kyoto great fire

Otmo Keishi Face Book: posted at 0:20 Jan. 1, 2014
‘Shinnen Ake-Ome & Happy New Year-desu!
In March last year, ‘Platinum Data’ was released (2.6 billion yen at the box office!), in May, my first book ‘Creative Kenka Jutsu (Creative Art of Fighting)’ was published, and I spent the rest of the year doing nothing but to write the scenario of the sequels of ‘RUROUNI KENSHIN’, prepare for the filming, and film it.
This year, the result of it, ‘Rurouni Kenshin: The Great Kyoto Fire Arc / The Last of a Legend Arc’, will be released. (scheduled to be on this summer)! Come to think of it, Samuel Fuller said, ‘A movie is just like a battle field: love, hate, action, violence, and death. In short, it’s emotion.’ This film was really ‘a site just like a battle field’ (more than ‘Ryoma-den’!!), so it is likely to be ‘a movie just like a battle field’, I suppose.
Six months of shooting, the number of the extras summed up to 5,000, the number of the stunt men 1,400, Ibaraki~Yamagata~Kumamoto~Shiga~Hyogo~Kyoto~Nagano~Tochigi~Kanagawa, a total of 200 staffs and casts wandered through Japan in droves!! Annoyed by the weather, driven to the edge of sheer cliff by outrageous schedule and an array of troubles —  however, unyieldingly survived from the brink of the hell, we Team Otomo presents impressive miraculous road action movies LOL We really want you to watch and enjoy them.  We’ll do our best in editing and post-production! We’ll fly round the nation, the world and into the farthest corners of the cosmos for promotion LOL!!

Well (lol), we’ll continue to keep challenging. Everybody, please go easy on us. Thank you very much!!