kylie sparks


Hey friends, here is my brand-spanking new acting reel. I went back and forth about whether I should put it up on my youtube channel because it feels a little out of place there, but the truth is that I’m pretty darn proud of it, and I got permission from all the productions on here that haven’t released yet to share it as I wish. 

Major thanks to seanpersaud for editing it. Hire him for all your reel or non-reel editing needs.

Including scenes from The Sound and The Shadow, I Ship It, Squaresville, The Middle, Review, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, Hello My Name is Frank, and Bridge and Tunnel.

Hope you enjoy.

I think I would enjoy being an alcoholic! Very much so. A drinker and a libertine. Never in a relationship, but always in love. At church, they’d call me a whore. But I would fancy myself a spirited individual of grand appetites featuring roast duck, red wine, and well-shaped men.
—  Cara-Ethyl

Sparks in the water ✨🌊✨