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Sorry to bother you, but I'm a little confused about the episode. Did we ever cleared up the question of the +1 in the building ? Was it really Kyoko at the end, because I thought the +1 was there since the beginning ?

No, it was not. DR3 just sort of forgot about the plot points like:

  • The extra participant
  • The 13th Division leader
  • Why Monaka was there in the first place
  • How Tengan set things up
  • His motivation in the first place, and why the one they gave us was so weak and stupid
  • How/when Kimura was able to develop an antidote to the wristband
  • What “Munakata and Naegi combining their hopes” meant, even though they never ended up having any effect on the finale or it’s climax, and Munakata just leaves to go off alone somewhere and not collaborate with Naegi to build a better future alongside literally everyone else.

But hey, why bother explaining any of that even though the entire anime has been building to it, when you can have 20 minutes of straight fan service that makes little to no sense?