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Sleeping Beauty; Kylie Jenner Smut

Days at work felt as if all they ever did was drag on and on, but that was partially due to the fact that I was so antsy to get home to my beautiful girlfriend, Kylie. We’d been dating around six months and already moved in together. Things moved quite fast between us, but I most certainly didn’t mind. I was already head over heels and she felt the same. We were attached at the hip practically, except for when I was working. Although she’d told me time after time I could pursue a career in acting or modeling, I still wanted to keep my job. Today had started off so well, from Kylie giving me morning head to wake me up, that I couldn’t wait to get home to her.

My drive home was a good twenty minutes, but twenty minutes too long if you’d ask me. Finally pulling into our driveway, I got out of the car faster than I usually do and made my way into the house. Luckily, I hadn’t called out Kylie’s name since I saw right away that she was fast asleep on the couch. The model looked blissfully adorable as she was lounged on the couch in her cropped sweatshirt and underwear, but at the same time incredibly irresistible. As I gazed at my beautiful girlfriend, an idea popped into my mind. Putting my stuff down, I tip toed over to the couch where I carefully moved between her legs and was positioned right in front of her core. With a smirk, I let two fingers carefully rub over her clit through her underwear. As I did that, my girlfriend began to stir in her sleep. Her eyes fluttered the slightest, but she remained asleep through my gentle touches.

Sitting up on my knees, I delicately tugged her panties down her legs and discarded them off to the side. As I bent back down to her core, I noticed she was already wet and a grin turned up at the corners of my mouth. Someone was getting herself off before she took her nap. Leaning in, I let my tongue take a slow swipe along her slit, just enough to start waking her up. My eyes remained gazing at her perfect figure when I took her clit into my mouth and began sucking lightly.  With that, I noticed my girlfriend start to stir more until her eyes fluttered open to look downcast on me. I couldn’t help the smirk that tugged at either end of my mouth when I noticed her initially sleepy eyes darken with lust. “Did I wake you, princess?” I mumbled. As Kylie nodded, I noticed a flash of dominance rush over her as her hands rushed to rake through my hair and then push my head back down against her pussy. “Don’t you dare stop eating me out until I’m cumming.” She demanded and I did exactly as she said.

Harshly, I began sucking at her clit, feeling her body contort below me while moans were belted out. Moving my hand up, I gripped at her thighs before letting her index and middle finger drag to her center. My two fingers began pumping in and out of her. My eyes didn’t look away from her face as I curled my fingers inside of her just to see the way her jaw went ajar when louder groans filled the room. My entire focus was on my girlfriend below me and making her feel better than ever. Kylie’s hips arched upwards as I took her clit between my teeth and let my fingers pump in and out of her at a faster speed. I watched as her lower lip was tugged between her teeth to conceal a moan, jerking her hips up against my touch. The speed of my fingers pumping and curling inside of her increased and I felt as her body tense up below me. Her release was approaching and I wanted it to be incredible for her. My tongue lapsed over her clit over and over and I slid another finger into her, attempting to further her along. Before I knew it, her head fell back against the couch and a sling of curse words were leaving her lips.

Almost immediately after her climax, Kylie yanked me up by my hair to her level and looked me straight in the eyes before our lips collided with one another’s. “I’m gonna fuck you so good.” She muttered before her teeth sunk into my bottom lip, tugging at it before releasing. Taking me up to the bedroom, she shoved me down onto the bed. “On your hands and knees, slut.” She commanded, and I obeyed immediately. I loved when Kylie got dominant like this. She came up beside me and pressed her lips to mine. “Don’t even think of looking back, either.” She said before walking away, leaving me dripping and staring at the wall. Lust was growing within me. I was aching to see what she had in store for me as I sat hands and knees on the bed, ass up in the air. 

Caught off guard in the middle of my thoughts, I felt a strike come down against my ass and a loud gasp escaped through my lips. Little did I know, behind me, my girlfriend was putting on a strap on. That was followed by the shift as Kylie kneeled behind me. I had been expecting her to eat me out, but what I got was even better. The feeling of the tip of a dildo grazed along my dripping wet slit, teasing over my clit. I couldn’t help the moan that fell past my lips. “You like the feeling of this cock on you, babygirl?” To which, I nodded my head and that earned me a spank. “Use your fucking words.” She demanded. “I love it, mommy.” I whined, attempting to jerk my hips backwards. “Such an eager slut.” She muttered and continued to tease the cock against my cunt. “Beg for it.” 

“Please, fuck me.” I began, almost sounding exasperated. “I ate you out so well. Make your girl feel as good as you did.” I was trying to tempt her and it worked as I felt the hard cock slide into me, followed by the sound of my moan once again. Soon enough, she picked up and a rhythm and was just about pounding into me at a fast and steady pace. Her hands reached down to grip at my hips, scratching gently at them. My moans echoed throughout the room as she thrusted her hips to slide in and out of me until my core clenched around the length and I reached my climax. “Fuck.” I gasped as I dropped down onto the bed, catching my breath.

I had a few moments of just hearing my own breathing until I felt the shift in the bed again, then a vibrating sound. “We aren’t even close to done.” My girlfriend whispered in a seductive tone.


sorry this took so long, babes! busy times, but i’m back and hope you enjoyed this. let me know if i should make a part two??

Before we get to the end of the season (because we’re sooooo clooooose - Kylie, can we watch later?), I want to talk about the Double Blind Job.

So, girl’s sister dies because of medical supplement she’s in the testing group for, girl is trying to get the drug company to take responsibility.  Girl is chased by thugs and literally runs into Hardison and Eliot.  Team helps take down the head of the company.  Parker is jealous that girl and Hardison get along well.

Kylie looked at me very early on in the episode - Parker had just pulled a “do we know anything about her?  She could be a spy!  Or a terrorist!” at Hardison - and said “You know, I hope she does turn out to be a terrorist.”

And the thing is, I completely get why she said it.  It is a pretty common trope to have in any show with a kinda-sorta-not quite there relationship.  The (usually) guy gets friendly with another girl and the (generally) first girl gets all angry and jealous.  Typically, if she’s ever called on it she completely denies it, and nothing changes in the relationship.  The guy in question never notices that there’s a problem, the new friend (and it’s never really anything more than friendship) doesn’t notice anything, and the girl never has to actually admit that “wait!  I like him!  We should totally be dating!” so that the status quo god can just keep getting bad one-note will they won’t they for another few seasons.

So let’s talk about the Double Blind Job!

First of all, it doesn’t play out as obnoxious because it’s Parker.  Parker spent her childhood in and out of foster homes, on the streets, and on the run.  She was picking pockets and stealing cars when she was TWELVE and running a getaway car before that.  Parker is, by word of god, on the Autism Spectrum and probably never got anything to help with all of the understanding people problems that go with it (likely more about that when we get to that episode that shows a flashback to her with a therapist).  Parker doesn’t understand emotions, relationships, or how interpersonal interactions work.  Parker always worked alone before.  Parker never really had friends before the team and Peggy (and Peggy is Alice’s friend, so it’s not the same).

It makes total sense that Parker doesn’t understand how she feels about Hardison.  When Sophie calls her on it at the end and tells her she’s jealous when Hardison spends time with other women, Parker laughs.  And while this is a standard for this trope, with Parker it’s GENUINE.  She seriously doesn’t understand that she’s jealous and that she likes him.  She is really amused until Sophie pushes the idea and makes her realize what she’s actually feeling and what it means.

And then!  Now here’s the REALLY important bit.  She IMMEDIATELY TELLS HARDISON.  Rather than just moving back into the status quo, Parker tells Hardison as soon as she realizes.  Granted, she gets scared halfway through and instead of telling him she has feelings for him, she says she has feelings for pretzels.  But the point is that she said something about the issue and things move forward from there.  The jealousy and the reason for it get acknowledged and she tries to admit it to the other person involved.

And Hardison.  Oh, baby, you’re the best.  You can just see his expression fall into wonder as she starts talking.  And then he’s so disappointed when she says “pretzels.”  He realizes she isn’t ready yet, and he’s so sad.  But he’s still the best because what does he do?  He acknowledges her feelings and keeps in line with what she said.  Pretzels are there whenever she’s ready for them.  He leaves the next step up to her but lets her know that he reciprocates her feelings.  All without being aggressive.

And the relationship builds from there.  There is no status quo to go back to.  There is no Hardison quietly pining for an oblivious Parker after this.  The relationship has CHANGED and changed for good.  Most of the time this trope is played for cheap, stupid laughs.  But Leverage took it and used it for dynamic, important plot progression and I want everyone who ever wants to use this trope again to have to watch and analyze this episode and why it actually WORKS here.




Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift. CAN WE NOT.

Those two names don’t even fit in the same sentence.

1. Because one is a classically trained and brilliantly intelligent and amazingly talented actor and the other is a former teen country star turned pop star.

2. Don’t wanna be rash, but Tom has major class. Say it out loud, that rhymed. Anyways, not saying Taylor doesn’t have class, it’s just a different kind of class.

3. Ah HELLO? A DIFFERENT DACADE PERHAPS? There are YEARSSSS between them, okay yeah…people are gonna say “oh hey, what about Demi and Ashton? Or Amber and Johnny or Sean and Charlize? …hmm recognize a pattern anybody?

4. the famous, SQUAD GOALS. Alright…anybody, just putting feelers out, can anybody actually see Tom hanging with Kendall and Kylie and Lorde? Yeah well hey Tom, guess what…you’ve now landed a famous girl’s dream sorority. Whereas…ah excuse me but Tom’s going to bring her home and say what when his parents ask of her education? "Oh yeah, she’s been touring the world, she’s also a great actor with all of those consistent "surprised faces” every awards show, mum dad, you should really get to know her, she’s a feminist and isn’t superficial what so ever"….alright enough of that anyways


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Bye and sorry if I offended anyone (swifties or hiddlestoners) :)))

Transitioning Video

As I get closer to completing my 1 Year HRT video it becomes more and more emotional to me.  Not because I’m sad about the life I once had, or thinking about how I lived all those years knowing who I was but not accepting it for 20 years, it’s seeing how far I have come in the year since I began HRT.  To see the light in my eyes that had been gone for so long is truly remarkable and when you can see it through a series of photos it just hits you, or at least it did for me.  I literally have spent the last 15 minutes crying my eyes out.  

I’m just so thankful that I have been able to be on hormones and transition.  To finally live my life authentically and experience all of the great things that have happened since then.  I can’t wait for the years to come and I’m so excited to share the video with you all.  

As always thanks for reading and hope all of you are well. 

Kylie Rose <3

Kylie 👏🏾 Jenner 👏🏾 ain’t 👏🏾 shit

I’m so tired of her ugly fake white ass getting praise for doing shit that I’m made fun of.

The worst part is you know damn well Kylie literally was scrolling through Black Instagram contemplating what she was going steal next. She’s a joke.