Instagram Ballerina of the Week: Week 2
Gigi Crouch, 17 years old. 

She’s the absolute definition of perfection. She dancers with ease and flexibility, but also hits positions and controls her body. She has some beautiful shots of herself on her instagram ( @/scolerina9247 ) and is active, updating on her upcoming roles and opportunities, as she attends the Pacific Northwest Ballet’s Professional Division. 

On the outside, she seems to have a dancer’s dream body; beautiful long and arched feet, lean and toned legs with hyperextended knees for beautiful lines, elegant movements produced by her slim arms. However, Gigi became restricted in her dancing ability at the age of thirteen, when she was diagnosed with scoliosis. 

(It makes you need to stretch your back out just looking at it!)

This means that her back is not align, and she has 3 major curves in her back. This of course could have ended her dancing journey at the age of 13, but Gigi challenged herself to overcome her spinal abnormality, determined to continue and further her dance career. 

Just walking with scoliosis seems like it would be the most painful thing, so dancing or participating in any physically demanding sport or activity seems completely unbearable! I know that I certainly wouldn’t be able to stand it. Gigi listened to her doctor and wore the ever so flattering brace that would essentially assist the restoring of a straighter spinal cord.

Anyone with any knowledge about the spinal cord or the central nervous system would know that it takes an incredible amount of time for the spinal cord to restore itself after any damage, so gently easing Gigi’s back into a straight line has been a surely long, painful and challenging road for her. However, she has overcome these factors, and is now becoming an amazing, mature dancer. 

She has become an ambassador for Label Dancewear, ( ) which have released a beautiful line of elegant, classy and fresh leotards to perfect lines. The Label Dancewear site features many pictures of Gigi, and needless to say they are simply stunning!

(via the Label Dancewear instagram page; @/label.dancewear )
Photography Credit to Lindsay Thomas ( @/lindsaythomasphoto )

Gigi was also discovered by Kylie Jenner, and mentioned on her instagram page ( @/kyliejenner ) 3 weeks ago, and was commended on her will to persist and to raise awareness for scoliosis globally. Kylie also mentioned the website that connects girls suffering fro scoliosis and lets them share their stories and hea others’.

(via Kylie’s instagram page ( @/kyliejenner )

Gigi has some amazing photos and videos of herself dancing and twirling around on her instagram page, and really deserves admiration for her persistence. Not only does she have to face the problems of a regular dancer (the draining hours, the blisters on your feet, aching calves, that one bobby pin stabbing into your skull, etc.) but she has faced and challenged a serious medical issue as well. So why shouldn’t she be admired for her work. (video of Gigi casually perfectly executing SIX CONSECUTIVE PIROUETTES! )

( via Gigi’s instagram page; @/scolerina9247 and photography credit to Lindsay Thomas Photography - instagram; @/lindsaythomasphoto )

You can also view some exquisite shots of Gigi on Lindsay Thomas’ instagram ( @/lindsaythomasphoto ) or her website , via the “Dancers” hyperlink in her portfolio. 

( via Lindsay Thomas’ portfolio. )


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