There is a difference between a mermaid and a siren.

Sirens are born from violent, watery deaths. Drowning, being murdered at sea, their bodies being thrown in to the water shortly after their deaths, stuff like that. They are the ones that sing to sailors (or anyone) and drag them to their deaths when they get too close. They are born anytime.

Mermaids are born when someone who has a great love for the sea (or any other body of water) dies. These deaths have to be peaceful, though people who commit suicide are sometimes brought back at mermaids. All mermaids are born on either solstices or equinoxes.

If you want to become his friend or his girlfriend, don’t lend an ear to the information that comes from Izaya’s mouth.

It’s fine sometimes, just don’t rely on him. Don’t use him.

On contrary, you could save Izaya.

Understand Izaya and conversely thrust the ‘choices’ to him.

On top of that, stand by the choice he decided on.

…..Well, it is not that difficult to do.

If you were a normal friend you would do this unconsciously.

However, that is vital to him.

Izaya may certainly love humans.

Equally and without discrimination.

Although he is not an arrogant guy with admirability to bestow love unilaterally.

Before you think you want to be loved by him, before you think you want to become friends with him-

You should love him first. You should become his friend.

And you can see, he is a surprisingly loyal guy.

I think this is all I can earnestly say.

But like I said previously, don’t use him.

It’s dangerous to rely on him but using him is worse.

This is a story I’ve overheard, but…..before there were people who tried to use Izaya.

One was a group that were selling some dangerous drug, and another was a group that operated some underground casino.

They used Izaya and tried to make him move like their pawn, but…..

Both of them were crushed.

They simultaneously were attacked by one another.

He gruesomely crushed the guys who used him.

…….No? I don’t have any intention of saying anything bad about him.

But in the first place, I wouldn’t talk about it like this if he was a normal guy.

Do you know why?

It’s because you guys have that same scent.

The group who would use Izaya and get crushed.

So this is more like a warning.

Take a good look at him. He’s certainly not a good guy. He may be a villain.


He is also human, you know?
—  Kadota Kyouhei about Orihara Izaya, Sunset with Orihara Izaya, Translation by Kaedesan721