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These are my favorite photos that were taken of me on the Japan trip last year [details in captions]. I really miss that beautiful country!! ;o; <3 The last two are when we stayed at a traditional ryokan hotel that allowed us to rent kimonos for picture taking. It was reeeeeeally hard to choose between all the colors and patterns, but who would I be without my fondness for multi-colored outfits lol.


Jun 25, 2017 - Japan day 4


Today we spent most of the day traveling from Tokyo to Kyoto. We checked into our hotel in Kyoto and then took another train to visit Osaka. There we enjoyed some ramen and rly rly good cheesecake.

The city itself is gorgeous. It’s full of life and it seems like the streets are always busy. I thought it was pretty when we got there in the evening, but it’s even better when all the lights turn on. Metropolitan areas are so fun to me!

Anyway, my uncle has no chill and doesn’t understand the definition stop. We’ve been on the move basically since we got to Japan and my feet HURT. Like I think I actually bruised my feet from walking so much.


9 Hours :Capsule Hotel Kyoto

« Les cercueils en fibre de verre blanche s’alignaient sur des échafaudages tubulaires. Six rangées de cercueils, dix cercueils par rangée. »

Extrait de: Gibson,William. « Neuromancien. » 


I have returned from Japan 

Er… like 3 weeks ago ;D;

Anyway! I will also be at AOD this weekend (Animation on Display, a convention in the SF Bay Area). Come by the artist alley area. I’ll be at table A15. Hopefully I can finish a new print on time. If not, I’ll be selling books and doing commissions as usual as well. Hopefully I’ll see you there!

Some notes about today’s sketches if you are curious:

Madoobers Titus ;w;

Pics 2-5: Comiket related. Pyramids, blood drive.. Eliza huhuhu.

Ninjas everywhere

Waiting in line

Pic 6: At a Chinese restaurant in Akiba. Went underground to get inside. Their signature dish involved beef tongue. The guy serving us wore some sort of dirty lab coat. Great food! (I’m curious if anyone can guess the location based on this description lol)

Pic 7: The view from my hotel room in Kameido.

Pic 8: Doodles and notes I was doing on the shinkansen / on the Kyoto leg of the trip.

Pic 9: Sketches while waiting in line at Comiket that I touched up a bit more later. Fallout headbutting!

Ok that’s all for now. See you guys at AOD!


Moar miscellaneous photos of Kyoto :D 

I have quite a few of these (^-^;)
ごめんね (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

I felt like Kyoto was one of the most inspiring places I visited in Japan but then again all the places I visited in Japan inspired me a lot :D
In some I was too thrilled to see some things and forgot to take photos (^-^;) <=Happened to me in Ise… I wish so much that I had more photos of Ise now 

Anyway the first photo shows another part of Daitoko-Ji :)
I like this place there is a lot to explore and it is calm which makes it a nice place to stroll around in the evening or just to sit down and relax :)

I saw this horse at Shimogamo-Jinja :3
I like horses :D I had riding lessons as a child :)
I wished I had a carrot with me at the time so I could feed it to it :D
The next photo shows a smaller shrine that was in the same area as Shimogamo-Jinja :)
I got a very nice Ema votive plaque there :3 <=I bought 2 and I wrote my wishes on one of them and hung that one there :D
They featured both a burned in image and ink prints :3
Sometimes I feel like the Kami getting my wishes meet up at a bar, not unlike the ones in せんとうちひろのかみかくし(Spirited Away :), the end of the day and talk about that weird Gaijin visiting their homes and asking for the wrong things at their place (much like going to a butcher to buy apples with an all too nice butcher stocking apples just for you as :)
Since most things worked out I’m assuming my wishes were granted :D
Thank you very much to all the Kami I have pestered in the past m(_ _)m

I’m not sure where I took the next 2 photos (^-^;)
I like those old houses :3
They are one of the reasons I want to go back to Japan :)
I’m dreaming of living in an old Japanese house and touring Japan with my motorbike :3
The tree behind the shrine reminded me of となりのトトロ (My Neighbour Totoro :)

I took the next one close to the imperial palace :)
While I like this place it feels a little bit like you have no place to hide and as if you’re vulnerable while walking through it (^-^;) <=My last girlfriend often told me that I’m like a cat which might explain this feeling…

I have no idea where I took that photo (。•ﻌ•。)

The bicycle I rented from the hotel :)
I stayed at the Palace Side Hotel (^-^)
It is a good place to stay at since it is close to Marutamachi station and to me it was like an ideal starting point for exploring Kyoto :3
Which is the reason I returned to this hotel every time I went to Kyoto :D
The staff seems to be mostly made up of students studying at the nearby university :)
I enjoyed my stay there and the breakfast buffet :D <=I need a breakfast or I’m not doing well for the rest of the day (^-^;)
Every time I went there the staff was super nice and helpful (don’t expect them to behave like professional 5 star hotel staff just remember most of them are students or something similar but I felt like they are all doing their best :)
When I had an accident with the bicycle they patched me up and were very helpful, when I was looking for a flea market they gave me very valuable advice and were generally just what I like staff to be like :)
Note that I don’t like the professional western style hotel staff at all (>_<;)
We’re all humans and putting yourself above others even if you paid for their service is not what I like. This is what I liked about the hotels I stayed at in Japan the staff was friendly and professional but never tried to be less than me or to present themselves as a lesser human being :)
I appreciate honesty and kindness and that is what I got at this hotel :)
I liked their bicycles :3
At the time I was very much into high tech bicycles like my Cannonade Jekyll but I liked this one very much :D
I believe they are called ママチャリ(Mamachari :) in Japan :D

I don’t get anything from the hotel for saying this :)
However I did ask for their permission to write about them and to post photos :)
I feel a little bad for shoving this into everybody’s face but I liked this hotel and I recommended it to friends so I felt like I can mention them here as well :)

I miss being in Japan a lot (>_<;)

Last week was surprisingly busy :D
A friend of mine will return to Japan by the end of the month and we’re taking care of the paperwork now which is quite a lot in Germany :o
I think this will be helpful when I will go back to Japan myself :)
We went to the best Sushi restaurant I know in Germany :3
So I was having a good time :D
I spent most of the time meeting up with friends so I didn’t accomplish too much on my projects (^-^;)
I worked on my Sumitsubo and on some old Western style planes that I finally started fixing up :)
So I hope to be able to put out some workshop/living/bedroom updates soon :D <=I live in a one room flat :)
Today I started regrinding the blades but they are not yet ready for sharpening.
I realised that I know more Japanese in Hamburg than Germans (^-^;)
Which is kind of funny because I run into them when I don’t expect it :D

Today I spent most of the day relaxing because I was feeling a little tired.
I walk a lot during the week because I enjoy seeing the city and just being outside :)
The downside is that because I also go swimming during the week I also need some cat time (time spent doing nothing but sleep and stretch dramatically just to turn around to continue sleeping :D to recuperate (^-^;)

Sometimes I really wish I had a girlfriend again but right now I didn’t run across someone who shared my feelings or isn’t scheduled to leave Germany soon yet (^-^;)

I got invited to another job interview too :)
It sounds like a interesting job and I’m looking forward to it :)
Right now I’m still unemployed or as a friend of mine puts it “funemployed” :D
To be honest to many people it seems like being unemployed would be fun but to me it is always a little daunting because you have to restrict yourself quite a lot and while I use my time to help people with learning German and with heir paperwork I would also like to have a job to be able to not having to plan and consider every expense I make…

This week I’ll be going to some friends concerts :)
I’m looking forward to these :3
I want to go to an English meet up too since I want to practice speaking English :) <=there are very few opportunities for me to speak English in Germany and I don’t think this will change as Germany is not a place where English skills are appreciated or fostered (-_-)

Sorry for writing so much recently (^-^;)
I’ll make sure I’ll make more articles in the future (^-^)b

I wish everyone a great new week with sweet dreams and the feeling of accomplishment (^-^)/

Namie's 2014 Japan Report! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°


I’m back from my trip with Lulupu! It’s been 4 years since we’ve seen each other! ^////^ We’ve been planning to meet up have a honeymoon in Japan for a long time… 

I haven’t done reports in forever but it really was a dream come true. I want to record it somewhere. So I have a lot of photos and very spastic commentary under the cut if anyone is interested

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