[originally posted 2.8.14]

Uwah~, it’s amazing!


Today, at G Rosso,

we had no idea what

the outside looked like

but after the final curtain

the scene that greeted us…

was a pure white world.


it’s still snowing a little bit.

Like this.

It was kind of a failure

in snow

but with the guy who was wearing Crocs…

How young do we look…

Well, I’m just learning about Crocs (laugh)


He took this!

Ah, how long has it been since it accumulated this much?


Which is to say, 

if this weather doesn’t let up today,

we won’t be able to even drag

our feet through it, I think.

Every family should stick with their plans

and there are probably those who decided them even just today.

And make sure you manage your own plans, and your friend’s plans.

Especially those from far away…

Sorry for these words…


to all those who

went out in this weather

to see us.

I’m sure you had trouble

so truly, thank you very much…

Please, today,

take the time to enjoy a nice,

long, warm, bath…


finally, tomorrow

is Kyoryuger’s final episode!!

What kind of developmentconclusion will happen!?

Look forward to it 

Even when Kyoryuger ends on TV,

they’ll still be fighting on at the

G Rosso and final live tour,

so please come out and cheer us on!

So, everyone,

please be careful to not let your feet slip out from under you!!

I’m thankful

for all of your warm voices…

[happy birthdays for followers]

We may be seeing some monthly scans soon because this interesting oddity popped up: Appearing in Choh Superhero Taisen is Kamen Sentai Gorider! These are basically the original Kamen Rider mixed with the original Super Sentai, and somehow it works.

Another notable returning actor shown on the right is Utsusemimaru/Kyoryu Gold from Kyoryuger.

There’s a lot of Rider/Sentai teams shown here, mostly sorted by color. The five we’ve seen in promos is Team Ex-Aid, while on the top left is Team Genm.