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-To sing in front of people that you like, do you know what a happy thing that is? Probably nobody knows…ㅎ

-Nobody knows, nobody will know.. While not knowing… because you don’t know, you won’t know

-Because there are people who will listen, I am able to sing.. Because I know that feeling, I keep wanting to do it and keep yearning for it. I’m eager to do it. Because this is the only thing I’m good at, I’m so thankful that there are people who are willing to listen

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Soshi messing around before the comeback teaser

Taeyeon @ around 12:00AM KST:  (and people thought she was drunk lol)

Then Sooyoung @ around 12:55AM KST telling everyone to wake up and everyone’s like what now

Then BAM a teaser drops out of nowhere

And then Sooyoung’s like

But of course, Sunny was way ahead of everyone

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[INSTAGRAM] @boakwon: 너무너무 이쁘고 착한 웬디양~~ 나 공연땜에 힘들거같다며 손수 파이 만들어서 배달까지했다는..!! 잘 먹고 오늘 공연도 화이팅 할게!!!!! 이 사진을 은경이가 질투합니다 ㅎㅎ 헤헤~~  

  Translation: (The) really really pretty and nice Wendy~~ she even delivered her self made pie because she thought i was having a hard time because of the concert..!! I’ll eat it well and do my best for today’s concert too!!!!! Eunkyung is jealous about this picture  ㅎㅎ hehe~~

(+ Taeyeon’s comment @taeyeon_ss: Ha. Wendy [did it] again….)  | © ddeulgichu & kymmie

[TRANS by Kymmie]

- What are you talking about, why are there so many apology comments?!

- Oh my god ㅎㅎ SONE why are you like this~~ What are you sorry for! We should be the ones working harder^^!

- Don’t say stuff like that, I’m the one who’s sorry ㅜㅜ aigoo ㅜㅜ

- We’ll also work harder!! Ah the ‘we’ could also include SONEs. The girls will work harder^0^

Kimmy Schmidt 's cast is awesome because
  • Ellie Kemper is just a ray of sunlight, brightening up everyone’s day
  • Tituss Burgess is just a fabulous human being and GREAT singer
  • Carol Kane is a landlord i would want
  • Jane Krakowski, WHERE IS UR GODDAMN EMMY? no seriously if she still doesn’t win one it’s clearly because  we’re not even worthy of her existence 
  • SPOILER ALERT.  this show has a great amount of guest stars, IN IT’S FIRST SEASON!! imagine where it can go from here
  • Breaking bad lovers: 30 rock gave us Bryan Cranston, UKS gives us Dean Norris.  Mad Men lovers: Kiernan Shipka as Kimmy’s stepsister Kymmi (classic) basically plays a modern version of Sally Draper. Of course Jon Hamm shows up cause whenever Tina calls him to do some weird ass role he is always game for it and that’s why I love him to death (and he prob loves tina to death I mean COME ON)  Then we have Nick Kroll who is Amy Poehler’s current boyfriend, while Amy’s ex husband Will Arnett was on 30 Rock, So it seems Tina loves making fun of Amy’s love interests.
  • OH and when you think it’s not gonna happen:boom TINA SHOWS UP, with a perfect 80s perm!

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After Sooyoung cried and the cameras were turned off, Miyoung cried tooㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ Taeyeon embraced her tightly and patted her a lot and seeing that, Sica kept making slanted eyebrows (sad face)…ㅜㅜ While crying, Soonkyu also put effort to fulfil her promise (about couple dance?)

Fany was crying so Taeyeon kept soothing her and because Taeyeon was making a [fake] crying face, Sica saw it and looked on at Taeyeon with slanted eyebrows (sad face)ㅠㅠㅠ

During Taeyeon’s part [in Backhug]*, she sang “hug” as “wrap/envelope” so the moment recording ended, Fany went to Taengoo and told her. Right at that time, a staff member came and told her the lyrics were wrong ㅋㅋㅋ Fany said “I was just telling her that” ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Taeyeon used puppy eyes and said “let’s do it again…..” ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ eu-he-he cute

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160504 Taengstagram: 
“Finally, a song I can listen to has appeared 😍  Dancing Miyoung-ie whom I’m proud of 💃🏻Let’s wait together for 11th of May at 12am. The song is so good my jaw hurts (literally, hurts from jaw dropping) 🙀 #IJustWannaDance #tiffany 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻”  trans: kymmie@twitter