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58) Kankri wakes up with a jolt. He seems to have returned home. He can hear his brother urging him to get up. And he can also feel the dampness in his eyes.

59) As he is making himself look presentable, Kankri is looking all over the living room, trying to find the Nutcracker, his mind still filled with the events of the previous night. The toy is nowhere to be seen, leaving Kankri to feel incredibly uneasy. The boy cannot get the young man from the dream (?) out of his head.

Still restless, he overhears one of the children talking to someone in the foyer. It’s Uncle Drosselmeyer! Frantic, Kankri rushes over to ask the inventor about the fate of the Nutcracker.

60) However, he halts as soon as he reaches the foyer, his heart skipping a beat. Uncle Drosselmeyer notices and greets the boy, saying they have been expecting him. He introduces Cronus Ampora, his older nephew, who’d just come back from the military service for Christmas break. The dapper young man beside the clockmaker approaches the boy, as Drosselmeyer introduces the latter to him.

61) “hello, Kankri.”

62) “Hell9… Nutcracker.”

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let me state before anything that CronKri!Hercstuck is a thing with me.

a 6IG thing with me.


36) The Mouse King intends to punish the meddling human. Either mauling the weak boy to death or ripping him to shreds with magic works fine with the fiend.

37) The Nutcracker would have none of it.

38) Regaining his spirit, the Nutcracker sets the dear human free, intent on protecting him. The battle continues, resulting in the Mouse King being cast out of a window.

39) Worn from the battle, whatever little he did, Kankri is still in shock. The Nutcracker helps him up. “I knowv of just the place to patch you up”, he says, heading towards the toy castle little Nepeta would often play by. The two pass through the front gate and a small foyer and the next door leads to an open-air glade. The sun shines brightly, the hills glimmer with what seems to be snow yet is actually fine sugar; a slight scent of mint is in the air. The Nutcracker announces they have entered the Land of Sweets.

40) All weariness leaves their bodies, and Kankri notices all their scratches and injuries are healing rapidly. He cannot help smiling.

41) The two meet the inhabitants of the Land of Sweets: the sweet little fairies. Delighted, Kankri talks to the wondrous creatures.

42) While he is watching his companion, the Nutcracker feels something new inside of him: a warmth he had never felt before.

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I tend to think into continuations of certain fics a bit too much.

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