“Breaking Free (Little by Little)”

Colored pencil and sepia ink on paper. (9" x 12")

Fruits Basket fan art, featuring all the Zodiac members and Kyou and Tohru in the center^^ The masks are meant to represent the curse, so I tried to show the characters reacting to them as I thought they would based on their feelings toward the curse.

Characters (clockwise from the center): Tohru, Kyou (Cat), Akito (God), Shigure (Dog), Hatori (Dragon), Ayame (Snake), Ritsu (Monkey), Kagura (Boar), Momiji (Rabbit), Hatsuharu (Ox), Rin (Horse), Hiro (Ram), Kisa (Tiger), Yuki (Rat), and Kureno (Rooster).

Fruits Basket is a manga series written and drawn by Natsuki Takaya and published by Hakusensha. The English version was published by Tokyopop and is now OOP (but still pretty easy to find).

Fruits Basket 20 day challenge day 8: Favorite quote

“Just as no matter how hard you try to keep it away, despair will attack you again and again. In the same manner, hope will return to you. And again, and again it will surely bloom.” - Shishou- Fruits Basket

Kyo x Tohru is literally my ONLY otp that has actually become canon (get married, have kids)

They’re both so precious and they deserve each other. He came from “It’s all my fault, I’m a monster” because that was how his family raised him. And she came from “I must be like Father, for Mother’s sake” and pretended she was something she wasn’t her entire life.

Yet they can tell so many things by just looking at the other. HNNG I just… It’s a perfect ship. I really wish they had a like volume (at least a couple of chapters) showing their married life and stuff.


I posted this earlier but I liked the sketch so much I wanted to make it nicer.

Redraw of this Kyou / Tohru thing. 2007 vs 2014.

Starting tomorrow, gonna be hanging out with xluvren for the rest of the week. I’ll still be online though and I’ll get those commissions done and posted. (:

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anonymous asked:

Fruits basket!

You didn’t specify a ship, and since I ship Kyouru, I took it upon myself to write them, hope you don’t mind! Also, though Fruits Basket is beautiful and makes me laugh and cry and drown in feels, I’ve never written it before, so this should be interesting!

With a deep grunt of irritation that slipped through clenched teeth, Kyo sat upon the back porch beside the wall he’d once again broken. He liked to believe that his anger gave him an edge in combat, but he knew that it was in fact a vice. He was impulsive and brash and self-destructive, he lashed out without thought and without cause and quite often ended up attacking whoever was nearest him, in one way or another. He let his head fall between his knees in defeat as he remember his most recent snap at Tohru, and he knew with great certainty and a heavy heart that if it had been anyone else, they would’ve given up on him by now, maybe even hated him. Tohru was too selfless for own good, too gold-hearted, good-natured and trusting. Kyo’s fists clenched and quivered as he thought of all of the times she’d been unknowingly taken advantage of, but he realised that he was one of the many that took her for granted. He looked up at her then, as she pegged up the crisp white sheets to dry in the spring morn. She was humming to herself, as she often did, always more than happy and only slightly off-key. And when she turned to smile at him, a smile so tender and innocent, he felt the tension leave him and his lips stretch to mirror hers.