I really like Jessy Schram as Christine and I think it’s great development that she’s actually wise to all that’s going on. I feel like she’s playing everyone at this stage because there was nothing delicate or weak about her once she met Kylie. I also liked Kylie although I’m one of the few that actually likes the character and Autumn Reeser in the role. I’m glad her and Christine are working together now because it feels like all of the storylines are starting to weave together.

Hello, people who don’t watch Last Resort. This is Kylie Sinclair.

She’s a sexy weapons designer who likes sex. In fact, she’s introduced celebrating some weaponry with sexxxxxx. As befits a weapons designer and non-virgin, she’s also 90% amoral (the other ten percent is revenge-driven morality).

This is Christine Kendall.

She’s a suburban housewife married to a boy scout submarine driver (no word on her feelings about sex). When her submarine-driving boy toy gets involved in a mutiny/nuclear terrorism incident over an illegal order to make a missile strike on Pakistan, the government sends Jay Hernandez to seduce her so as to turn her against her husband. Luckily, she sees through that because, honestly, it’s the plot of the last twelve Harlequin romance novels she read.

Together, they fight crime! Or bug Jay Hernandez’s car, discredit government cover-ups by using Christine’s newfound celebrity as a traitor-wife, and hug sometimes.

Not seeing Jean Gray and Emma Frost in there? Well, last episode, things went full-bore Phoenix Queen. Emma Kylie discovers that Jay Hernandez was divorced and hasn’t seen his son in two years, so now he’s fallen in love with Christine fo’ realzor. This dialogue exchange happens.

Kylie: Jay Hernandez is in LURVE with you, GROSS, let’s use that against him! You can totally seduce him!

Christine: I am not seducing someone who hasn’t seen his son in two years!

Kylie: Prude! C'mon, it’ll be fun XD XD XD

Christine: How did you get to be such a bitch?

Kylie: It’s one of the side effects of the Awesome pills I take.

Then later on, they have a conversation about how much their new friendship means to them. NO, REALLY.

Kylie: Look, I see most women as competition to be crushed and driven before me as I hear the lamentation of their boyfriends, but you’re… alright… I guess…

Christine: I like you too.

Kylie: Whew! Social situation navigated!

Christine: BFFs don’t say whew! BFFs hug! *glomp*

Kylie: What… kind of sex is this?

Okay, they didn’t really say that, but I bet they would’ve if it hadn’t been on ABC. And in case you were worried Christine’s distant husband would get in the way of their romance, he happens to be macking on a cute French lady-scientist over on the abandoned set of Lost (but he was drugged and thought she was his wife; this show sounds a little silly when I try to describe it).

Anyway, I’m sure we’ll have many years to enjoy their sisterly bond–or the show has already been canceled and we have five episodes before we never see them again. So get on this, people! They are adorable!