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This interview made my whole life

ABC Family Cancels ‘Twisted’


Not surprising and totally deserved after that shitty 1B. It’s a shame cause this show started off strongly and the premise was intriguing but Chuck Pratt & the other showrunners ruined it.

So… at least no more #PoorJo or any of the other 123121349043 Jo-centric hashtags the show featured. 

I Can't...

Everyone is in love with Jo and Jo made out with her brother.

Charlie is in love with Jo…awkard.

Danny is in love with Jo…that’s why he called her his sister.

Lacey is in love with Jo…and she don’t even know it.

Sarita is in love with Jo..left town because of it.

Archie is in love with Jo…he poisoned Cole for it.

Scott is in love with Jo…*silently waiting in the background*

Phoebe is Love with Jo..that’s why she moved to Chicago.

Tyler is in Love with Jo..his enigma. 

Rico is in love with Jo…he’ll drop Andie in a heartbeat.

Andie is in Love with Jo…Jo backed out of the Race for her.

The Ghost of Judy and Clara past is in Love with Jo..that’s why they left town making Lacey an orphan.

Green Grove is in Love with Jo..shit why not she’s the one.

The writers are in love with Jo…it’s always been Jo.

But guess what…

The fandom is NOT in love with Jo..Jo is not the one.

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The trailer for Tut. Airing on Spike starting July 19th.

It’s a Dacey reunion with Avan Jogia and Kylie Bunbury. They still have amazing chemistry (you know how sometimes actors who are hot as one pairing fizzle as another? Not so here!).