PNYR-2- leaves-pond-lantern Kyoto; over the last year  I have been trying to think through how to photograph gardens. This re-shared image from my Kyoto moods series is one of the more successful attempts to capture something of my own experience of the Japanese garden;. somewhere between the wide  landscape and the close up view.  Some gardens are designed to be viewed like a picture from a bench or from a seated position on tatami through open screens but others invite us to move through or gaze through layers, our eyes drawn first here, then then further. Ponds have  depth and surface and reflection and  the surprise of koi, our eyes move, our senses engaged, till we begin to  float in space too.
So Resolution 2 is too continue exploring how to communicate the experience of being in a garden.

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solitude : from my favourite garden, Kyoto.

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