kyoshi warriors cosplay


Sakuracon 2013 CMV [1-2] (by andalantie)


I literally can’t stop internally screaming

I’m so happy with how our fan dance as the Kyoshi Warriors turned out!!! And all the AMAZING cosplayers that we saw but didn’t get to take pictures of!! I’m so appreciative of the time Andy took to film us and make us look awesome. He truly has amazing talent in videography! If he edited it as well, that was amazing too! I always appreciate timing video footage with music, and this was such a great song to choose! I miss SakuraCon so much and all the lovely amazing people I met there. I hope to see everyone at other conventions in the future!


Tesla Cosplay’s debut YouTube video! Today we test the physics of Avatar: The Last Airbender. Suki’s Kyoshi Warrior makeup survives a dive into the ocean. We decided to test it.

First Draft of the Kyoshi Warrior robe/kimono! The sides have been pinned in a bit, and we’ll do more shaping with each person, as well as the length, the length of the sleeves, and the armpits. I like the collar, but it could be a little taller. We didn’t do the sharp corner fold over because we would have to reinforce that corner, which would just take more time.

I sincerely apologize for the ugly fabric!

Spent the day making a Kyoshi fan look WAY better! At least, in my opinion it does. I used 220 grit sandpaper to sand the wood’s lacquer off. Then I used a metric crap-ton of tape and taped up the fan (I will spend more time on this for realsies; this fan is falling apart so I used it to experiment on), and primed with ACE brand Premium Enamel white primer and then used Krylon Indoor/Outdoor in leather brown and Design Master brand in gold medal. I got a little bit of paint on the fabric side because my cover didn’t stay in place, but next time I won’t paint in the rain >.> This one’s still usable though, and I’m extremely happy with how it looks!