kylie cosplays


Official image of my Ghost Town Girl “Off With Her Head” Cosplay for Katsucon 2016 I loved doing this cosplay and I have 8 youtube videos showing how I put together my whole outfit! My channel is Kylie The Jellyfish

bloodyskullsbeautifulflowers  asked:

Question, have you ever thought of a cosplay you could do in the middle of the day (like a random thought of: oh I could do so and so) and then hyper focus on it? Like a simple one you could complete within a few days or a week? Strange question I know but slightly curious..

Yeah, occasionally. Often times I think of a cosplay like that, but never actually get the chance to put it together, but other times I’ll throw one of those together as a last minute Sunday outfit for an upcoming con. My episode one outfit Kylie cosplay and my Stevonnie cosplays were like that.