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오늘 인스타그램 라이브로 캐럿을 실시간으로 만날 수 있어서 너무 좋았어요. 우리 또 만나요!
It was such a great time talking to Carat live like that! Stay tuned for our Instagram Live again!
#SEVENTEEN #SVT #SayTheName#YokohamaArena #Kpop #JapanTour #세븐틴 #요코하마아레나

It was so nice being able to meet CARATs in real-time today through Instagram Live. Let’s meet again!
It was such a great time talking to Carat live like that! Stay tuned for our Instagram Live again!
#SEVENTEEN #SVT #SayTheName#YokohamaArena #Kpop #JapanTour #Seventeen #YokohamaArena

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anonymous asked:

So . . . In 12x12, Dean calls Cas "devastatingly" handsome. But Idk if anyone noticed, the shot only shows Dean's expression. When I saw a clip of it on my feed before watching the show, I was psyched to see Sam or even Mary's reaction to that. But unfortunately, there isn't. Even Wally's reaction is missed. Idk why they do that??🤔

Actually, thanks, everyone’s been so quick to gif the entire episode I’ve been sitting here feeling slow on the uptake, so having something to gif has amused me a lot :P

There are reactions! I love it :P 

When the camera swings around behind Mary’s head and conceals Dean from view, we can see Sam and Wally at the edges of the conversation. Wally straight-faces through it with just a glance from Cas to Dean after he says handsome:

This is the most perfect reaction gif for someone watching total Destiel nonsense going down and just drinking their drink and minding their own business because what the fuck you guys

(This is my favoured pretend reaction to most Destiel stuff like, wow, you assholes, I can’t believe I have to sit at the same table as you leave me to drink my coffee in peace)

Wally honestly doesn’t even seem to have much reaction except for like, glancing back and forth between them with a sort of “okay this is happening and I have no idea what it is” expression… 

Sam though… Sam.

Have you ever seen a man’s soul leave his body?

He turns his eyes down and shakes his head after Dean’s said all the “devastatingly handsome” stuff and starts talking on Cas’s behalf about wondering when Mandy gets off. Maybe he’s been the victim of Dean trying to hook him up a few too many times… Maybe he just feels sorry for Cas because he can see Cas’s ??? about it from a mile off, maybe he’s just realised that Dean really is going to insist Cas hook up with Mandy despite the ridiculous jealousy and posturing Dean went through and this is involving poor Mandy in the middle of something she shouldn’t be dragged into… Maybe he just knows how bad Dean’s pick up lines are and wants her to be spared, especially as this is on Cas’s behalf, not Dean’s :P 

Anyway he appears to have been holding steady a “concerned eyebrows, side-eye at Dean” expression during “devastatingly handsome” which we catch him in just before he gives up the ghost. 

p-aurisan  asked:

I noticed your art on my dash a lot of times, and yes, I had to follow you for it. If its okay, can I ask for Tweek saying "Hello", like in the Kenny animation you made?

Well, that didn’t work… You can do it Tweek! Let’s try again!

That’s better!

This ask is over a year old, I am so sorry @p-aurisan​! You’re the best! ♥