“Sometimes I wonder, if I hadn’t dropped my shoe that day, what would have happened… I mean—then you wouldn’t have come up here, and wouldn’t have followed me around and delayed it right?”


…I wonder if I’d had jumped.

“I’m glad you didn’t.”

–words by 999papercranes


Taiga/Kaoru Twitter drabbles by Kyomune Goddess 999papercranes

#1: In which Kaoru watches Taiga’s performance

“I’m watching Shokura…”
“…what, don’t watch that.”
“You’re adorable.”
“It wasn’t supposed to be!”
“/pinch and chuu cheek”

#2: In which Taiga watches Kaoru’s performance

“You were really good in that… thing.”
“The garter?”
“…/red-faced nod”
“Want to see it again?”