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The phoenix is silent as he approaches the Western Lord, crimson depths half-lidded while emerald lips part to release a brief yawn. Without a word, he all but collapses against the other Daiyoukai and buries his face into the mokomokosama, a low hum of satisfaction escaping him as he closes his eyes and allows himself to drift, one wing extending to embrace the silver-haired male and pull him closer.

  Sesshomaru’s movements were languid, his form rested against the trunk of a great tree as the remaining daylight faded to darkness, the subtle scent of the burning campfire enticed his nose as the rest of his party fell into silent slumber.  Though it were strange, Kyoura’s presence had become a normal occurrence in spite of their past conflict; however, Rin seemed to have taken to the phoenix quite well, and as long as he posed no danger to the human nor tried to attack the demon lord he was allowed to come as he pleased. 

  Turning to study the weary bird demon, a vermillion wing engulfed Sesshomaru as he was pulled closer to the phoenix, his crimson locks clashed against pristine furs like blood.  Subtle warmth radiated from Kyoura, heat that was more than welcomed, though still foreign as he tried to ascertain the bird’s desires when curling up next to him.  It was almost affable, two previous rivals now resting against each other as if they were kindred spirits, never had the demon Lord anticipated such a fate.  Golden hues cut to the sky above, the night sky a somber blue in pale moonlight, it was almost comforting. 

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➣ Slap their hand away {OOC: *snrk* Do with this what you will~}

Sesshomaru’s frown deepened as he stared at his hand for a moment, suppressing a long sigh before he turned his gaze back towards the royally unhappy face of his dear mate. Yes, his dear mate. He needed to keep that mentality at the forefront of his mind at all times of late. Otherwise, his mind might have spilled all over the floor at his feet as Kyoura’s seemed to be doing along with the great, hot tears.

Refraining from attempting to help the fallen phoenix up again, Sesshomaru knelt beside him, wanting nothing more than to carry the mess of a youkai to their bed and rub him with soothing oils. Kyoura had not been his usual graceful self with his protruding belly of pups—chicks—whatever manner of beast the god carried. His explosive moods had been nothing to sniff at as well.

But to see Kyoura swollen and puffy-eyed, sitting on the floor in utter surrender to his feelings towards having tripped and broken a meaningless ceramic vase… Sesshomaru could not help the upward curve of his lips. He leaned forward and placed a kiss on Kyoura’s brow, withdrawing his lips before the phoenix had the mind to slap him again.

“Perhaps try to smash something in the other wing next. This one is beginning to appear bare in comparison.”

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Soul. {OOC: Okay, but like, you had to have known this was coming though, so... |D}

They rested beneath the stars this night, Sesshomaru lying on his back while Kyoura made a pillow of his chest. The ground was growing colder with the end of the autumn season, but Kyoura’s warmth always quelled the discomfort of cold. 

“Your soul sings to me,” said Sesshomaru absently, his breath creating a cloud in the air. The youkai lord had never given much thought to souls. He knew they were something every being possessed, but he had never considered the wonder of a soul—what it was, what it meant, why it was so precious.
Sesshomaru had only just taken Kyoura as his mate and already he could feel the phoenix’s soul all around him. He could hear it. He did not know this for certain, but what else could this sensation have been other than a heightened awareness of his bonded mate’s soul? It was this essence of the one nearest to his heart. 

“It calls to mine,” he continued, his thumb rubbing circles into Kyoura’s back. “It is the warm summer wind carrying the sounds of life that thrive beneath its endless course; it carries the rustling and cooing of the forest and the laughter of the carefree. Though yours will never cool with the ice or quiet with the loss of the leaves. Your soul will always reflect the summer.” And now, Kyoura’s soul would always be there to warm Sesshomaru’s, frozen in winter as it often was.