kyousuke kun

Sent out all giveaway + V-day prize cards!

I’ll message individuals on IM later but it is past 9AM and I have not slept yet due to certain circumstances and do not trust my ability to type coherent messages and manage 25 simultaneous convos, so uh, I’ll just put this here for now.

(those circumstances being we have a guest over, the apartment is too cold to have said guest sleep on the sofa in the kitchen, so mom offered her bed and then stole mine, but my sleep schedule is so fucked mom suggested i just stay up until she wakes up so we don’t have to share. Then post office opened at 8 today, and it’s gonna snowstorm tonight, and post office is like a good 40 minute walk away and mum said she can drive me halfway so i decided to stay up to get it done before the snow…ANYWAY).

All V-Day card winners should receive BRIGHT YELLOW ENVELOPES.

All INTERNATIONAL giveaway card winners should receive BRIGHT ORANGE ENVELOPES.

All DOMESTIC (that’s U.S.) giveaway card winners should receive naked postcards.

Give them some time to arrive, especially if you’re international, but if it seems like it’s taking an absurdly long time to arrive OR it arrives heavily damaged, let me know and I’ll send a replacement if necessary, U.S. postal service can be crappy like that ^ ^; If you can, I’d really appreciate if you can send me a message when your arrives, just so I know they didn’t get lost, I do want to make sure everyone gets what I promised! ^ ^;

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