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 Hii! I just hit 8,000 followers, which is absolutely crazy. I have met so many great people that have seriously shaped me for the better. I could never be more thankful for all you lil pea pods (: I decided to do a follow forever, in thanks for all my mutuals & followers that have somehow put up with me for a whole year and five months. 

{ excuse the poor edit idek what’s going on up there; just felt that all my favorite people should be represented on his fab fab occasion }

bolded are favorites

mutuals- (in no order)

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thank ya for being a part of my blog!(: (sorry, this was a bit lengthy)


Well guys, it’s come to that time of the year, were I decide to make my follow forever. I don’t like making them as I feel that I want to follow everyboyd forver regardless if they are one this list or not. But I always like to show people the great blogs which I follow and blogs which they should think about following.

Also the year is coming to a close, and wow, i have only been in this fandom for around 9-10 months but it has been brilliant. I have met so many great people and have made so many friends, which i hope will continue.

So the list will show who I will follow forever and of course there will be blogs in bold, these bolded blogs are people who I have become particularly close with, and are basically my great mutuals! I really hope I don’t leave anybody out! And if you feel like I did, just give me a message cause I would hate to do so!


ahsgifs// americanhorrorstorycaps // americanhorrorstoryismylife // addictedahs // ahs-delrey // american-hohohorror-story // avenge-misty // anotherlonelythinker // avengegloriamott // betteanddots-cherrypie // betteanddot // betteandott // canadian-horror-story // cordelia–foxx // desiree-duprees-festive-titty-d // damnyoupauly // darlingfreakshow drthredsonskinnedme // elsamarsbar // eeveenicks // elsamarsbar// fionagoddess // f-yeah-americanhorrorstory // fuckyeahjessicalange // festive-gloria-mott // findmeinthemurderhouse // fionagoodeinthehoode // fullmoonsweetnight // fuckingjessicalange // fuckyeahlilyrabe


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Steal Your Girl

Requested Imagine for ayyee-its-kyliee

You sat in your room confused. The guys just told you that Nash liked you but when you confronted him about it he said no. You were bummed because you really liked Nash and you hoped that he felt the same way too. You sighed and laid on your bed, thinking about him when you heard a knock at your door. “Come in.” You said sitting up. “Hey,” cam said with the rest of the guys following behind. “Nash told us that you asked him about his feelings towards you. He said no because he thinks we set that up to make fun of him.” “Yeah, but we promise he likes you.” Jack J chimed in. “How do you know?” You asked them. “We figured out because he is ALWAYS getting jealous when your around another guy, sometimes even when your around us.” Matt said. “Oh.” You sighed. How would you know for sure though? “That gives me an idea!” Cam shouted. “What?” Everyone said turning to him. “Why don’t you date one of us? If he doesn’t get jealous then he doesn’t care. But if he does then it will show that he likes you.” He said. “Thats great! Would you pretend to go on the date with me Cam?” You asked. “It would be my honor.” He said winking and everyone burst out laughing. The next day Cameron was getting ready and Nash asked him where he was going. “On a date with Y/N.” He said casually. “Oh.” Was all Nash said. Of course just as the guys suspected, Nash followed Cam to the diner where you two would have your “date.” Of course you looked as stunning as always! “Hello beautiful.” Cam said to you and gave you a kiss on the cheek. You giggled and your eyes shifted slowly to look at Nash. He was already clenching his fists, fighting the urge to not punch Cameron. Of course Cam kept being flirty and his usual sexy self all night, tickling you, making you laugh, being romantic, and even feeding you. Still nothing happened. During the dinner, you looked around the place and couldn’t find Nash or the guys anywhere. You were left with Cameron. Of course he was one of the sweetest guys you have ever met, but he wasn’t what you wanted. You wanted Nash. As you two you were leaving the diner, you kind of lost hope in him until you felt a warm gentle hand grasp your shoulder. You turned around with hopeful eyes and surprised you saw Nash. “Hey, Y/N.” He said with a smile that could light up a whole city. You smiled widely. “Hey Nash.” “Soo I was thinking after this HORRIBLE date with Cam, how about you come with me and we could watch a movie??”
“Will it be at your place?” You asked happily. “I was hoping it could be.” He replied. “Hhmm i dont know.” You said smiling. “Why don’t you at least come over to his place though. There’s something we need to show you.” Jack said. You gave them a questioning look but Nash just picked you up and they all raced back to his house. ( not far from diner) Once you reached his house he put you down and held your hand. “This is for you.” He said nervously and unlocked the door. You stepped in and you were immediately in awe. The living room was decorated with heart shaped balloons and there were a bunch of snacks laying on the coffee table across the couch. Near the tv lay some of your favorite movies and there was also a small chocolate cake with strawberries. You walked up to it and it said “I love you Kylie”. You were so happy you turned around and jumped on Nash giving him a big hug as he lifted you off the ground. “I’m glad you like it.” He said. “We helped too!” All the boys shouted in unison. You smiled and thanked them, then Nash kicked them out. “Soo Y/F/N Y/L/N, will you finally go on this date with me?” He asked pleadingly. You gave him a soft kiss on the lips and he already knew the answer. Your date was fillies with laughs, tickle fights, and lots of cuddling. You couldn’t ask for a better first date.

Alright its up! I hope this is kind of what you wanted haha. I wasn’t exactly sure how you wanted it to go but I tried!!😁


Merry Early Christmas! I’d like to apologize for being quite inactive these past few weeks. I want to thank the tumblr community for always being so nice, caring and sometimes annoying. I hope you all have an amazing day! I have been actively using this blog for about 4 months now and tumblr has been nothing but fun. 

These are some blogs I consider my friends, tumblr buddies and/or people who i’m absolutely in love with their blogs. I always enjoy reading everyones answered questions, text posts and photos etc. Thanks for being amazing, I hope you enjoy your holidays and have a wonderful 2015.