Something you should know about me: I always get what I want…

My Kuvira cosplay that I debuted at Katsucon! I’m proud of how it came out, and I do plan on improving it and wearing it again! I had a lot of fun in Kuvira and I met a bunch of great LoK cosplayers as a result! 

Photographer: My friend who doesn’t have a tumblr/photography page! <3 


I’ve definitely come a long way from when I first started cosplaying and I’m really proud of how far I’ve come. I’m proud of my cosplays and I’m very proud to be a black cosplayer. So to everyone who is too afraid to cosplay because they think their skin color is “wrong”: no. You’re wonderful, and you should definitely cosplay because you’ll look amazing. Cosplay whoever you want regardless of skin color, weight, height, etc. After all, in the end we just want to have fun!

EDIT: I’m very grateful for all of the support I’ve gotten on this cosplay! However, I do want to add that I’m nonbinary and my pronouns are they/them/their. Thank you! 😊

For the Katsucon Formal Dance, I did one of Jean’s alternate outfits. I saw it and I immediately knew I had to do it. I’m proud of how it came out, and I enjoyed wearing it, even if it was just for the formal. I’ll fix it up so I can rewear it again to any future formals. 

Photographer: My friend who unfortunately doesn’t have a tumblr or photography page. <3 

Today is me and my mom’s birthday! Happy Birthday Mom. You’re so beautiful! ^_^ <3

I don’t really have any plans for today. I’m just going to work on cosplay for Katsucon and study the new tarot deck I bought (which I like a lot!). Plus, the stand for my digital piano should be arriving today, so that’s another thing to look forward to. 

Have a good day everyone!!