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  • when the world comes to gather me in by orangelightsaber, 21k / POST TFA /  After the catastrophic defeat at Starkiller, Kylo decides he wont be returning to complete his training, and that he’s taking Hux with him, whether Hux likes it or not. 
  • whose leash, whose cur by callmelyss, 6k / Ah yes, Ren’s new favorite game. It started about a week after Crait; if he thinks Hux has strayed too far, somewhere he can’t keep an eye on him, he kriffing yanks him closer with the Force.
  • Prelude to the End of the Game by hollycomb, 56k / Kylo has wrath to unleash and a destiny to fulfill. Hux has plans. 
  • Overwork by Vhett, 7k, wip / In the wake of the Supremacy disaster, Hux is using stims to keep himself and the Order running.
  • Détente by GoblinCity, 21k, wip / After the Battle of Crait, Armitage Hux is confident that Kylo Ren will be the architect of his own demise. Kylo surprises him.
  • In Our Blood by fedaykin, 4k, wip / It hadn’t shown Rey what she wanted, but perhaps the watery pit on Ahch-To would give Kylo his path, his future, his means to success. 
  • Disaster Recovery Plan by GenerallyHuxurious, 8k / Mega Star Destroyer is in worse condition than anyone realised, a fact Hux discovers only just in time to save his own life. 
  • Lying Side by Side in Pieces by ballvvasher, 14k / MPREG FIC / After failing to exterminate the Resistance, the newly appointed Supreme Leader makes it clear he doesn’t care for Hux’s well-being. 


  • Make Me by Ajaxthegreat, 52k / The one where Ben pulls a fast one on Hux and he spends the next year of his life relentlessly hunting Ben down in a blind rage, Ahab-style 
  • Lucid Dreamer by theoneandonlyzoom., 63k / General Hux, it seems, was always destined for greatness. It’s therefore really too bad nobody realizes he’s a spy for the Resistance.

  • The Fall by rosensilence, 15k, wip / When Resistance smuggler Kylo Ren is captured and brought aboard the Finalizer, General Hux gets more than he was expecting.


  • Emperor’s Heir by Ellstra, 88k / Now he has to choose between two equally unappealing alternatives: undergoing some ghastly ritual to gain Force sensitivity, or death. 
  • The World Might Do Me In by ZsforSs, 76k / A few weeks after his fifteenth birthday Armitage Hux met his mother for the first time since he was a toddler, defected from the First Order, and found out he was Force sensitive. 


  • Iterative Processing by Splintered_Star, 45k / Hux, surrounded by the ruins of the Order, decides to die rather than be captured. Then – he wakes up on Hosnian Prime, hours before its destruction by Starkiller. 
  • Chevrefoil by Vadianna, 102k, wip / Hux wakes up, panicked and alone, after a mission he can’t remember. The wrongness continues as he realizes the mission doesn’t exist, the Finalizer is in the wrong sector of space, the training program is years behind schedule, the Hosnian System is whole and functioning, and no one has heard of Kylo Ren. 


  • The Eldritch Effect by GenerallyHuxurious, 67k / For the last three years Major Donal A. Hux, formerly of the British Army’s Parachute Regiment, and Kylo Ren, estranged son of US Defence Secretary Leia Organa, have been tooling around North America investigating “weirdness”- and they’re plenty weird themselves.

  • Blood on Porcelain by BIFF1, 47k / Deputy Hux thought that by moving to Arkanis he would be on the fast track to becoming sheriff. He had no idea that when he transferred he was about to face his demons in the form of a murdered local boy and Sheriff Snoke’s pet ‘psychic’ Kylo Ren.

  • A Cracked Gift by Hermineuh, 84k / Armitage Hux is a journalist for a scientific magazine. However, when he must attend a presentation on something not scientifically proven, he finds it difficult to keep his sharp tongue in check. 


  • Ascesis by hedgerowhag, 40k /  “Then you will travel north with us until our path ends in Uppsala.” There are brief mutters as the ghoulish company whispers around Hux, but he does not listen as an unbidden smile crooks his lips. 

  • Sustenance by theoneandonlyzoom, 27k / Kylo Ren has spent the last five years fighting in the desert, leading the Southern Front for Emperor Snoke’s war against the Resistance. 

  • My Life in Ruins by Gefionne, 30k, wip / Dr. Armitage Hux is the preeminent archaeology professor at Arkanis University, but when he needs to find an ancient artifact, he has to enlist the help of treasure-hunter Kylo Ren.



  • Stars Hung With String by dallystrings, 41k / They might have been stuck at the same wedding for a weekend, but that didn’t require interaction. He had no reason to feel anything but bitterness and resentment towards him. And yet. 
  • Something To Be Thankful For by JinxedAmbitions, 12k, wip / Divorce isn’t easy on either Armie or Ben, but their marriage wasn’t easy either.  However, now that it’s over, neither Armitage nor Ben have the courage to tell their families which has led to the awkward invitation to the Organa-Solo family Thanksgiving. 




  • Hemoglobin by CyanideBreathmint, 29k, wip / One night he picks up a young man named Ben, who is not exactly what he seems to be.
  • Take the midnight train by sabrina, 14k / Every vampire slayer knows that Dracula is absurdly and irresponsibly romanticized, which should make Dracula-obsessed vampire Kylo Ren totally uninteresting to Armitage Hux. If only this were the case. 
  • Of Our Time by Ezlebe, 15k / “I could care less. I was made this way before there were movies – before fucking Stroker. Call me a demon if it makes you feel better.”   


  • Only I Will Remain by fedaykin, 4k, wip / DUNE AU / Destinies entwined, they realize that there is only one truth in the universe - the Spice must flow.
  • Fixer Upper by IrisParry, 10k, wip / HAUNTED HOUSE AU / When Armitage Hux starts with First Order estate agents, he thinks the house on Alderaan Drive is an insult, a patronising set of training wheels for the new boy. He is … not correct. 

  • Odds of Survival by Marzarelo, 67k, wip / ZOMBIE AU / Now they’re stuck with each other, trying to survive together, despite the fact that they have hated one another since the day they met.

  • Stars In Our Wake by griesly, 70k / BOOKSTORE AU / As the owner of Flagship Books, Hux has his life perfectly in order until professional disappointment Kylo Ren barges into his shop and unfortunately, his life.

RECOVERY FICS (heed the warnings and tags):



Very much inspired by Finitum by plinys

Lieutenant Hux gets a mission to pick up an asset for the Supreme Leader from the ruins of a massacred temple, and the entire course of his life is changed in one moment by the appearance of a bloodstained boy who calls himself Ben. A series of meetings and chance encounters throughout the years draw the two of them together again and again, as their relationship shifts from almost friends to enemies to something else entirely.

kylux fic recs #1

more are tagged: #kylux fic recs

down below are A++ fics, the one’s you can read and reread and then read again a while later. seriously they are amazing. thank you dear writers for creating them and letting us read them <3


Children, Wake Up by hollycomb, 608k
Hux follows orders and loses his way.

The Slightest Shift In The Weather, A New Kind Of Fear, 31k wip by Clarice Chiara Sorcha
The first time they met, they were neither General nor Master – they were only Major, and Knight. Things might have been better had they just stayed that way.

Not About Angels by MellytheHun, 286k
General Hux makes several mistakes; his first, existing on the same plane of reality as Kylo Ren. His second; saving Kylo Ren from certain death. His third; striking a deal with the beauty-marked, raven-haired devil himself.

In A Place Where No One Appeared by Gefionne, 119k
Following the destruction of Starkiller Base, General Hux is ordered to remove a wounded Kylo Ren to a place where he can recuperate. Knowing nowhere else to house him safely and discreetly, Hux takes Ren to his family’s estate on Arkanis.

the ghosts won’t matter ‘cause we’ll hide in sin by Clarice Chiara Sorcha, 51k
Kylo Ren defects from the First Order, taking only one thing with him. General Hux, however, does not appreciate being hauled around the galaxy like an oversized suitcase full of contraband garbage.

Finitum by plinys, 35k, tags: friends to ENEMIES to lovers
Lieutenant Hux gets a mission to pick up an asset for the Supreme Leader from the ruins of a massacred temple, and the entire course of his life is changed in one moment by the appearance of a bloodstained boy who calls himself Ben.


Smooth the Descent (and Easy Is the Way) by Metallic_Sweet, 38k
Hux is simply a tool with remarkable instinct. (Or, Hux is Force-sensitive, but he doesn’t understand it that way.)

Don’t Fade Away by MargaretKire, 69k
This was not the calm brightness of last night in the presence of Kylo Ren. This was a different sort of light altogether, massive and deadly.

Order in Chaos by Ezlebe, 110k
Supreme Leader lifts his chin, countenance poised and inarguable. “Your sacrifice is not hollow, nor meaningless. You will assuredly follow him into greatness.”


downbeat by acroamatica, 46k,  tags: orchestra au 
Maestro Hux is at the helm of the Erste Orden Sinfonie for their big gala concert, a programme of the most stunning piano concertos ever written. With his continued employment and the future of the whole orchestra on the line, the last thing he needs is the incredibly arrogant (but wildly talented) piano soloist Kylo Ren. 

Doctor’s Orders by JinxedAmbitions, 160k,  tags: doctor hux
The last thing he needs is Kylo Ren constantly taking up space in his waiting room for every imagined illness he can come up with. Hux isn’t sure if he hasn’t been loved enough or he’s got one hell of a doctor kink, and he doesn’t particularly care to find out. 

Off the Rails by JinxedAmbitions, 37k,  tags: manager hux
Hux manages the day-to-day running of a luxury train. When one of his personal attendants gets violently ill during one of the legs of their journey, Hux takes their place in the private cabin of the infamous Kylo Ren. 

It’s Dark Here Next To The Spotlight by Starshaker, 51k,  t: manager hux
Kylo Ren has undeniable talent on the big screen, but it’s Hux’s job to control all his talent for tantrums and destruction off screen. 

Checking Out by TabisMouse, 29k,  tags: manager hux
Flights are grounded as a blizzard sweeps through town and Manager Hux is frustrated enough at having to man the front desk against the influx of irritated and irrational hotel guests.

Hotline Bling by minzimpression, 36k,  tags: sexting 
Hux wants a dick pic from his recent hook-up. Unfortunately, he texts the wrong number.

Sentimental Rubbish by samzillastomps, 27k,  tags: mafia au
In a city run by criminals, mob families, and militias, two kids grow up and struggle to embrace the darkness that surrounds them.


Escape Velocity by Clarice Chiara Sorcha, 135k,  tags: politics au
Brendol Hux Jr., only son of a former First Order commandant who sold out to the New Republic, struggles to find a means of advancement in a political world that rejects his Imperial pedigree at every turn.

Just Don’t Put Down Your Guns, Yet by acroamatica, CyanideBreathmint, 114k wip, tags: inception au
Inception-styled modern AU fic, where I tone down the angst and drive up the suitporn and gunporn.

A Song of Crows by Ficlet-Machine, 128k wip, tags: fantasy au
Warchief Hux has just buried his trusted Crow, and, if the Gods still favour him, a new one will find their way to his lands.

The House of Paper Bones by ofcorsetstrash, 57k, tags: very au 
Cadet Prestor Hux is everything he is supposed to be. Son of the Commandant Brendol Hux, with perfect scores in every class, perfect performance in battle simulations, and perfect control of everything at all times. Any outside observer would say he led the perfect life.

Ex Machina by sual, 32k, tags: droid hux, ben solo au
An AU inspired by Ex Machina where Ben Solo never became Kylo Ren, General Hux is a droid that used to be human, and they might just be what the other needs.

Breaking Down Like Fractions by Flyting, 9k, tags: ben solo au
And then the Resistance captures a prize: General Hux of the First Order. He’s building a base somewhere that can destroy an entire star system at once. And Ben is the only one who can find out where it is.

Flyboys by Gefionne

England, 1941 - Armitage Hux, pilot in the Royal Air Force, has finally gotten command of his own squadron. But instead of a group of well-trained British pilots, he gets twelve inexperienced American volunteers. Among them is Ben Solo, a talented young fighter pilot who would be the best in the squadron if it wasn’t for his temper. As they take to the skies, Hux and Ben find themselves forming an illicit, but powerful bond against the backdrop of a world at war.

I absolutely adore this fic @gefionne worked so hard to get it accurate to the times and the pilots lives, this little WW2 plane nerd is in heaven. So I had to do a small pic for it. This was so hard to get right, but I hope to do more art for it in the future.

anonymous asked:

Gef, can you please publish a list of your all time favourite fics?

Sure! In no particular order:

Doctor’s Orders by @jinxedambitions
Hux is a busy doctor at a free clinic and Kylo is his repeat patient. Kylo has a lot of secrets that Hux doesn’t want to deal with, but they collide and are inextricably bound.

Sic Transit Gloria by @unicornsandbutane
The hottest and best public bathroom glory hole fic you will read. Kylo and Hux are coworkers at a shipping center and they meet in an unlikely place. 

Stars in Our Wake by @griesly
Hux owns a bookstore and hires a bedraggled Kylo to work for him. There’s a great deal of tension. Dom/Sub dynamics and beautiful writing.

Resuscitate by sailaway
Canonverse where the First Order has an established code of dom/sub roles and playing out those roles is important in their day-to-day. Kylo Ren is a feisty sub who needs a strong hand. Hux there to step in.

Coup de Grâce by @that-vicious-vixen
The beautifully written one-night stand that turns into a living arrangement for underworld accountant Hux and enforcer Kylo. One I’ve loved since the first KBB.

Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad by @vadianna
A gorgeous AU where Ben Solo meets Hux on Tatooine and might just be seduced by the First Order as well as the scruffy Hux.

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Hi! I am kinda new to the Kylux pair and could you rec fics where in Hux is a force user or force sensitive. The longer the fic the better.

Ahhh welcome to the fandom, darling! ❤️ Here:

  • King of Corners by @versus-a-blank-paper (WIP)
    Kylo messes with Hux’s head. He fails. Left with a General that doesn’t know his own name, Kylo does the only reasonable thing: commandeers a ship and makes for the far side of the galaxy with a memoryless Hux in tow. Or: mercenary Kylo and sniper Hux on a galactic road trip.

  • constant by finalizer
    “You did that,” Ren murmurs.
    “Did what?”
    “The blockade —” Ren starts, “ — you pushed me out of your head.”

  • Order in Chaos by @ezlebe
    “Do you understand, Hux?” Supreme Leader says, leaning down from that impressive height with his usual glower. “This boy is invaluable to the First Order.”“Yes, Supreme Leader,” Hux answers, nodding once and determinedly looking forward. He doesn’t understand how this awkward, dark haired boy could be invaluable to anything; he’s all ears and has cried every night for the last three standard weeks.Supreme Leader lifts his chin, countenance poised and inarguable. “Your sacrifice is not hollow, nor meaningless. You will assuredly follow him into greatness.”

  • Signal Flares by GatsbyGirl99
    Kylo’s fingers tightened. The air left Hux’s lungs. The fear broke the surface as Hux’s skin lost what little color it had to begin with.
    Or at least that’s what should have happened

  • Rising Sun by goldandobsidiann
    In a fit of rage, a newly-promoted General Hux makes the worst possible remark at the worst possible time, breaking one of the Supreme Leader’s sacred commandments. Kylo Ren sees that he pays restitution. Porn and power plays abound.

  • Eyes Of Fire And Ice by @evilspaceboyfriends-trash
    When Kylo Ren travels to the Finalizer to become its co-commander he feels a Presence in the Force unlike anything he has ever felt before. It is powerful enough to destroy worlds. But as fast as it appears it disappears. Weeks later it suddenly makes a new appearance and this time Kylo is dead bent to find out where it comes from. He is however not prepared for what he finds.

  • Promises, Promises by @noirsongbird
    The whispers of the Dark Side did not just include promises of power. For Ben Solo, they also include promises of a handsome stranger.Or: A very literal take on the idea of “seduction” by the Dark Side.

  • Don’t Look Back Into The Sun by @claricechiarasorcha
    The Emperor has taken his throne, but not without price.And now, Kylo Ren would have him pay it in full.

  • Impeccable Timing, General by @stardestroyervigilance
    After a mishap ends up with Kylo Ren and General Hux taken as prisoners under some clever captors Hux discovers something about life changing about himself.

  • Janus by @misayawriting
    Kylo Ren, for all his savagery and lack of emotional control, has somehow managed to awaken Hux’s latent Force sensitivity. Hux masks and takes advantage of his newfound ability to gain the upper hand in their relationship.

  • To The Ends Of Stars by My_Trex_has_fleas
    Hux takes Kylo Ren hostage after the collapse of Starkiller Base and they go on the run with everyone after them.

  • A Different Kind Of Training by reeby10
    Hux woke up to his belongings floating around the room. Again.

  • Regretful Message by @tyrannysaurusrex
    Hiding from the Resistance should be easy when they already believe they’ve killed you. But when you’re General Armitage Hux and you can’t seem to recall becoming Emperor to the entire Galaxy, it becomes a little more difficult.

  • Dead Man’s Hand by @windlion​ (WIP)
    After Starkiller, Kylo is recalled by Snoke to complete his training. Hux is recalled to live up to his part of the bargain he struck years ago.

  • in your orbit by lukitari
    Ben Organa never becomes Kylo Ren. Force-sensitive people around the galaxy aren’t all treated the same. Life isn’t easy for anyone.

  • In My Veins by @ellstra
    Hux had been hiding his Force-sensitivity for years, using it sparsely and with great caution, but it only takes one mission gone wrong and all his carefully built defences shatter to protect Kylo. Snoke is always eager to use up all power he can get.

  • Ties by @francisthegreat
    Backpfeifengesicht: (n.) German. Literally, a face in need of a fist.A story in which the Force endeavors to smash two very unhappy people into each other.

  • Projection by @bubbaknowlton
    At around six months pregnant, Hux becomes mildly force sensitive through the baby, but doesn’t realize that’s what it is.

  • Consumed By The Dark by @the-cookie-of-doom
    There’s something inside of Hux. Something dangerous, sinister. Something that doesn’t have a name, only power. A power Hux doesn’t know he has, or wants. Until Snoke unlocks it.

  • Wake Up, Sleeper by @penpenhooray
    It would seem odd that the Resistance should always seem to get their information just a bit faster than the First Order. Of course, General Leia Organa knows the risks her mole is taking by sending her life saving information.Luke was confident in his padawan’s ability to infiltrate the First Order to destroy it from the inside, and he trusted his pupil’s instincts.And Hux? Well, he’s spent over a decade as a sleeper agent within the bowels of the First Order when he feels an awakening in the Force, and he’s decided it’s time to begin the destruction of the First Order. And he’s going to bring Ben back to the Light if it’s the last thing he does.
Fic Rec Time:

Hi, everyone! Remember when I said I compiled and bookbind some of my favorite Kylux fanfics? Weeeeell, I think it’s a great time to share these fanfics I printed and compiled as a fic rec for the new Kylux supporters.

Aletheia by imochan, reserve

Rating: Explicit

“What have you been doing to me?” Hux hisses. His voice is like static: the low hum of fear and the pitchy crackle of desire.

“Everything,” says Ren.

This has to be one of my favorite Kylux fanfics! This has a psychological theme going on that really intrigued me. It was compelling to read and very fascinating. Aletheia made me want to punch Kylo and give him a good shake while still loving him as a character, and made me want to give Hux a warm hug. The first time I read this, I couldn’t put my phone down because of how intense it is. Very well-written and unique. Have a read and I promise you, you will not be disappointed.

 A Last Blood Benediction by Letummordre

Rating: Mature

Someone is still staring at him. Hux’s mind is playing tricks on him again, just like it did all throughout his childhood, and nothing had ever happened to him then. Nothing would happen to him now. It was all his imagination tormenting him as always.

Sometimes he hates his mother.

A modern Benarmie horror-ish fanfic. I wouldn’t mention what this is about because I don’t want to ruin the mysterious lore of this fanfic. If you are into the whole new boy meets school outcast (but with a twist), dark and creepy towns, this fanfic is for you.

Southern Gothic AU series by Flyting

Bonfire: Rating: Teen and Up

Finn is invited by his new friend Hux to come to his church bonfire and meet their prophet.

Take Me to Church: Rating: Mature

How lucky, how blessed, how fucking fortunate he is now to have a Messiah who answers every prayer directly. Especially the ones that go ‘more’, or ‘god just like that, don’t stop-’ or, ‘please, lord, fuck oh please-’

I almost made a research paper about cults in the Philippines. My teacher didn’t allow me to because she thought I would end up like a certain someone in this fanfic. With that said, I found this really interesting. The Hux in this AU is the perfectly disturbing and I must say, the writer really did a fine job. I like that Hux and Kylo are both dark and disturbed people who can be so soft and loving towards one another here.

Scales of Gold by TheZ1337

Rating: Explicit

Kylo Ren is a merfolk hunter. When he finds Armitage Hux swimming in a rural river, he begins to fall for the creature. Snoke bags and tags him with the purpose of selling him. Kylo Ren has to make a decision, does he save Hux, or does he let him be sold like a common piece of decorative art? Kylo decides on his first choice, and brings Hux back to his home.

Listen, guys, I love Hux and I simply am obsessed with mermaids so apparently, I love merman!Hux. I also have a soft spot for hunter x prey. This is very adorable and you should check it out.

Tidal Force by imochan

WracklinesRating: Explicit

He had looked at the rift on Kylo Ren’s face, splitting him just right of center like a tectonic shift and black on the frayed edges with gummy cauterization. The snow had been melting there, hissing at the surface of Ren’s hot blood, and he had thought: I hope you live with this forever.

Sastrugi: Rating: Explicit

Ren is gone. Hux is fine. The past can’t hurt you.

(All of these things are lies.)

A lovely fanfic series about Hux and his reaction to having his magnum opus getting destroyed. I don’t know why but I really like despairing Hux so much.

Broad Strokes by thisiswherethefishlives

Rating: Mature

Past. Present. Future.

This is not a story of redemption. For men like Hux, there’s little to redeem.

So, no… this is not a redemption story. This is the story of how General Hux’s life shattered around him in the aftermath of the Starkiller’s destruction.

This is how he survived.

Kylo lets Hux choose between becoming his bedmate and being imprisoned after Starkiller Base. Hux chooses to be Kylo’s bedmate to survive. Listen, I am weak for Kylo being protective of Hux, okay? So, if you are as weak as I am for overprotective!Kylo, read this beautiful fanfic.

Grievous Injury by Vadianna

Rating: Explicit

When Starkiller Base collapsed, Ren and Hux didn’t make it out in one piece, Ren moreso than Hux. But because of his important work with the Force, Snoke demands that drastic measures be taken to preserve Ren’s life. Ren tries to reconcile himself to the changes.

My best friend and I did this challenge wherein we picked a fanfic of our OTPs for the other to read. The twist to this challenge is that we don’t know the characters to the fanfic and the first one to have feels, wins. I picked this fanfic to that said challenge. The angst in this one is absolutely delectable. I felt for Kylo here, and for my poor ginger son. If you are in the mood to ugly-cry, read this.

Call Me Rebel Scum by hollycomb

Rating: Explicit

Hux is only letting Kylo fuck him for the good of the Order.

Kylo is only spying on Hux’s thoughts for the sake of their mission.

Quintessence is only a means to an end.
(And other lies.)

Oh, boy, virgin!Hux, guys! This is adorable…the two being in denial with their feelings and using excuses to keep sleeping with each other. I love it.

Heartless Machine by TheCookieOfDoom

Rating: Explicit

Few survived the Academy. General Hux wasn’t one of them, not really. Not all of him did, at least.

Who’s game for droid!Hux? Seriously, I love how this fanfic dwells on that AU while being loyal to the canonverse.

In a Crowd of Thousands by Flyting

Rating: General Audiences

Hux recalls the time he met Ben Solo, unaware that Kylo remembers it too.

“It was Endor Day,” Kylo realizes. He remembers those parades, distantly, through the veil of another life. A hot, cloudless summer day and a cheering crowd.

 “Yes,” Hux says. “I didn’t realize it at the time or I wouldn’t have-” he stops, shutting his mouth.

“Wouldn’t what?”

 “I suppose I got rather into the spirit of things. I was twelve. It was warm and there was music, and everyone was so excited. Someone gave me a free iced chocolate. It was the best thing I’d ever tasted.”

A short but very, very sweet Benarmie fanfic that gave me a lot of feels.

When the Sand Runs Out by solohux

Rating: Teen and Up

“Kill him,” Snoke whispers.

Kylo hesitates.

This is what I wanted to happen after TFA, when Kylo and Hux finally go face-to-face with Snoke.

Ashes and Wine by Clarice Chiara Sorcha (claricechiarasorcha)

Rating: Mature

The Emperor has a mission for his Hound.

(And he has one to accept, in turn.)

Have I told you that I love the emperor!Hux x hound!Ren AU? Well, I adore it! (But since after TLJ, I loved Supreme Leader Ren and Advisor Hux more haha) And this fanfic is how I imagined the two would be in the said AU. Oh, and this is also inspired by one of my favorite Kylux AU fanarts.

Growing in the Landscape, Darling in Between You and Me by impossibleamypond

Rating: Teen and Up

He pauses in the doorway, debating his options. He could turn around and pretend like his subconscious hasn’t brought him here or he could press his palm to the control panel, step into the ward, and admit that there’s a slight chance that he might give a damn about Kylo Ren.

His stomach turns at the thought, the bitter taste of acid creeping up his throat.

In total and completely sincere honesty, he would rather set himself on fire.

[Or General Hux has a big old crush on Kylo Ren and neither one of them is handling it very well.]

I had so many feelings while reading this fanfic. Despite this being just a oneshot, the story wasn’t paced too fast, which I really appreciate because it lets you savor every moment.

Corrupted by ballvvasher

Rating: Explicit 

The ruthless, bigoted Reverend Hux has but one goal—to rid his community of those who philander with anti-Christian creeds, in a time where the commonwealth has begun to slowly decline from its authoritarian past. His faith and lust for power over his flock are tested when notorious vagabond Kylo Ren forces him to question who he’s painted himself to be.

Once I started reading this fanfic, I could not put it down. Every single moment in this is A+ and absolutely beautiful and not to mention the steamy scenes are so gorgeous. The whole conversation between Kylo and Hux is very interesting to read as well.

Side by Side, Piece by Piece by hollycomb

Rating: General Audience

While scavenging in an abandoned town, Ren comes upon a crumbling statue of Emperor Hux and his Knight.

Wanna read a fic with older!Kylo and older!Hux? This is the fanfic for you! The amount of feels and fluff here is amazing and I kinda had tears in my eyes reading this fic.


There are more fics I could recommend and I would post them after I……organize my bookmarks again hahaha. BUT I am working on it at the moment. More fic recs to come, it’ll be the fic series next!

  I really should bookmark fanfics properly.


My Life in Ruins
by Gefionne // @gefionne

WiP – 30,238 Words – 3/5 Chapters – Rated E

Snoke steepled his fingers under his chin. “We are willing to pay to send you on an expedition, Armitage, if it will mean you bring back something to show off to the board.”

“I see,” said Hux. “I suppose I can take a trip to Hosnia, though it will take some time and preparation.”

“That’s already been seen to.”

Hux’s brows rose. “What do you mean?”

(…) The man on his doorstep was a good two inches taller and half again as broad. He filled the entire doorway.

“Armitage Hux?” he asked in a deep voice that reverberated around the entryway.

anonymous asked:

Anything with blindfolds/sensory deprivation?

  • Touch by @kyluxtrashpit - 5k, Rated E, No Archive Warnings Apply
    When Hux finds himself falling into bed with Kylo Ren, he wants nothing more than to completely take Ren apart. He finds a way to do just that. 

  • Every Inch by @huxplicit - 3k, Rated E, Choose Not To Warn/No Warnings Apply
    Hux realized that he could happily spend his life memorizing each scar, dip, mole and freckle on the body below him

  • Branching Out by Ylevihs - 5k, Rated E, No Archive Warnings Apply Kylo convinces Hux to try out something new

  • New Sensation by @theearlgreyalpha, @gentleman-caller -  5k, Rated E, No Archive Warnings Apply
    He let his tongue trace along that crease, flickering out against his overheated skin before he let his bearded cheek drag over the same path. And by that point, he knew Ren had to be so hard it was nearly uncomfortable. Perhaps it was about time for his torture to come to an end. Eventually. 

  • Dissimulation by h-uxed -  3k, Rated E, No Archive Warnings Apply 
    For Hux, there’s freedom to be found in knowing only the mask; a fact Kylo Ren is willing to benefit from.

  • A Change Of Plan by @ginger-ai - 8k, Rated E, No Archive Warnings Apply
    The whole idea is to make Hux wait for it. Leave him stranded for hours completely unable to help himself and then return when he needs it most. Kylo lives for the range of emotions Hux experiences through out it all, feeding off it until the very end. But who says it needs to end once they’ve fucked? Hux is here at his mercy for the next few hours at the very least. They have time.

anonymous asked:

Oohh could you please recommend some kylux fanfics? I love your art btw 💖

Ahh thank you anon!

I’m sure I forgot a million other great fics but these are the ones that sprang to mind immediately. Most of them are NSFW, please read the tags before reading any further :)

Fierce Machines by @momoformisha

I’m usually not a great fan of a/b/o but honestly this author’s writing is so well done. Read if you want hot mess Hux. (also read their other work, Pocket Nova)

Chaotically Proportional by @menaraline

Post TLJ, Kylo uses some questionable methods to get Hux in line (please read the tags before reading this).

Whose Leash, Whose Cur by @callmelyss

Post TLJ, Kylo keeps Hux REAL close ;) (be sure to check out the author’s other fics as well)

The Price of Believing by tclp

Kylo is hurt and lost his connection to the Force. Angst and fluff ;)

Confined Spaces by @milliethecat

Kylo and Hux get captured and they develop feeeeeeelieeeessss, also lots of angst and fluff.

Glow up by @jetspumpkinprince

Kylo is a virgin in need of a suit, Hux is a tailor ;) ;).

Point of No Return by @sinningsquire

AU where Snoke doesn’t exist but Kylo still manages to fuck everything up.

Unskilled & Unaware by @reserve

HR shenanigans and the First Order are my kryptonite.(Be sure to check Resereve’s other works as well!)

Blood’s Perimeter by @gefionne

What if Kylo never fell to the dark side and Hux was actually put in the Stormtrooper program?I really love this premise and it’s done really well. Expect lots of angst, badassery and fluff.

Random Fic Rec ★~(◡‿◕✿)  

I’m really salty about seeing the same writers on almost every rec list in our fandom, so here are some fresh fics that’ve been posted within the last month that you may have missed!

–> Under Starlight by @fluffybunnyremi
♡  After a stressful week studying for finals, Ben decides to take his very stressed-out boyfriend’s fate into his own hands. Despite his studious efforts, Hux refuses to believe him, and so Ben brings out the big guns: stargazing and fluffy nests. (modern au, benarmie, adorable fluff)

–> Regretful Message by @rannystuffandthings (WIP)
Hiding from the Resistance should be easy when they already believe they’ve killed you. But when you’re General Armitage Hux and you can’t seem to recall becoming Emperor to the entire Galaxy, it becomes a little more difficult. (emperor hux, hux’s brother techie, lots of action & twists, generally brilliant!)

–> Splutter by @evermoringlyfine
Hux pulls on the cigarette with relish, the smoke curling over his own face in the still air as he looks at Kylo. (dominant hux, blood, lots of excellent smutty description)

–> the entire Evil Space Dads series by @oblioknowlton
stories where the evil space husbands are evil space dads (if you like mpreg then you have to read these fics, they’re all so in-character and features lots of protective hux & protective kylo!)

–> Accidental Kidnapping by @asphodel-storm
Realizing that his jedi training is making the dark voice in his head stronger, not weaker, young Ben Solo sets out alone to live a life of adventure as an outlaw. He didn’t mean to force the cute ginger boy to come with him, he was just sort of on the ship. (puppy love, benarmie, very cute!)

–> Of Pots and Vials by twitch
♡ Kylo receives a message that Hux should’ve received. Two of them. So he might’ve gone behind Hux’s back to take him on a date to a space-station. A meeting. But Kylo is the one caught off guard by the three men. Well, two men and one man of his own species. And a Head Bartender. Really. (drug use, heavy petting & rutting, overconfident hux, super good fill for a kinkmeme prompt)

–> all about that napping life by @irisparry
Hux thinks he understands what Kylo Ren wants from him. So does Kylo Ren. (elements of dubcon, inappropriate use of the force)

more under the cut!

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Favorite Kylux... things

So, it’s my four month anniversary of diving head first into the kylux trash pit and not coming up for air, so I thought I would put together a random list of my favorite things.  This is by no means an exhaustive list of essentials for noobs, just some things that have shaped my own personal headcanons according to what I enjoy about the pairing and what I find myself coming back to for inspiration. 

But if you were interested in Kylux as a noob– this is 100% without a doubt the list of AO3 fic recs, fanart recs, and tumblr recs I would drop at your feet (before quickly running away so I wouldn’t have to witness your confused reaction).

Settle ‘round young padwans, this is going to be a long one… 

AO3 Fic Recs

These recs are roughly in the order I’ve read them, and all are part of my public bookmarks on AO3.

In the Dark by @reserve

This mostly pwp gets at Ren’s deep insecurities in a way that brings the kylux trust to an unexpected level of intimacy. This was one of the first fics I read and really said, “Oh, yes. Now this is the pairing I can get behind.” 

Aware of His Own Halo by @badspacebabies

Hot Mess Hux is such a refreshing role reversal. This fulfills all of my: ‘So what would Hux do without the First Order?’ needs. I could read a good 100K more in this universe.  Also the sex is incredibly hot.

fever to tell by @irisparry (elements of dub-con)

There’s nothing nice or easy about their dynamic in this one. Ren’s impulsive need to possess Hux, his restless pursuit of Hux’s memories, his mind, leaves them both on the messy edge of consent. Neither of them really knows what they’re doing– and that makes it all the more compelling.  

Tinder and Flint by @that-vicious-vixen

I’m such a sucker for a well-written Emperor Hux AUs. This one, one of the originals, is so so satisfying. The tension between Hux and Ren is so lovely here.

Our Fragile Co-commandership by @ilyn

As someone who enjoys writing dialogue, I love the banter in this. The way Hux and Ren play off of each other makes me smile all the way through. They are so well matched and at ease in each other’s presence, which is hard to balance while creating believable characterizations. This nails it.

Wracklines by @badspacebabies

Post-Starkiller kylux. I love the vulnerability in both of them as they’re left confused and bare with only each other to lean on in the wake of Starkiller, even when Snoke is demanding they separate. Hux’s reluctant acceptance in caring what happens to Ren is so emotionally compelling. I’ve read this series a few times– and it’s one of those gorgeous pieces of prose where I can discover something new I like each time.

Children Wake Up series by @hollyhark

This is a long read that is so so satisfying if you’re into alternate universe fics that branch off from canon. There’s so much to love about this one, but something I think doesn’t get mentioned enough is the interpretation of Snoke and his deeply disturbing, psychological influence over Ren. After reading this, I was disappointed by Snoke’s treatment in TLJ because he’s so much more dimensional and downright scary in this fic. His presence is felt everywhere throughout this series, and has greatly influenced how I see him in my own personal headcanon.

Somewhere in the Half-Light  by @hollyhark

This mostly-PWP fic set within canon hits so many of my kinks. Orgasm delay, praise kink, rushed half-clothed sex. Urgency. Love it. 

Gold and Stone Series by @hollyhark (WIP)

This plot is so very engaging! I love the characterizations of the Knights of Ren here and how the Force bond works between Ren and Hux. The differing Hux and Ren POVs contribute so much mystery to the plot. I try not to read WIPs because I can’t take it when I read something I know will be left unfinished (even in my own writing), but I couldn’t resist with this one. I can’t wait to read more!

Hunger by @eralkfang @badspacebabies  @reserve

The dynamic between Hux and Ren is so interesting here. I love the slow-build toward intimacy that I can’t really describe without using the word sensual, and the narrative prose is just spot on. I’ve read lots of things by all three of these authors, so to see all three write something together is just– yes.

I don’t Want Love series by @saltandrockets

I’m honestly not one for kid-fic or mpreg, but the way this plot is structured and the believability of the characterizations, it just makes sense here. It’s not all fluff and roses, and I think that’s what I appreciate most about this.

Savages by @kdazrael

The Hux character study!!! This makes him so multidimensional I can’t help but keep it in the back of my mind as part of my own personal headcanon. The core worlds society + Hux’s backstory is so dynamic and interesting here. 

Resuscitate by sailaway

Classic Kylux with heavy D/s themes. I love how different this is from my initial interpretation of how kylux might work within the SW universe. This is my Classic Kylux reference. 

Flyboys  by @gefionne

I’m always reluctant to read things just because other people say I should– but THIS. This one, though. The WWII British Royal Air Force AU that deserves all the fandom hype it receives for how good it is. The world building and emotional slow build is so so satisfying. I’m still reading through this and loving every minute!

Fanart Recs

Young Jedi Killer  by @littleststarfighter

face off by @littleststarfighter

Ties-Kylux by @schaloime

Bruised and naked Hux by @generaldeepthroat

Death by @night-cf

It’s the one thing you had to do by @andiiwalker

bruised Kylo Ren from Hux’s perspective by @fancymaul

3:47 am by @themightynyunyi

General Hux: daily life on the finalizer  by @milisk

Paper isn’t Useless… by @convallarias-art

shower kiss by @rollynn

Ren behind Hux by @first-disorder

The Supreme Leader is dead… by @merriru

‘It’s not his blood he’s wearing.’ by @littleststarfighter

Kylux Anthology Piece by @queenstardust

(I’ve taken some liberties with titles simply for my own reference… I hope none of the artists mind.)

Tumblr recs: quality blogs I regularly enjoy & reblog

@chillanddrinkcoffee @mademoisellebianx @kyluxempire @kinkshamekylux @sleemo @huxblush @dagturn @ondolindiel @hex-n-hart @textsfromfirstorder

@kyluxhardkinks @softkyluxkinks @kyluxcantina 

My own humble fic offerings would not exist without any of the lovely creative geniuses mentioned above. So above all else, THANK YOU. Without knowing very many of you personally (*waves nervously* “hi!”), whether you’re still involved in kylux or not, you guys have no idea how much fannish joy you’ve brought to my life over the last four months! 

Anyone else who’s reading this, please remember creators thrive on feedback in whatever form, so go and give them some love!

If you want me to remove you from this list for whatever reason, or if I’ve f-ed up any of the links, just let me know. I’ll probably do another of these in the coming months as I tirelessly consume more content.    

anonymous asked:

Would you please rec us some fics that will totally wreck people? like ugly crying after reading them? Thanks!

  • Take the Dive by @jinxedambitions, 62K words, E, No archive warnings.
    Hux is the top diver in the world coming back for his third Olympic Games. However, this time he’s bringing more baggage than just his equipment.  His former partner, Ben Solo, is also competing with his new partner, and Hux’s greatest rival, Poe Dameron. Hux needs to prove he’s still the best in the world, but more than that he wants to prove to himself that he can move past Ben. However, Ben seems dead set on reminding him about the past at every turn.
  • all that you love will be carried away by @ceruleancynic, 125K+ Words, Series, WIP, T, Creator chose not to warn.
    Hux, sent to retrieve Kylo Ren from the dying Starkiller Base, has lost almost everything, and has little patience or tolerance left for anyone or anything–particularly not Snoke’s pet pseudo-Sith and his amateur theatrics. But you do the job that is in front of you, to the best of your ability, and you hold on as long as you can.
  • Stars Hung With String by @armisticehux, 24K+ words, WIP, E, No archive warnings.
    Kylo stared across the packed room at the man who so effortlessly walked out of his life five years prior. They might have been stuck at the same wedding for a weekend, but that didn’t require interaction. He had no reason to feel anything but bitterness and resentment towards him. And yet.
  • shadowplay by @irisparry, 2K words, E, No archive warnings.
    “Why are you still here?” Hux asked, as if it wasn’t obvious. He tensed in Ren’s grip, just enough to make him push back, and his weight felt good. “Don’t you have mystical things to do?” He punctuated the mystical with a squeeze of his thighs around Ren’s. “Somewhere else?”“I’ll be away at least a month,” Ren said. “Maybe I’ll miss you.”
  • Aware of His Own Halo by @badspacebabies, 33K words, E, No archive warnings.
    What are you doing here,” he says, finally. It almost makes him sober, the petulant effort of forcing it out between the grit of his teeth.  “Heard there was some garbage that needed carting off,” says Ren. Placid like the compressed, glassy center of a dark and dying star.  “Right,” says Hux, flicking open the clasp on the holster of his blaster. “That’s it. You can definitely fucking leave.”
  • Don’t you forget about me by @ellstra, 9K words, M, Major character death.
    “The first time was a lot different.”  “Tell me about it,” Ren pleads, “how did it happen?” It’s an odd feeling, telling your lover how you got together. Hux takes a few moments to arrange his thoughts before answering.
  • Grievous Injury by @vadianna, 8K words, E, No archive warnings.
    When Starkiller Base collapsed, Ren and Hux didn’t make it out in one piece, Ren moreso than Hux.  But because of his important work with the Force, Snoke demands that drastic measures be taken to preserve Ren’s life.  Ren tries to reconcile himself to the changes.
Here’s another fic rec because why the hell not

I posted my first fic rec exactly six months ago, so why not celebrate with another of these? They’re in no particular order (or rather, in the order I read them in, which is very unimportant), please check the ratings and warnings on each of them.

Hey baby, can you bleed like me? by @kyluxtrashpit, 11.5k, E;
Kylo is no stranger to being a fuck up, but he never expected to fuck up killing himself. Trapped in a mental health ward with the full belief that there’s nothing they can do for him, he finds unexpected solace in his asshole roommate. 
Heed the warnings if you get triggered by such topics but oh dear lord, it’s so therapeutic and calming to me? There’s a quite complex, vivid backstory to it and I love it.

Observations on Treachery, In Which The Charge Against Maj. Armitage Hux is Fully Refuted, Written by Himself. by @irisparry, 5.5k, M;
The charge against me is a connection with one Luke Skywalker, for the purposes of delivering classified First Order intelligence. My real crime is an amorous connection with his apprentice, for a considerable time while our true identities were concealed.

Major Armitage Hux writes his way out of hell.
Hux’s hilarious proclamation that he wasn’t guilty of selling information to the enemy, because he was busy having sex with Ben. The language alone is wonderful, and Hux’s is so spot on convinced of his own brilliance, it’s hilarious.

I tell you miserable things after you are asleep by @huxes, 7.5k, T;
Hux and Ben are falling apart.
Modern AU. They hurt each other so much and yet they keep getting back together, and it’s all fucking beautiful. And sad. Not to be read when you’re feeling down.

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