"The only reason u could possibly believe--"



You stop right fuckin’ there.

Are you an omniscient being? Do you possess some superpower that allows you to read minds and look into a person’s past, present, and future? No? Yeah I thought not, well in that case, you can’t and don’t already know why someone believes something before actually asking them, so you need to live by this assumption:

There is no “only [as in, one] reason” (that I can know, prima facie) that anyone “believe(s)” anything.

A belief is a complicated thing. If you ask anyone why they hold a certain belief, they may answer with a single statement, but said statement will usually be held up by multiple reasons.

No simplified belief is ever true, i.e.

Clean all the venom out of your voice sometime and the clenched fist out of your head, and ask someone, “Why do you believe this?” And then shut your fucking mouth, act like a civil human being and listen; and do you know what you will find?

A person listing a whole array of reasons, experiences, data, that led them to believe a certain thing.

And I’m not saying you can’t take issue with their opinion/belief, or point out logical fallacies or inaccurate data.

What I am saying is you look like a DUMB SHIT if you go about your life creating a blanket false dilemma for every argument in which the only two options are: “Either you are right/agree with me or ‘u r hilariously ignorant’/are wrong.” And you will literally never grow intellectually, progress as a human being, or learn ANYTHING if that’s the stance you take toward people who don’t believe what you believe. </Rant>