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Three Series Assembling! (Complete Translation)

Side-story from the KyoAni & Do Fan Days event involving Free!, Hibike! and Violet Evergarden. Another translation by @ultimatemegax can be found here.

The place was a certain concert hall in Kyouto. Starting from today, an event titled “KyoAni & Do Fan Days 2017: Sound! From Kyouto to the World” would be held there. In the performers’ waiting room, Oumae Kumiko, Nanase Haruka and Violet Evergarden were having their first exchange with one another.

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Guys, Japan is coming up in less than 2 weeks!! I can’t believe it’s finally here and even better I’ll have just enough money by the time I go to afford shit! So how will this affect you, you might ask? Starting tomorrow (or maybe the day after) I’m gonna drop the queue down to 3 until I get back (so just under a month) so there’ll be no way for the queue to run out when I’m gone, I doubt anyone’s on Tumblr when all 5 are posted normally anyway, so it shouldn’t be too big a difference 

November 16th, 2017: A new minarai has made her surprise debut out of Miyagawa Cho! Her geimei is 君萌, which is pronounced as either Kimichō or Kimimomo, and she is from Toshikimi (利きみ). Her onesan is Kimihiro (君ひろ), which will make her the first imōto of the Toshikimi atotori. Her misedashi is scheduled for December ^^

Image courtesy of Koxtutan on Instagram.


Hi lovelies!

I’ve come back from my very first trip to Japan!

Sorry for not posting in so long, I promise I haven’t forgotten you all. Life has gotten hectic and will remain so for just a bit longer as I prepare to move apartments. I’ll be back with more art soon!

And credits to my patient mother (who checks my blog religiously) for these lovely photos. I fulfilled my dream of trying on a kimono but I found that they are not very easy to wear haha. I had 6 towels stuffed under my obi belt and could barely breathe! Would definitely do it again though (о´∀`о)