It’s interesting how Kylie Jenner’s ruler of the 10th (reputation ) is in the 8th (transformation), and how her drastic change in appearance is what she’s known for. Her Libra MC shows that she wants to be well liked and be known for her beauty, style, and relationships. With mars tightly conjunct the MC she puts a lot of energy and effort into maintaining her persona. (Maybe since Mars is connected to surgery in medical astrology, that can also show how her surgeries have made a huge impact on her reputation…? Idk just a thought). Mars also rules her 4th which shows that her family life was made public. She has her moon in the 10th which shows an emotional need for public recognition. Despite all that, her 8th house sun suggest she hides her true self and with Neptune in the first a lot ppl may project who they think she is on to her.