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Name: Kamikaze Girls/Shimotsuma Monogatari/下妻物語
Release Date: 2004
Director: Nakashima Tetsuya
Length: 1h42mn

  • Cast

Fukuda Kyoko as Ryugasaki Momoko
Tsuchiya Anna as Shirayuri Ichigo
Miyasako Hiroyuki as Oyaji Dame
Shinohara Ryoko as Saionji Midori
Abe Sadao as “Unicorn” Ryuji
Kiki Kirin as Momoko’s Grandmother
Koike Eiko as Akimi
Yazawa Shin as Miko
Okada Yoshinori as Isobe Akinori
Fukuda Mayuko as Young Momoko

Momoko est une fille qui s'habille dans le style Sweet Lolita, inspirée par le rococo et Versailles. Elle doit s'exiler avec son père voyou minable dans le Japon profond, par la suite elle y fait la rencontre de celle qui deviendra son inséparable amie, Ichigo (seul Momoko l'appelle ainsi, car Ichigo qui veut dire fraise en japonais fait trop “fille sage” au goût d'Ichigo elle le change donc en Ichiko qui veut dire sorcière), membre des Ponytails, un gang de filles en scooters dirigée par Akimi.

The movie begins with a flash forward of Momoko getting hit by a car while driving a moped, then shifts to the past to introduce her background and early life. Momoko, who was born near Kobe, wishes that she had been born in Rococo-era France. Her father, a former small-time gangster, was involved in selling fake brand name clothing. After making a fake “double-brand” he finds himself in trouble with Universal Studios, Versace, and the mob, and so he and Momoko move to his mother’s house in the rural town of Shimotsuma. Momoko must go to Tokyo to shop for her clothes, but constantly finds herself short of money for the expensive trip and the pricey clothes she wants to buy. She decides to sell some of her father’s fake Versace products, and meets Ichigo, who answers an advertisement she has placed about selling the clothes. Ichigo is a racy, boyish type who belongs to an all-girl bōsōzoku (motorcycle gang). Gradually, the unlikely pair become friends. Soon Ichigo needs Momoko’s help. Akimi, the leader of Ichigo’s gang, is leaving, and as a tribute Ichigo plans to have her coat embroidered. She has heard that there is a legendary embroiderer in Tokyo named Emma (sometimes translated as M.R.) and she persuades Momoko to go there with her. Although they never find the embroiderer, they do stop at Baby, The Stars Shine Bright, the shop where Momoko buys her frilly Lolita dresses. An assistant notices the beautiful embroidery Momoko has stitched on her bonnet and calls the designer himself to come to look at it. Later in the film, the designer asks Momoko to embroider a sample garment which accidentally came back plain. Back in Shimotsuma, after an argument, Momoko offers to stitch the embroidery on Ichigo’s coat, which she does with great skill. The final scenes of the film concern a fight between Ichigo and the members of several all-girl motorbike gangs. It is revealed that the crash at the start of the movie occurred when Momoko was rushing to help Ichigo. Momoko does not die, but instead challenges the entire motorbike gang and wins, rescuing Ichigo.

The time Sho did it for Jun

Part 1

That time when Sho and his co-stars Fukuda Kyoko and Kendo Kobayashi promoted Yatterman in Arashi no Shukudai-kun (2009.03.02) and the homework was to prepare desserts that taste so good it would make you jump and say “YATTA!” (Yatterman’s catchphrase). It was embarrassing. But even Ogura-san did it! Jun didn’t want to do it at all. But he wanted the dessert. 

And when he tasted it, he attempted this poker face so that he won’t have to admit it was really good. And after a long awkward silence, Sho shouted “YATTA!”, so that Jun wouldn’t have to. 

And Jun of course laughed at him.