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a/n: this one is for @bakers97, prompt 3 from this list - “it’s always been you.” this fic is a little different – i don’t want to spoil it, so i guess you’ll all just have to read and see why~

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There’s a man who always comes into their restaurant when he’s in Kyoto.

He has blue eyes and hair the color of river pebbles, and a low voice that almost always stutters when he first speaks with her. There is a near-constant blush on his face until he has eaten his first bite, and then he smiles, boyish and carefree.

He’s built almost as big as Inuchiyo, is the first thing she notes—because not many people are as big as Inuchiyo—but he’s gentler than her childhood friend, less prone to boisterous and raucous conversations. He’ll gladly talk to anyone in the restaurant, but he speaks with an air of almost childlike excitability.

The man never gives his name, but she also never asks. Most of the time he looks like he’s been doing something casually active—he wears either a hoodie or a t-shirt, and the tightest pants she’s ever seen him wear are workout sweats that are cinched at the ankles.

He comes around at times few and far between, and without warning.

But no matter how much time passes, she recognizes him.

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Okonomiyaki JUMBO

This place is pretty awesome! About a ten minute walk from Kitano Hakubaicho station and maybe 15 to 20 minutes from Kitano Tenmangu, the okonomiyaki here is literally Jumbo! About triple the normal size, this is definitely a place you can fill up. The cost for the Jumbo okonomiyaki (pictured) and a “normal” size yakisoba came to ¥1300 and was nearly too much to finish. Definitely a place for locals, so the English here is virtually nonexistent, and it’s not the cleanest place, so prepare for that. But the food is good, plentiful, and cheap.

purequeenoftheimpure  asked:

Hello! I love your blog. I was creeping around your blog and I saw that Ieyasu character analysis. It was perfect. I was wondering if you could do something similar for Saizo? I feel that his attitude towards his MC would drive her away in the long run. Like sure, she loves him and wants to be there for him, but he leaves her alone for considerable amounts of time, and idk he just feels so closed off. Their relationship has a lack of communication that could cause them to drift apart. Thoughts?

Hello, there! Thank you so much! I’m so glad that you enjoyed it! 

These are really fun to do! Ieyasu’s can be found here

Saizō is the king of lies, and tells them as easily as the wind blows. As much as he tries to outsmart everyone else, even he becomes ensnared by his failure to tell the truth.

He’ll say that he won’t lift a finger to help, and the next thing you know, he’s been skulking in the shadows, making sure that everything is all right, ready to swoop in and assist at the drop of a hat.

Even other people notice it:

He gets annoyed when you or Yukimura don’t do things right, saying that it’s not his problem and that he doesn’t care, only to turn around and help you through until the end, despite what he said.

For as much as he declares that he does not care about love or family, and shows his annoyance outwardly, Saizō will do anything and everything that he can to protect the ones that he cares about, no matter the cost.

Hotaru even outs him:

MC: “What do you do when you get lost?”

Hotaru: “My older brother will come and pick me up.”

So in other words, he’ll stop everything to rescue his little bro from the elements.

Keep pretending to be annoyed, Saizō. It’s totally working! You’ve fooled us all!

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This is for @jemchew , who requested lord of my choice + “a woman’s sexuality is a moving target.”

Putting the finishing touches on the final dish I had prepared for tonight’s meal, I lifted the tray meant for Lord Shingen and made my way towards the main hall. Sliding the door open, I looked towards the dais where Lord Shingen sat and sighed as I noticed a new woman at his side. I knew I had no right to this feeling of possessiveness, but lately it had become more difficult to ignore the flash of pain in my chest every time I saw him with someone new. Someone who wasn’t me.

Bracing myself, I moved forward and placed the tray in front of Lord Shingen, bowing and murmuring a quiet “Lord Shingen” before I started to turn away, keeping my face turned slightly away from the woman at his side. No doubt she was beautiful, and kind (he was a man who inspired people to be their best), but I couldn’t bear to compare myself to her and come up wanting yet again.

“Wait. Sit. Stay,” Shingen ordered, grasping my wrist gently and pulling me onto the dais to sit between him and the woman. Not wanting to be rude, I complied, settling myself awkwardly in the centre the these two beautiful people.

“You’re the cook?” the woman next to me asked, her voice soft and sweet. Looking over, I met her eyes. She was as beautiful as I had expected, leaving me feeling drab in my plain kimono and utilitarian hairstyle, both designed to keep out of the way when working in a kitchen. I nodded, and she said, “Your food is delicious. I don’t believe I have ever had anything quite as delicious.”

“Thank you, my lady,” I replied, bowing my head towards her in acknowledgment. “I am glad to hear it pleases you.”

“How did you come to be in Lord Shingen’s service?” she asked, even the very act of lifting food to her mouth looking like a dance. I clenched my hands in my lap, not daring to eat in my clumsy way and make my plainness even more obvious.

“It’s… a long story,” I said awkwardly. “But my family owns a restaurant in Kyoto, and once everyone had tasted my food they couldn’t bear to let me go.”

“I can see why,” she said, lifting another morsel to her lips.

We continued in polite conversation as the retainers grew steadily drunker and more stumbled off towards their beds, until only a steadfast few remained – Yukimura passed out, his long limbs splayed like a small child’s, with Sasuke’s head pillowed on his outstretched arm and Saizo watching over the two of them as always, slowly sipping at a cup of sake, his back towards the dais.

Lord Shingen was a little drunk himself, a light flush high on his sharply defined cheekbones. I felt him shuffle closer to me, his thigh against mine as he reached an arm past me to stroke the cheek of the woman, who I had found to be genuinely interested in me, much to my surprise. She turned her cheek into his hand and I looked away, biting my lip and trying to ignore the twinge of pain at his gesture.

“You two appear to be getting along,” he purred, his deep baritone voice rumbling in my ear, sending a slight shiver along my spine and raising the small hairs along my neck.

“She is very kind,” I replied, leaning away from Shingen slightly, which put me closer to the woman, who, I couldn’t help but notice, smelled of sweet oranges.

To my surprise, Shingen followed me, leaning closer and placing his free hand on my knee. Startled, I turned my head towards Shingen to find his face close to mine, the distance between our lips, I thought to myself, easily closed. “She and I were talking earlier, and we were wondering if you would like to join us.”

“Join you?” I echoed, confused. “Are you going somewhere?”

Shingen’s hearty laugh boomed out, his powerful frame shaking. “No, my innocent. I mean in bed.”

I froze, my eyes wide. Join them… both of them… in bed? How would… do people even? I turned my head to look at the woman, who smiled encouragingly at me, though she made no move to touch me as Shingen had.

Turning back to Shingen, I stared at him as a million thoughts crossed my mind in a split second. He was inviting me to his bed, something I had wished for a million times before, but was it me he was inviting, or the experience? And… “Why me?” I said aloud.

“Because I’ve seen the way you look at me,” he replied, the hand on my knee stroking slightly higher, though he made no other move towards me.

“I… look at you?” I replied, a blush rising to my cheeks. I thought I had been more circumspect than that. “Then… why with her?”

“Because it would be fun, and after all, a woman’s sexuality is a moving target,” he said, moving the hand that had been caressing the woman’s cheek to stroke down her neck. “You might enjoy yourself.”

A crushing weight of disappointment fell on me. He thought it would be fun. He wasn’t interested in me, I was just around and attracted to him. I turned back to the woman. This might be my only chance to be with him, but could I do it? She frowned slightly as she met my eyes before her face softened and she reached over to remove Shingen’s hand from my knee.

“I don’t think she is interested, my lord,” she said softly, her eyes sympathetic as they looked into mine. She was so kind, I thought, as my eyes started to prickle with tears.

“Forgive me, Lord Shingen, but she is correct,” I said, proud of how steady my voice was. “Please excuse me.”

I stood and quickly made my way out of the room. As I slid the door shut behind me, I heard Saizo say, “You really know nothing about women, Lord Shingen.”

Trip to Japan recap! (Part 4 - Otaku and miscellaneous, Food and Drink and Lychee)

Last recap post!

Part 1 (Shoujo Stuff):

Part 2 (Kyoto and Nara):

Part 3 (Himeji, Hakone, Tokyo):

In this post I’ll just put the remaining interesting miscellaneous pictures (food and drink, non-shoujo otaku/pop culture, and lychee stuff - my favourite fruit ^^).

Otaku/pop culture stuff:

Haikyuu! standees on sale! 8D

Wall ad for the Haikyuu! stage play in Shibuya station.

Apparently they had a Hanasaku Iroha train tie-in and even made a model for it.

For all you Persona 5 lovers out there, our airbnb apartment was in Sangen-jaya, the real-life neighborhood on which Persona 5′s Yangen-jaya is based on (san meaning 3 in Japanese and yon meaning 4 lol). 8D

There was an event in Ikebukuro’s Animate (manga/anime/otaku-stuff chain store) celebrating Final Fantasy’s 30th Anniversary. Here’s a large Tonberry plush:


Instant Mabo Curry pack from the Tales of Series ^^

Still in Ikebukuro, my sister and I booked a time slot for the Swallowtail butler cafe. I was the only male client in the cafe for almost the whole duration of our stay (you have to book a timeslot in advance and the 2 person ones go out fast). I personally find Akihabara’s maid cafes tacky, but the Swallowtail butler cafe had more an atmosphere of a fancy restaurant. The food and decor are European-style. The service is excellent (you ring a bell to call your waiter to refill your cup of tea!? and the waiters come to the side of the table and bow after every time they service your needs). Alas, no pictures are allowed once inside the cafe proper.

We went to a Pokemon Center (Pokemon merch store) in Sunshine City (a skyscraper complex in Ikebukuro with a shopping mall, a small museum, a planetarium, an aquarium, a hotel, a theatre, and a theme park - Namja Town) situated in Ikebukuro (again) and there was some sort of event with a gigantic inflated Exeggutor.

We also went to arcades (in Ikebukuro). Taiko games are fun. I really enjoyed drumming to Koi by Hoshino Gen, a hugely popular Japanese song (as of writing). It’s also the theme song for the drama adaptatio of Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu, an ongoing Josei manga series by Umino Tsunami.

Crane-games at the arcade. These are hard. The cranes are so weak they have a hard time picking anything heavier than a tiny plush. 

They had meat chunk plushies LOL! This totally reminded me of Shibata from Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai xD

I then went and took purikura (photo booth stickers photos, you can’t possibly not know this if you’ve read shoujo manga for any amount of time lol) with my sister (solo guys weren’t allowed lol). xD

I found it pretty fun (even if I look horrible with the filters as a guy); definitely go try it out if you’re ever in Japan~


Bento box sold at Shinagawa station (pics taken in the Shinkansen). Major train stations all have stores selling bento box meals for Japanese businessmen short on time.

I looove Japanese-style pork cutlet. *_*

Steak Doria (Japanese-style rice gratin) in a restaurant near Futako-tamagawa station, Tokyo.

. (so that users on mobile can see the second picture)

Matcha tea and accompanying sweet in a small shop near the exit of Kinkaku-ji temple.

A Kyoto-style set meal in a restaurant in Kyoto station.

Bento box sold in a supermarket we ate for breakfast. While not obviously high-end cuisine, I was surprise to find out how good these tasted for the price paid.

And the meal wouldn’t be complete without soy sauce, here in a cute little fish disposable container.

Delicious tonkatsu pork cutlet set meal.

Sweets offered to us by the hotel staff at Hakone.

With green tea~

I don’t understand why there’s no “seaweed” flavour potato chips sold overseas (where I live). These are sooo good and tasty .>.<

Here’s the washoku (traditional Japanese cuisine) dinner we were served in our room by our Hakone hotel.

The menu. 8D

We also had a traditional breakfast in the morning.

Back in Tokyo we went to Genki sushi in Shibuya, a conveyor sushi restaurant but with a twist: instead of having a selection of fresh sushi rolling around up for grabs, each seat has a tablet on which you can select the fish you want. And then the sushi plate would come up to you on any of 3 rail levels. Other than that perk, it was very tasty and cheap (~1000 to 1500 yen can easily fill you).


No trip to Japan would be complete without a ramen meal. So here’s one of the two I had, with a side of nice gyoza dumplings.

Another cheap tonkatsu meal from a restaurant in sangen-jaya. 

The restaurant featured a ticket vending machine more commonly seen in ramen restaurant in which you order what you want on the machine and hand it over to the staff once you take a seat. Very convenient if you don’t know the language (if there is an English option on the machine, that is).

Kiwi Fanta (with added vitamin E) from a vending machine. This has a pretty snazzy taste, I think I prefer it to the classic orange Fanta. But you know, it’s not available where I live. :/

Now THIS drink is special. It’s basically your ubiquitous Japanese melon soda, but you have to shake it (very counter-intuitive for a drink in a can lol) or else it’s just some weird-tasting slime. The drink has a very fuzzy flavour.

I thought I had more pictures of vending machine drinks (vending machines in Japan have a very large variety of drinks and it’s well-known that Japan has a diverse selection of flavours when it comes to drinks), but apparently not.


Typical lychee drink xD

Raspberry-lychee ice cream. Absolutely heavenly ^o^

Lychee detergent ^^

This actually tastes better than it sounds lol :3

Creamy lychee ice cream. I preferred the other one to this. :D

Salty lychee gummy. ;D

And the best for last, the lychee lipstick. I wonder how a lychee-flavoured kiss tastes like *_*

And that’s all folks! ^^

Hope you all enjoyed these posts (I know I did writing them lol). Writing these posts from home make me want to go back already :s

I might do a final (very short) post of the shoujo-related loot I got from Japan…

gion-lady’s .:Geiko and Maiko Video Documentary Masterpost!:.

Here are some great informational videos and mini-docs on Kyoto Maiko and Geiko! Enjoy!

  1. Seasoning the Seasons: The Enigmatic Entertainers of Gion (28 min)
  2. BBC Geisha Girl (Geiko Kikuyu’s Story)
  3. NHK Japanology+Plus: Geiko and Maiko
  4. Hello-Nippon: Maiko + Asobi games
  5. A Day in the Life of a Geisha ft. Geiko Miehina!
  6. Kyoto, Miyagawa-Cho Mini-Doc ft. Maiko Fukunae!
  7. Full 30 min. footage of a Maiko painting her face
  8. 2011 Gion Odori: Maple Dance footage
  9. Japanology+Plus: Through the Eyes of a Geisha (Tokyo Geisha)
  10. 2015 143rd Miyako Odori footage
  11. Real Geisha, Real Women Documentary ft. Geiko Miehina (53 min)
  12. Beautiful 1935 Footage of Geiko dressing and make-up!
  13. Geisha vs. Oiran: What’s the Difference?
  14. Maiko of Kamichishiken ft. Katsue and Katsuya
  15. Core Kyoto: History of Geisha mini-doc (28 min)
  16. Geisha Entertainment at the Hatanaka Restaurant in Kyoto (24 min)
  17. The Arts of Kyoto (more about traditional experiences in Kyoto)
  18. 2014 Maiko Korin and Geiko Miehina perform Hagikikyou
  19. Geisha, Flowers of Kyoto (beautiful footage of Maiko and Geiko throughout Kyoto!)
  20. Differences Between Geiko and Maiko ft. Geiko Miehina!
  21. Konpira, Fune Fune! Geisha Asobi Games ft. Geiko Miehina!
  22. Beautiful Kyoto: Being a Maiko ft. Maiko Fukunae!
  23. Gion Matsuri in HD
  24. Experience Japan with Yuka: How to Meet a Geiko!

Please take most of these videos with a grain of salt; many of them are translated from Japanese to English, and some of them no doubt mistranslate what the Geiko say. Use these videos as a springboard for learning more! There’s a lot of ins and outs in this subject, and it’s tricky to find authentic and accurate information about Geisha. Always think critically and have fun!

Follow @gion-lady for more Geiko and Maiko!

kingswilldie-deactivated2017091  asked:

Hey Ninja. Have you ever gone to Japan, specifically Tokyo area? If you have what are some must-try cuisines there?


Yes I’ve been to Japan and Tokyo a couple of times! People say that the only “Tokyo-ish” cuisine is monja-yaki, but I prefer the okonomiyaki of Western Japan to that. Still, Tokyo has a lot of food choices and will have the widest spread of any food.

If you have no dietary restrictions, there are a couple of experiences that I think are must-try:

The usual touristy ones:

1. Ramen

Not the instant type!

Tsuta Ramen - The world’s first Michelin-starred Ramen, where you have to collect a queue number at 6am with a 1000yen deposit to get a place in the queue. We got there at 6.45am and only had tickets to start queuing at 3pm. Then we queueing for another hour and a half to eat a ramen that was so delicious that you should just order a big serving straight away. Also, the Cha siew was the best I had ever tasted. Costs less that US$15

2. Kaiseki - Japanese Fine Dining

Even though the seat of kaiseki is usually said to be kyoto, there are restaurants serving this in Tokyo. Can get pricey though! Each dish is exquisitely crafted, and every one has to feature a different cooking style.

3. Sushi/Sashimi

At Tsujiki Market. Where else? Be sure to go early for the freshest fish.

4. Yakiniku

Most people would go to Shin-Okubo the “Korean Town” for this, but frankly, I think the many Gyu-kaku outlets around the city are good enough for me. Be sure to order the less-common cuts of meat such as beef tongue and horumon!

5. Maid Cafe/Other ‘themed’ cafes.

At akibahara, the otaku heaven. The one called @home is tourist-friendly, and when I went, they gave us a souvenir with the flag of your country on it. This is more for the experience than the food - though I heard that the AKB48 cafe has stuff like banana mayo sandwiches. Butler cafes at Ikebukuro require months of reservation in advance though.

The less-common ones that are also worth trying imo:

1. Japanese Indian Food.

While this is in no way like the curries you get in India, (or even in my country) it’s been made for a Japanese palate, and is less spicy and milder, and more like really flavourful stew. And the Naan was soooo long - the naan that I usually get over here are just round.

2. Izakaya

Japanese tapas-ish. Plenty in Shinjuku. Small dishes with drinks. For drinks, try the mixed alcohol drinks such as the “Sawas”.

3. Yakitori

At the infamous “Piss Alley” - No it’s perfectly sanitary.

4. Fast Food

I know most Westerners shy away from it, but it’s really different. Also try the rice burgers at Mos Burger!

5. Take-away at the bottom of department stores

See everything, buy everything, eat everything. And it comes in really neat packets too!

6. French Food

The best place to eat it outside of france. Also, don’t you want to try french food with japanese flavours? shinomiya kojirou. The patisseries are delectable, and being a patissier is one of the most sought-after careers for Japanese grade-schoolers. (Considering that in my country, it’s the usual stuff like doctors, lawyers…. even at that age. We indoctrinate our young well.)

7. Convenience Store

Yep - it’s delicious and cheap - from the fried chicken to the oden and the random bentos! I mean, don’t expect michelin-starred cuisine, but you’ll never get this quality from a 7-11 anywhere else.

Phew! I could go on all day, but seriously, there’s enough to eat something different every meal - and fall into despair when you realize that you would never be able to eat it all.

Edit: Also, a shoutout to @hungryleow‘s favourite Coco Ichibanya’s chain for Japanese curry.