, eyes widening at the ring.

“Say yes. Be mine. Marry me.” He demanded, his smirk growing wider.

A giggle escaped her lips before she whispered,