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David Tennant laughing with various cast & crew members on the set of Doctor Who

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Part Seven of Twin Peaks was amazing though. After a few meandering episodes.

-After all the Dougie silliness, we finally get a real glimpse of the old Dale.

-Naomi Watts continues to be great as the most low-key borderline psychotic suburban housewife ever. 

-The Fire Walk With Me references were cool. 

-Diane was amazing. Yes, Diane existed all along. And, no, she does not exactly have happy memories of “Dale” after he returned from Twin Peaks. The exchange between her and Bob was superb. 

-Cole quietly understanding what had happened “that night”, but trying to be sweet to her.  “You and I will have a talk sometime.”

*Me watching the guy sweeping the floor for about 130 seconds* “This is useless and far too post-modern…but maybe that’s the point.”


Some of the black actresses suggested by tumblr for Iris West, following the announcement of the upcoming Flash movie in 2018. We hope that Candice Patton’s portrayal of Iris on the show will influence casting for the movie and allow black actresses to be able to audition for Iris.


Keke Palmer
Imani Hakim
Paige Hurd
Kylie Bunbury
Kiersey Clemons
Samantha Logan
Danielle Brooks
Adelayo Adedayo
Kat Graham 


“MS. BEAN I SAID LETS HI IT!” *high pitched voice*

Can’t stop laughing, her high pitch voice is hilarious. 

I just love it