kymberly wimberly

On Kymberly Wimberly

Today I made a phone call to Mr. Thompson, principal of McGehee High School in Arkansas. I introduced myself as a supporter of graduated senior Kymberly Wimberly, an African American young woman, and her wonderful academic achievements. Being an overachiever African American student myself, I really identify with Kymberly. I’ve signed petitions supporting her demands that the school correct the injustice done to her (despite having the highest GPA in her class, the school administrators felt the need to appoint a White student with a lower GPA as valedictorian), but I also wanted to speak on it. Here’s the transcript of our conversation following my introduction: 

Me: I was wondering why the school appointed a co-valedictorian when Ms. Wimberly had the highest GPA in her class. 

Mr. Thompson: That is our school policy.

Me: So, the school had two valedictorians last year?

Mr. Thompson: That has been the school policy for the past 6 years.

Me: Ok, so you’ve have two valedictorians each year since then?

Mr. Thompson: No…

Me: But you had two valedictorians last year, right?

Mr. Thompson: No, we did not.

Me: So, how come you appointed two this year?

Mr. Thompson: The situation fit the policy we have in place for appointing co-valedictorians.

Me: Oh? How so? What is the policy?

Mr. Thompson: Are you a reporter?

Me: Nope.

Mr. Thompson: Are you affiliated with this school or Ms. Wimberly?

Me: No, I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting her. I'm just a supporter of Ms. Wimberly and an admirer of her achievements. I’m also concerned about the message you’re sending by appointing a co-valedictorian when Ms. Wimberly had the highest GPA in her class. That’s why I’d like to know what your school policy is.

Mr. Thompson: Well, I don’t have to explain myself to you.

Me: I guess that makes sense.

Mr. Thompson: What?

Me: Well, racists tend to be cowards, especially when they’re called out on their racism.

Mr. Thompson: Excuse me?

Me: Oh, you didn’t hear me?

Mr. Thompson: *click*