“Brown Sugar”, “Dirty Peach”, & “Love Bite” Kylie Lip Kits by MAC

** Kylie Jenner recently announced the release of 3 stunning new shades which she will be launching Friday at 12 p.m. PST. Although summer is coming to an end and fall is almost here, the star has decided to release 3 shades that tie the two vibrant seasons together! **

BROWN SUGAR | LIP KIT  §29.00 - Add to Cart [x] [x]

DIRTY PEACH | LIP KIT     §29.00 - Add to Cart [x] [x]

LOVE BITE | LIP KIT          §29.00 - Add to Cart [x] [x]

** Each lip kit comes with its own thumbnail depicting the “Kylie Lip Kit” Box labeled with its name.**

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