Something you should know about me: I always get what I want…

My Kuvira cosplay that I debuted at Katsucon! I’m proud of how it came out, and I do plan on improving it and wearing it again! I had a lot of fun in Kuvira and I met a bunch of great LoK cosplayers as a result! 

Photographer: My friend who doesn’t have a tumblr/photography page! <3 


For the Katsucon Formal Dance, I did one of Jean’s alternate outfits. I saw it and I immediately knew I had to do it. I’m proud of how it came out, and I enjoyed wearing it, even if it was just for the formal. I’ll fix it up so I can rewear it again to any future formals. 

Photographer: My friend who unfortunately doesn’t have a tumblr or photography page. <3 


I was Wiccan at NYCC2014 and I was surprised to find so many other Young Avengers cosplayers! I’m glad the series is getting more popular! Everyone looked amazing. ^__^

Kate Bishop in the first photo: theworldendswithwonderland
Kate Bishop and Miss America Chavez in the last photo: azeitl @instagram and asexynewplaybyizz @instagram

If you’re one of the other cosplayers, please feel free to tag yourselves or shoot me a message! =) 

Makoto cosplay WIP! I’m slowly getting there with my Makoto cosplay. Just need to finish up the tights, make the swimming jacket, and fix the swimming goggles. But I like how it looks so far! And I don’t know why the wig looks so blond in the pic. It’s more green in real life. Probably just the lighting in my house! 


Last night was NYC’s Promstuck and it was a great and fun night! It was the first time were I actually cosplayed with a friend as one of my OTPs!! I was the John with the scissors tail vest, fedora, and the bowtie with the windy symbol on it. I was with a terrific Dave, a beautiful Human!Kanaya and an adorable Nepeta. I hope everyone had a great time! 

Dave: krobek
Human! Kanaya: rainbow-rex
Nepeta: ?