kyon is such a baby

Sincerely Three x Reader // Dog Adoption (Part 2)

Part 2 Enjoy! 


-he never had pets as kid because his dad is allergic to cats and dogs. 

-You mentioned getting a dog and he was confused. 

-“Why would we get a dog?" 

-"Cause I miss my dog at home and I want a new fur baby!" 

-"Fur baby? You get the dog and take care of it, than you can have one babe," 

-So you do just that, started looking at shelters, and you found the perfect dog. 

-"So you know how you always say that you need more exercise?" 

-"Ew no," 

-"Ok you know how you said I could get a dog?" 

-"Ew yes," 

-you took the blanket off the dogs crate and inside was an Italian Greyhound. 

-"Oh my god. Babe that dog. *wheezing* it looks so fucking stupid. Holy shit that’s not a dog!" 

-"Shut up asshole. He’s beautiful, I don’t know what to name him!" 


-"It’s weird but so is he. I like it!" 

~Random Headcanon shit~ 

-Kyon ends up becoming instantly attached to Jared, he sits with him when he plays video games. He sleeps on his side of the bed, he curls up at his feet when he’s in his office. 

-Jared ends up splitting the responsibilities with you. You become wonderful dog parents. 

-"Babe I never told you what Kyon is," 

-"Oh. Oh no I never thought it would have a meaning. Let me guess its like a video game character?" 

-"No. It’s Dog in Greek," 

-You burst into giggles, that was so perfect for you two. A dog named dog, it fit in perfectly with you two. 

-He’d never admit it to you but he did call Kyon his fur baby. 

-He loved taking him to the dog park because he was so fast but watching him run was hilarious. 

-"Babe. Look at him!’

-more wheezing* god why’d you have to get the weirdest fricken dog?" 

-Kyon has an odd affinity with falling asleep tongue out. Jared actually cried with laughter. 


-When you weren’t home he’d get Kyon to curl up on his lap and he’d start talking to him. 

-"You know you’re stupid looking, and you run like a freak, but I’m kinda stupid looking, and I don’t run, and we have the same wheeze. Honestly you’re pretty cute and you’re loyal as hell. I’m kinda glad (y/n) got you. She’s a good dog mom, I bet she’ll be a good mom in general," 

-When you were pregnant Kyon followed you all over the house making sure you were safe at all times. 

-He licked your daughters face and she giggled, so he licked her more. Needless to say they were best friends. 

-"K-kon. K-kyyy-on" 

-he yipped in response. 

-you couldn’t ask for a better dog in you life!