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Meeting Akiko Higashimura

I had the pleasure of meeting Higashimura-san, the creator of Princess Jellyfish / Kuragehime, during a visit to Kyoto Seika University this past month. She was teaching a class on manga storyboarding and at the time the students were finishing up a 10-12 page assignment. We had a bit of time to ask her some questions as they worked.

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Takemiya Keiko on scanlations
  • Takemiya Keiko: All the foreign students at Kyoto Seika University read manga on the internet. There are versions available where the dialogue in the speech bubbles have been replaced by translated text. The exchange students come to Japan after having read all my work, such as "Kaze to ki no uta".
  • Uchida Tatsuru: Aren't those pirated?
  • Takemiya: The ones being translated by local publishers are probably intended to turn a profit, and are pirate editions made with ill intentions. But the fans who are uploading these works to the internet don't seem to have bad intentions at all. They're overwhelmed by the good intention of wanting everyone to read the manga. If someone reads a Japanese manga and thinks it's good they'll upload it to the internet, and then everyone will translate it to their own native language. This is taking place every day on the internet.
  • - Take to ki no manga bunka-ron

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!!! Ishida MAY have attended Kyoto Seika University or taken a course there. According to ANN and the Singapore Media Academy, Suneya Kazumi described Ishida as one of his students, though it's kinda vague about whether he was a student AT Kyoto Seika or just of Suneya himself. If it's the former, I'm lol-ing in retrospect at Ishida's "I have studied worthless knowledge in university". I'm not sure Ishida would appreciate his name being media-played and having his private info revealed if so

I just searched this up on ANN and Singapore Media Academy’s website and, gosh I wonder how true this is?

I don’t really think Ishida-sensei would like having his name being used and his personal information being revealed like that…