kyogre gif

An ancient power rises from the deep…


Hey guys! To kinda make up for there not being an update today, I made a quick little gif of a character I’ve been working on for the Pokekids world! I really want to try expanding more on legendaries and how they work in this world. So why not start with this neat gal!

She’s mean, powerful, and will drag your sorry butt to the bottom of the ocean. She is usually found in her Primal form, ready for a fight whenever one might pop up. She doesn’t make contact with people very often, but when she does it’s usually not a good thing.

That’s all I’m gonna give away for her for now, since I’m gonna try to do another world building thing, this time about legendary pokemon, and she may or may not show up in some future comics…

So for now, I hope you enjoy and have a good night!