kyoshi warriors cosplay


Last Saturday our cosplay group Rintamasuunta (IG, FB, YT, Twitter) had the honour to present our newest cosplay show as the opening act of the Finnish Cosplay Championships at GamExpo! This time we had picked Avatar: The Last Airbender as our series and the skit turned out to be more comical and joyful than some of our previous ones. It was super fun to work on and to perform! We had a pretty tight practise schedule (since the Haikyuu project took most of our time until early September) and I’m really proud of everyone learning their parts so quickly and so well. The skit went according to keikaku as they say and seems like the audience liked it too (THANK YOU ♥). It feels like I was on the stage only for a second but I thoroughly enjoyed that second. In case you weren’t there to see it, worry not, for a video recording will be posted on our YouTube channel asap. I also recommend to check out Rintamasuunta’s accounts for more photos.

My lovely friends @jansutti as Suki and @okeisit as Kyoshi!Sokka - and I’m the one with a bit less makeup.


Yay photos! ^^ I finally took photos with swedutch and awesomeahoy (who will hopefully share pictures of her Katara, so keep an eye out.) :D

Making this costume was so much fun. From the dress to armor, headdress to makeup, I had a blast and learned a lot. You can see some progress posts here, here and here.

Photos by swedutch


Sakuracon 2013 CMV [1-2] (by andalantie)


I literally can’t stop internally screaming

I’m so happy with how our fan dance as the Kyoshi Warriors turned out!!! And all the AMAZING cosplayers that we saw but didn’t get to take pictures of!! I’m so appreciative of the time Andy took to film us and make us look awesome. He truly has amazing talent in videography! If he edited it as well, that was amazing too! I always appreciate timing video footage with music, and this was such a great song to choose! I miss SakuraCon so much and all the lovely amazing people I met there. I hope to see everyone at other conventions in the future!


I made a Suki cosplay at the end of last year to wear with a group of friends (including awesomeahoy​)! I was super excited to work on this one. Suki is a badass character and the mix of armor and flowing fabric really appealed to me.

I tried to stay true to the show, with things like the diagonal pleats in the underskirt and purposefully misaligned top robe. Overall it was a really fun challenge!

I’m going to post work in progress starting with the dress and post the final costume at the end. Check out the photo comments for more info.


Tesla Cosplay’s debut YouTube video! Today we test the physics of Avatar: The Last Airbender. Suki’s Kyoshi Warrior makeup survives a dive into the ocean. We decided to test it.