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Card scanned by @kiraphmi​ - Fist time appear in Asuka cover, October 2016. 
 ~Thanks so much, this is a lovely pic! 

This is the 4rth wedding pic we get of them. The last one was very similar with a bouquet of flowers but their clothes were the usual ones from the other world, these suits looks more Earth like.

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Fandom 30-Day Challenge, Day 4: Favorite Male Character

I know you’re all expecting me to say Kazama (because it’s true), but there’s at least one day for which he is a more applicable answer and I’m trying to avoid redundancy, so I need to spread everything out. Therefore, although there are many guys to choose from and I love them all for just as many different reasons, I’m going to have to say Shiranui is the closest second there is!

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sweet dreams

kyohei rikudoh x mc (misaki kasagi)

The gentle shaking of her shoulder rouses her awake, and she cracks open her eyes slowly, trying to savor the last moments of sleep. Kyohei’s eyes, warm as his hand, fix on her as she slowly blinks herself awake. His hand lingers on her shoulder; she appreciates the warmth.

“Hey,” he says, voice as kind and gentle as his gaze. While she rubs the sleep from her eyes she attempts at sitting up, limbs still heavy from sleep. She can’t remember the last eight-hour night she got.

“What time is it?” She asks, voice on the edge of whiny. Kyohei’s chuckle is soft and sweet, and he threads his fingers through her hair. All thoughts of time go out the window as she leans into his touch, eyes slipping closed again. If only she could just stay like this…

“It’s half past eleven.”

She bolts upright. Eleven pm, she repeats, panicked. It can’t be—it was just seven-thirty—

“You should go upstairs and get some sleep.” Nervous fingers untangle knots in her hair, and she fiddles with the elastic on her wrist before she tugs it up into a bun that immediately falls out of place.

“Maybe,” she says, but then, as suddenly as Kyo had woken her, her thoughts comes rushing back.

“The lyrics!” Her scrambling is an advantage to him; he scoops her lightly into his arms like a princess. She twists herself, but to no avail—Kyo is, and always will be, stronger than her. There’s no way out, she thinks, looking up at him in panic.


“I’m officially giving you the night off,” he says, smugly, close to her ear as he carries her up the stairs. 

“You’re going to relax. That’s an order.” His voice is commanding but affectionate, almost teasing. A sigh signals her resignation, and, too tired to fight, she collapses against his chest, fingers curling in his shirt just over the steady beating of his heart. Little Yamada’s soft footsteps follow them into the bedroom, and he curls at the edge of the bed just as Kyohei sets her down.

He moves to let her down, but she decides that if she’s being forced to take a break, then he’s going down with her. She curls her fingers tighter in the fabric of his shirt.

“Am I taking the night off too?” He asks, and she nods.

“Manager’s orders,” she mumbles against his chest. He chuckles again, but doesn’t complain.

“Point taken,” he says, and she allows him to set her down on the sheets. Tiredly, she watches as he slips off his hoodie and turns off the lights, nothing more than a shadow coming towards her from the doorway. The moment he hits the mattress, she curls against his side, tucking her forehead into the crook of his shoulder as if she was made to fit there. 

His laughter goes unnoticed; she’s already fast asleep.

“I love you,” he whispers, tracing a small circle on her shoulder with his thumb. He could say those words a hundred times, whether she’s awake to hear them or not, and still never say enough. He presses a kiss to her forehead and smiles.

“Sweet dreams, little miss,” he breathes, and she sighs in her sleep. And Kyo, settled warmly and cozily beside her, drifts off as well.