kylie banner

So yesterday I hit an incredible milestone that I never even dreamed of reaching when I first joined Tumblr (and I’m now a significant chunk of the way to my next hundred which is totally insane) and a lot that has to do with you guys, the incredible blogs I follow.

Thank you to the ever lovely Kylie for the banner, you’re the greatest and I love you lots.  

Italics are my personal favorites.  This is going to be a long list because I follow so many incredible people.

The Greatest Person You Will Ever Meet: biotictrash, my best friend, my ever-fabulous roommate, my platonic life partner.  I can’t imagine the last year and a half without you and I love you more than words could ever express.

The Lights of My Life: Kara, Bridget, Rachel, Emma, Kylie, Catherine, and Ally

My Incredible Mutuals (I Will Go to the Ends of the Earth For You):

asexualymonty, arkstationb-llarke, belamlyblake, belamygrifin, bell-arkes, bellamlyblake, bellamyblakeish, bellamyblakesarmy, bellarkemorelikebaellarke, bellarkesbellamy, bellarkeymia, bellarmyblake, bobmorleyisking, castielscrusade, clarkescurves, clarkeslight, commanderoctaviia, commmanderblake, cvtedean

daredehvil, deanisproudsammy, dr-griffin, fallenfromtheark, goldenheadfreckledheart, griifinclarke, grnderprincessoctavia, grounderbell, hedaokteivias, helexa, heroicclarkehistorybuffbell, hooksandheroics, jentys, johhmurphy, johnmurfhy, jollyrogerjayhawk, kay-emm-gee, klngbellamyblake, knightbellamy, knightbellamyy, kyngbellamy

les-fleurs-bleues, motnymiller, murqhy, mvrphyy, mvvrphyslaw, nathanmilers, noahfoshaw, obellamyblake, octaevias, okteviasblake, puppycisco, queenclrk, queensclarke, raven-wick, reblking, royaltyoftheskysassymurph, sethgeco, skaikruwarrior, skydelinquents, strongblake

theyoungestzerogmechanic, umbrellamy, wakethegrievers, wicksraven, wrenchmonkeyraven

Blogs I Admire (Stalk) From Afar:

annakendirck, bellamyblakesrifle, bellarkeparadise, blakexsiblings, bootyliciousblake, braveknightbellamy, cadetblake, clarkesrebel, fckboymurphy, fieryoctavia, fireandblcod, hedaslexa, historianbellamy, holybellamy, johnmurfucked, kingsbellamy

lindseymorqan, m-rphy, matthewmrdck, mctthewmurdock, murhpystorturedsoul, nathenmilleroktevia, punkgriffin, queenclexa, rebellarke, reyesgriffin, ringmybellamy, sassymurphy, underbellamy, yawnmurphy, youreallysoldit

+ blogroll because I follow so many more incredible blogs who didn’t make it onto this list