Restalyne vs juvaderm!?

So , I jumped on the craze… Blame Kylie Jenner, and please do excuse the ridiculous swelling (I am aware I resemble a duck right now) and have sunk into a deep hole in my house, avoiding everyone at all costs.

So far I’m happy with the result, I previously had 1 ml restalyne about 8 months ago and did not notice much difference , I don’t know whether it’s because I had high expectations of the results but honestly there wasn’t a lot, and it is costly! Despite that I decided to go through with the procedure again this time upping the amount I had injected.

It has been two days since I had the injections, which were quite painful , since this time I had no numbing treatment before hand…just plain old ice! Ouch! But for those wanting this done I would say it was quite possibly a 6/10 in regards to pain, however I have quite a high pain threshold , must be all my practice with tattoos and piercings…ops. So anyways, this time I had 2 ml, Infact I’ve only had 1.5 at the moment as the lady who done it didn’t want it too be too dramatic and wanted the swelling to go down before injecting the last 0.5ml, which is due to go in Monday (if they are still this big I’ll be running in the other direction)

Now I can’t honestly say what the result is right now because the swelling is crazy, but it happens, and it is totally normal , even if you poked empty injections in your lips you’d still swell up like a duck due to the sensitivity and amount of veins in this area.

So watch this space….

quack xo🐥