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It was a big night for LGBTQ awareness at this year’s ARIA Awards

Troye Sivan dedicated his first ARIA win for Song Of The Year to “every LGBTQ kid in Australia”. 

Sivan, renowned for his efforts to represent LGBTQ relationships in his music videos, used the stage to instil hope in the country’s LGBTQ youth.

Sia, who took home Best Female Artist of the Year, nominated Australian Marriage Equality Campaign Ambassador Angie Greene to accept the award on her behalf. 

“This award is for every single non-hetero and gender diverse person who can currently not marry the person that they love in this country,” Greene said.

Greene also urged Australia to take a step in the right direction, “You have the opportunity now to not just do a great thing but to do the right thing”.

After Greene accepted the award, the campaign’s founder, Joshua Sasse and fiancé Kylie Minogue took to the stage, also wearing Say I Do Down Under shirts.

“This is more than just a movement, this is people’s lives and we want to say to every single member of the LGBT community: ‘You are not alone. You have a voice’,” the British actor told the crowd.


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