kyousuke x kuroneko


Oreimo: Ships I wanted to Sail

So after finishing Oreimo, I’ve come to the conclusion that it was and is a great anime. One of its enjoyable aspects for me was to ship Kyousuke with various characters. Of course, I knew these ships were bound to sink in the anime, but I still had an enjoyable time getting worked up over them.

In the end, my two main ships from the anime were:

~Kyousuke x Kuroneko

~Kyousuke x Ayase


I shipped her with Kyousuke with quite the vigor. They were my beautifully awkward and adorable ship. The thing I loved the most about this ship was the simple fact that they legitimately loved each other. Throughout the anime you could see them grow closer together to the point where Kuroneko decided she would rather see him happy with someone else. She knew what she had to do in order to achieve her goal of seeing her best friend and senpai happy. She went to great lengths to achieve it even going to far as to play a role in getting them together.


In the beginning I only really shipped them together as a joke. However, it only took to episodes during season 2 for me to decide that I really wanted these two to end up together. I mean they even look like they’d be an amazing couple together. Getting to watch Ayase’s cold nature towards Kyousuke turn into a playful hatred towards him was just really enjoyable and cute. The scene where they parted legitimately made me sad and just filled me with feels.