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what’s happening to Kylie Jenner isn’t fucking okay. Since she’s turned 18, she’s had to undergo a ridiculous amount of pressure from the media. She’s been offered millions of dollars from porn companies and been publicly sexually harassed and yet no one has an issue with it. Only a few days after she turned 18, she was offered 10 million dollars to release a sex tape, offering that kind of money is a lot of pressure for an 18 year old, especially when it’s assumed that she’ll submit. The media is portraying womanhood as purely sexual, as soon as a girl is 18, her body belongs to anyone who has enough money. A lot of the feedback has been structured around the fact that Her sister (Kim), had a sex tape, meaning she obviously wants to do the same. The idea that she’ll only be valid and famous if she sexualizes herself is so toxic. It doesn’t matter what she decides to do in the end, but taking advantage of young girls is never okay, no matter who they are.