kyou goes famous

I tend to think into continuations of certain fics a bit too much.

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youvwe come t9 the wr9ng neigh69urh99d.

all it took was madcarnival’s mention he missed his Zacharie askblog. and my hand slipped. for several hours.


TW: sassy

  • animu winky - check.
  • superciliously raised finger - check.
  • mouth open because Talking™ - check.
  • background full of hashtags and/or “6lah 6lah 6lah”s - check.
  • caption - check.

re: this.

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okay, well. though I cannot currently redraw this a69minati9n successfully, at least there is some progress, idk.

Kri’s got a haircut, whooo~


had this idea since around half a year ago. flipped versions under cut.

I will learn to colour properly someday.

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