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Kylie Ryder

Here is my first EVER commission, and it was for the lovely, the beautiful, the amazing @havvk-e !! Thank you so much for helping me with this whole idea, commissions were never something I thought I was good enough for but hey ho here we are haha!

I hope you like her darling, she was a pleasure to draw! I had so much fun! <33

*insert commissions information post here*


Hailey Baldwin opened up to ET on Wednesday night about Justin Bieber.


Here is a compilation of some of the people I have in mind for Cinder. Cinder is described as 16, Asian/Caucasian(?) mixed race, tan from walking outside all the time, brown eyes, straight/fine hair, messy ponytail, 5′8″, slender, few curves, almost boyish figure, dresses utilitarian style (and also cyborg).

The list starts at the top left corner, going right.



(more from my Pinterest board)

  1. Arden Cho (have seen in an edit or two)
  2. Kelly Gale (also have seen in a couple of edits)
  3. Kaitlyn Leeb
  4. Natalia Munoz


Here is an updated fan cast post @quxxnselene :D

Stop scrolling for a second

Just a little reminder that you are amazing
You are beautiful
You are a miracle
You are going to do great things
I mean you already exist
You won the fight to exist
Keep fighting to exist
I love you
Remember to breathe
Take your meds if you need to
Get some food and water
And then you can keep scrolling