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NSFW alphabet: Kylian Mbappe.

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A = AFTERCARE - It’s not a secret that you’re Kylian number one priority so right after the sinful act he’s not even waiting to catch his breath, his eyes are full of concern for you and he knows how extremely sensitive you are after reaching your orgasm so first, he takes you in his arms trying to help you get off of your high murmuring soothing things to your ear (probably how good and brave you were) he will definitely kiss you everywhere he can, if he see any red mark he left doing you he will kiss the hell out of them and he will definitely clean you up with a wet cloth from his juices covering your body. 

B = BODYPART - Kylian’s favorite part of your body would be definitely your ass. He would always give it the most attention doing sex, always remembering to eat you out from behind or to just lean you on over his knee and give you few spanks because you are definitely a fan of that. Your ass would bear a few marks from him only for him to see through when he has to leave the country due to his football career he will leave you something to remember him. On the side note if you’re out with your friends or just walking around the city he can’t keep his hands to himself, either way, you’re sitting on his lap or his hands are protectively resting inside your back pocets of your jeans giving you few squeezes here and there. 

C = CUM - I feel like cum for Kylian is like a thing to mark his territory with. He would love to cum everywhere on you it doesn’t matter, he loves to see it on your body though, dripping down from your breast, chin or stomach. or leaking out from your worn out pussy or ass. It was definitely a sight for his eyes seeing you wear his cum over your body he’s always mesmerized at the sight of you not even once forgetting to tell you how good you look at that moment. 

D = DIRTY SECRET - At first, when Kylian and you started dating you were taking it quite slow,  sex only happened like three weeks into the relationship and that was what broke the spell, you could do it everywhere… Friends house? Check. Your / His parent’s house? Yep. The changing rooms after or before the start of his game? fuck yeah. Inside his car in the parking lot? Name it and you two definitely done that. 

E = EXPERIENCE - You both weren’t actually angels, but it had some perks right into your relationship both of you definitely bring something new into your sex life thinking about bondage or toys two fo you were eager to check out. 

F = FAVOURITE POSITIONS -  Well, Kylian’s like to be dominant and fuck you against the wall or on the kitchen counter, when he can have his time with you he loves to do missionary when he can see how good he can make you feel, while you’re watching him with your eyes half closed and lips opened in a silent scream, his hands would always be tangled with yours right after your head. It’s his favorite thing to do is to watch how you fall apart under him and he’s definitely the one who can make you feel like this. 

G = GOOFY - Kylian has two faces, sometimes he likes to take his time with you kissing and tracing his fingers all over your skin making you laugh at the tingling sensations he loves to lay on top of you or jump on top of you when he’s really needy for sex and shower your body with kisses and soft bites, you would definitely laugh at him. Sometimes Kylian is so eager to do you there’s no time for fun, he’s just ripping your clothes off as quickly as he can to get to you, he would still be very gentle but not paying it as much attention as he used to normally. 

H = HAIR - Both of you are perfectly groomed and you like it that way when there’s nothing to distract you from your favorite activities. 

I = INTIMACY - Both of you don’t feel like sharing your bed life stories is a good idea so you always keep it for yourself. Kylian always is a man of his word so while you’re away and both of you feel “needy” he will make sure that the room he’s staying at is safe before going into action via face time. 

J = JACK OFF - As I mentioned earlier Kylian’s job does not allow the two of you to satisfy one another, he has a whole new folder on his phone with pictures you send him for times like this, he love’s to take his time watching them from the beginning to an end softly stroking his cock in his one hand when his brain is overflowing with the thoughts of you doing it for him.  There was also a lot of phone sex involved (simply he would face time you while jerking his cock whispering in need how much he really needs you right now) 

K = KINK - Kylian LOVES to tie you up, sometimes it’s just to your bed headboard while he’s going down on you, sometimes it’s just your wrist right behind your back when he’s pounding in your ass. You never know with this boy but you’re definitely into stuff like this. He owns an impressive collection of silk ties that looks amazing when you wear them around your body. Let’s just say it’s his favorite view in the world. 

L = LOCATION - I did mention this already there’s no place in the world the two fo you wouldn’t have sex in. Starting off the classic: like under the shower or on the floor in the living room even in the backyard which is kinda exciting because the paparazzi could catch the two of you. Moving on to the clubs where his hand would always wander a little too far which means he’s ready for you. There was also a time the two fo you did it inside the shop changing rooms while you just simply tried to fit on a new set of lingerie. You have never been able to keep a straight face or hold back a moan while his hands are doing wonders to your body, with his thumb going places reaching your aching core slowly circling your clit you were definitely ready to give him everything he didn’t even have to ask for. 

M = MOTIVATION - Anything! It doesn’t matter how you look at what you’re doing at the moment he want’s you. Kylian is ready to please you in any moment of the day but there’s always sometimes where some things made him more motivated than usual, I’m talking about a moment he sees you wearing his club jersey it doesn’t matter while you’re home dressed in nothing more than it rolling out from bed on early morning hours or you’re visiting him at one of his games this boy wants you right now. Let’s talk about the moment you’re going out of the shower, with only a towel wrapped around your body, he will not wait for any second longer as soon as his eyes track you, he’s pulling you up in his arms possessively tugging you close to his chest before you throw you on the bed already getting rid of his shirt. 

N = NO - The second you don’t want it, he doesn’t want it too, the case is closed and long forgotten already, he respects your decision and always listen to everything you have to say. Ready to make you feel good in one hundred other ways not including the sex. 

O = ORAL - It’s not just about your pleasure, Kylian loves when you give him head, it counts like a daily activity for the both of you because mostly you want him to feel good and you use it mainly to de-stress him. You would start by softly kissing the base, your tongue licking and moisturizing the skin around the shaft ready to take him all in second later not forgetting about his balls and your fingers giving them extra attention because your boy deserves it. 
Let’s not forget about the times when he is giving you oral, most often you would wake up to the tingling sensation between your legs, it was his way to wake you up in the morning and you definitely loved it, his eyes would be on you the moment you pull at the sheets covering the two of you, he would take your hands with his larger ones plotting your fingers together while your hip rise and fall with every lap of his tongue against your wet core. You’re living for the noises his mouth makes against your juicy pussy as he slurps all the essence from you.

P = PACE - It really depends, I can name three types of intercourse in this relationship there is making love, slow and sensual happens only when the two of you miss each other really bad and Kylian gets home after a long wait, you also used it at the beginning of your relationship taking things slow. There is also a lust and longing one when its just quite fast and steady usually lasts from thirty minutes to two hours of just straight fuck. And the last one is rOuGh fuck this one happens after a lost game when he’s just really mad and wrathful at everything at home he would push you against the nearest wall and fuck you at unimaginable peace trying to work the anger out. And you loved it when he uses you, your neighbors know it too. 

Q = QUICKIE - Due to both of your busy schedules, there’s not really a time for sensual interactions, so as soon as he visits you at work or at your campus you drag him to the nearest empty room or into your bedroom hall it really depends on time and needs, he knows how to time the way before he has to leave again and boi he did spends it very well trying to make you cum in ten minutes. 

R = ROLEPLAY - Nothing more than just calling him “daddy”  for personal reasons both of you hates roleplay it’s just not for you. (I’m talking about playing scenes) 

S = STAMINA - This boi can go for hours and hours always making sure to beat the last count of orgasms he made you cum, maybe because of the fact that he’s a sportsman he’s practiced and resistant to fatigue he can go for many hours and you loves it. 

T = TOY - You have a large collection of sex toys hidden inside your closet, of course, Kylian knows about it sometimes he’s the one who buys you a new “equipment” for you to not feel alone and not satisfied. Sometimes you use some of them on him while tying him up to your bed you use cock rings on him or flashlight to check how fast he can cum. He has his personal favorites mostly the ones he bought you himself eager to use them on you to get this relationship on a whole new level. 

U = UNFAIR - Let me tell you something Kylian Mbappe is a gentleman and a man of his word he will always trie and give you both an equal pleasure he never leaves you out because his needs are more important than yours. But sometimes he will take more time than usual just to tease you a little bit. like kissing the insides of your thighs and blow on your cunt before actually going down on you and you would squirm under him from the most amazing sensation ready and eager for more. He would still give you more pleasure than usual when he’s teasing you. 

V = VOLUME - You are loud as fuck! You would not hide your love from him by bitting your lips or covering your mouth with your hand and your boy loves it, he’s always encouraging you to be more musical. Sometimes Kylian has to cover your mouth with your or his hand while you’re doing it in other places than home or just to simply ask her to bite into his shoulder while she’s reaching her orgasm it works every time. 

W = WILD CARD - Kylian get’s jealous and he can get triggered very easily, he would attack you sexually of course just to show you that he’s the one who can make you feel good, he would purposely leave some marks over your body (especially in places where people can see them) just to show them that you have a boyfriend who can take great care of you. 

X = X-RAY -  I feel like Kylian is average ?? It doesn’t really matter because this boy has long fingers and he definitely knows how to use them.

Y = YEARNING - It was definitely there, the two of you can’t practically live without one another so you just happened to be spending the night at Kylian’s apartment he’s already out of the bed in the morning hours ready to start his day while you’re sitting on his bed, tangled in the bedsheets you’re watching him while he’s trying to dress up. A smirk is covering your features as you reach for a single pillow which rested calmly on the white mattress without hesitation you would throw it at his back making him look back at you. You would pout at him making grabby hands into his direction and he knows what he has to do then. 
The morning is canceled for both of you. 

Z = Z z z - He will not fell asleep until he knows that you’re fine, he would definitely want to cuddle with you for a little longer though, pressing your naked body against his while you simply fall asleep since his fingertips are sliding upon your skin, he would watch you for a little longer until he’s not sleepy enough to join you. 

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Ya girl is back 


Joking around with your boyfriend Kylian and his teammates

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“Why do we have to go with you again?” Kylian pouted, absentmindedly stroking your hand.

“Number one, you don’t know how to drive and number two, we can’t leave you kids without supervision.” Olivier grinned mischievously from the driver’s seat in front of you and Kylian. “Who knows what would happen.”

“Why aren’t you taking your wife instead?” You chimed in and Kylian chuckled at your words.

“Grizi is my new wife now.” Olivier shrugged, patting Antoine on the shoulder, he was riding shotgun and in charge of music on the way to a team dinner. “Seriously, she isn’t ready yet so her and Anto’s girl will arrive together.”

“I would never leave without you like that. I’d rather wait until you’re done and looking all stunning.” Kylian whispered, intertwining your fingers with his. You leaned in quickly to kiss him on the cheek before Antoine turned around to look at you two.

“You were saying?”

“My girlfriend is gorgeous.” Kylian smirked at his teammate, making you blush “That’s all.”

“Why are they going with us again?” Antoine groaned as Olivier started searching for a place to park the car.

“Oh come on, like you’ve never been young and in love!”

“Are you saying I’m not young anymore?” Anto gasped dramatically, making you and Kylian burst into laughter. The second Olivier stopped the car, you jumped out. “Thanks for driving us!”

“No, I was supposed to open the door for you, baby.” Kylian whined as he caught up with you and wrapped an arm around your waist. “You are so cute.” You smiled at your boyfriend who leaned closer and placed a soft kiss on your lips.

“We can still see you!” Griezmann screamed from the car. “Drinks are forbidden, just so you know!”

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Kylian Mbappe - Jealousy

Requests: 3 separate requests for an angry Kylian and after waiting a little bit, you got your wish.

girl can we get angry kylian? 👀

angry kylian after he got that red card i need this imagine sis

if u can mix angry and jealous kylian omg after the game where he got a redcard

words: 2714

let me know what you think xx

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When you saw Kylian keep on challenging the referee and pointing his finger at him, you sighed and pinched the bridge of your nose. You had fought just before the game, about something so stupid but it had put him in a foul mood. There was this guy you used to be good friends with, who had started texting you again recently. Kylian insisted that he was interested in you and you denied it, of course. Then, he had the nerve to ask you to not answer the guy back and you had exploded in anger, yelling at him that he couldn’t tell you what to do. That, in turn, had set him off as well and here you two were, still angry with each other but supposed to be focused on the football game that was going on. Kylian was normally quite good at turning anger into motivation but with him already challenging the ref this early in the game, you knew it wouldn’t have a good ending for him.

 "Stop it, Kylian.“ You muttered, watching as Kylian was still arguing with the referee. Neymar knew as well as you did that he needed to stop before he got sent off, which you knew would put Kylian in an even worse mood, so you were grateful when Neymar jogged over to calm Kylian down. You made a mental note to remember to thank him when the game was over.

 He kept relatively quiet throughout the rest of the match, which you knew had been because of whatever Neymar had said to Kylian. It wasn’t until stoppage time that he lashed out again. Kylian got tackled to the ground and you knew he’d have to ice his bruises after the game in order to avoid swelling. It didn’t look pretty, but you were relieved that he wasn’t severely injured. But the moment you saw him scramble back up and go over to the player that fouled him, you jumped up and gripped the railing in front of you. Kylian pushed the player to the ground and you groaned out loud in dismay, cursing silently at how much of an idiot he was being. You knew he’d get red for this, which meant he’d be in a foul mood until someone managed to calm him down. Normally, that would be you, but seeing as how you two were fighting before the game, you weren’t sure if he wanted to be in your presence right now.

 Still, you couldn’t quite manage to keep sitting where you were as you saw Kylian walk of the pitch, shaking his head in disappointment and anger. You wanted to see for yourself if he was okay, even if he’d tell you to go away straight afterwards. That’s why you decided to pay a quick visit to the PSG changing room, which should be empty for at least fifteen more minute as you knew that the boys would be thanking the traveling fans after the game. Making your way down to where you would be allowed entrance to the players’ changing rooms, you flashed the badge that Kylian had gotten you and after that, it didn’t take you very long to locate the room where the PSG boys were supposed to be changing their clothes - well, one of the security guys had to help you but still.

 "Kylian?” You opened the door, sticking your head through the small gap to see where exactly he was. You didn’t see anything, but you heard one of the showers running, before abruptly being cut off. Moving into the dressing room, you heard some shuffling from the shower area as your boyfriend appeared in the doorway with a towel around his waist. You had to refrain from biting your lip at the sight, knowing that now wasn’t the time and that he was still pissed off at you just by the look on his face.

 "What are you doing here?! I thought you’d be long gone by now.“ Kylian said, moving forwards towards his seat to pick up something to wear. You glanced down towards the ground a bit guiltily, not having considered he might have taken the words you said earlier seriously. Earlier, you had threatened to leave immediately unless he stopped being so goddamn jealous over nothing. Of course, that didn’t go over very well, and it had ended with you storming off quite angrily.

"I wanted to check on you, see if you were okay.”

 "Check on me?“ Kylian asked, loosening the towel around his waist so that it dropped to the ground and pulling on a pair of clean boxers and a fresh pair of sweatpants. He didn’t care that you were in the room with him whilst he was changing, because you were used to the sight of him being naked whenever he slept over at your place.

 "You know, it’s funny,” Kylian chuckled, rummaging through his bag and not looking up at you, and you knew that he didn’t actually think there was anything funny about the situation. He was just getting himself riled up again and you resisted the urge to sigh, knowing it would set him off.

 "Considering the fact that this,“ Kylian gestured towards something but he really meant the whole mess with the red card, "is all your fault. If you hadn’t gotten me all riled up before the game, I wouldn’t have been sent off!” Kylian yelled, this time turning to face you as he talked, unconsciously taking a few steps forward and pointing towards you.

 "What? Me?!“ You gaped in disbelief, not quite understanding how he was blaming you for the mess he got himself into, "I’m not responsible for your actions. Be a man and own up to your mistakes. You didn’t have to push that player to the ground, it was your own stupid choice to do that. Now suffer the fucking consequences!”

 "You know, you’ve got a lot of nerve, coming in here like that. If that’s all you’ve got to say, you can leave again.“ Kylian chuckled bitterly, shaking his head in disappointment at you. You scoffed in disbelief, tempted to take your things and leave the dressing room to wait for him to calm down because it was hard talking to him when he was being like this. You refrained from doing so, however, because you didn’t know what it would do to your relationship. This was one of the nastiest rows you two had had up to date. There had been a few disagreements, some of them also because Kylian got jealous when he shouldn’t have. But all things considered, the amount of arguments you’ve had were relatively low. You’d been dating for a year so one would think there would have been a few more fights, but you and Kylian both weren’t really the type of people who liked to fight.

 "I’m not leaving, Kylian.”

 "Why? You were quite fine with walking away before the game, I’m sure it won’t be hard for you to do it again.“ Kylian replied and now you realised what this fight was really about. He was hurt that you were able to walk away so easily before the game. Immediately, your anger faded a little bit. How could he think that it would be easy to walk away from him? You had just needed to cool down for a bit and think about what had been said during your fight.

 "Oh, would you stop it! I didn’t leave, I’m still here, aren’t I?” You said a bit exasperated, taking a step forward whilst reaching for his hand but he shook you off, very clearly not wanting you to touch at the moment. “My god, what’s gotten into you? You are unbelievable! I’m the only one who bothered to come to this game! I didn’t have to! I could have just stayed at home like everyone else but no, I just had to come here and support you. I don’t even know why I bothered, if this is the thanks I get.” You gestured to him, again getting ticked off at his stubbornness.

 "Well, I wouldn’t have gotten angry in the first place if you hadn’t just blatantly refused to even consider stopping to talk to this guy. You’ve not spoken to him in years so why the fuck would this be such a huge thing for me to ask? You’re a fucking hypocrite, you know that?“

 Whilst Kylian was talking, the door behind him opened a little and you saw someone peek in, probably to see what all the yelling was about. You recognised the person to be Thiago, and behind him stood the figure of Neymar. When they saw that the two of you were arguing, their eyes widened, and Thiago mouthed ‘sorry’, softly shutting the door again. You felt a bit guilty about making them wait out there, but you knew it was better for you and Kylian to get this out of your system before he got confronted about his red card by his trainer.

 "Why the fuck do you keep bringing this guy up?! And what, me a hypocrite? Oh do tell, why the fuck am I a hypocrite?” You demanded incredulously, pointing at yourself and clenching your other hand into a fist in anger.

 "I stopped talking to that girl for you when we first started dating. You didn’t even have to ask me, so I thought it was fair of me to assume you would do the same for me. Guess I thought wrong.“ Kylian answered, turning back to his bag and pulling out a shirt rather violently and you were surprised it didn’t rip. You rolled your eyes at him, secretly glad he didn’t see it because it would only fuel the fire.

 "Okay, that was different and you know it. You only knew her for a few months, I used to go to school with this boy for years.”

 "Doesn’t matter, he’s clearly interested in you!“ Your boyfriend insisted stubbornly, and you had to stop the urge to just give in and give him what he wanted. It would get you nowhere because then he’d think that the next time a guy started talking to you, he could do the same thing as he did now. He had to accept that you could talk to other people and that not everyone was talking to you because they were interested in you in a romantic way.

 "No, he’s not! Why can’t you just trust me?” You said, exasperated and now pleading a little bit with him to just drop it. You were getting tired of the arguing because you saw that this was going nowhere.

 "I do trust you! I just know you’re a catch and I know how some guys are, they’re not to be trusted. Which includes this guy. He was complimenting your body and stuff. Doesn’t take a genius to figure it out that he’s into you!“ Kylian yanked on his shirt, struggling a bit with the sleeves and even in the serious situation you were currently in, you had to refrain from laughing at the ridiculous sight of a grown man struggling to get his shirt on properly.

 "Oh, for fuck’s sake, Kylian, he’s gay!” You yelled back at him

 "Oh…" Kylian stopped what he was doing and raised his hand to rub his neck a bit sheepishly.

 "Yeah, oh,“ You said, crossing your arms for a second before changing your mind and taking a step forward, "You know what, I’m just going to go. I’ll see you at home, hopefully in a much better mood.” You said, picking up your handbag, which you had abandoned on the floor during your fight, and moving towards the door. Your flight back to Paris would leave in a few hours anyway and you still had to get back to your hotel to pick up your luggage.

 "Wait, babe. I’m sorry.“ He grabbed your hand to stop you when you walked by him and you, albeit a bit reluctantly, let him pull you into his arms. "Why didn’t you tell me this sooner? I would have backed off immediately.” You sighed and shook your head, dropping your bag back on the floor and putting your hands on his chest, fiddling a little with the collar of his shirt.

 "Kylian, you shouldn’t need to know something like that to back off. You should know that I would never, ever cheat on you and that ain’t no other man is going to be able to take me away from you. Now, I don’t know if it’s because you don’t trust me,“ You put your hand over his mouth when you saw him opening it to say something to you, "or if it’s some insecurity thing you have going on, but you need to promise me you’re going to work on the whole jealousy thing. This relationship isn’t going to last if you blow up every time I talk to a guy.”

 He nodded in defeat and tried to say something, but your hand was still in the way. You took removed it, pecking him on the lips in silent apology and also to shut him up because you wanted to say something else.

 "Now, I’ve got an apology to make as well. Sorry I made you think that I was leaving just before the match. I promise I saw every bit of it and you made me proud. You know I’d never leave you like that.“ You said, pressing your lips against his once more when you saw that he was about to speak again. He smiled against your lips and indulged you for a moment, before carefully and softly pushing you away for a little bit.

 "Sorry about all the things I said. I didn’t mean any of it. I know this red card is my own stupid fault and you’re right about the whole jealousy thing as well, of course. I-,” Kylian was once again interrupted by your lips and you felt him laugh against your mouth.

 "I know I’m right. I’m always right.“ You murmured, pecking him a few times and moving to wrap your arms around his neck.

 "Okay, now don’t exaggerate.” He whispered back, gently squeezing your waist before drawing you in closer for another kiss. Things got a bit more heated this time, with one of his hands coming to cradle the back of your neck and his other arm wrapping around your waist, pressing you up against him. You moved your lips against his, moaning a little bit when you felt his tongue softly poke against your bottom lip. You opened your mouth, allowing him access and allowing him to thoroughly kiss you. You moaned again when Kylian moved the hand on your back gently downwards to rest on your bum, giving it a squeeze when he reached his target. You gasped when he bit your bottom lip softly and-

 You were forced to break apart when there was a knock on the door. Leaning away from Kylian, you looked over his shoulder towards the door, which was again slightly ajar, this time Presnel’s head appearing in the gap.

 "Can we come in yet?“

 You laughed out loud, having completely forgotten about the fact that there was a whole team of men outside of the changing room, waiting impatiently for you two to finish arguing so they could shower and get dressed.

 "Yeah, you guys can come in now. Sorry for making you wait.” You said, removing your arms from around Kylian’s neck and backing up a few steps, putting a respectable distance between the two of you. You knew they’d be teasing Kylian about this in the weeks to come, especially because it was Presnel that caught the two of you kissing. There was no way he’d drop the subject any time soon.

 "Everything all right here?“ Neymar slung his arm around your shoulders when he entered the room, looking between you and Kylian carefully for any signs that things hadn’t ended well for the both of you. When he didn’t find anything, he looked at you inquiringly, but you just looked over at Kylian with a soft smile and replied, "Yeah, everything’s all right.”

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Jealousy - Kylian Mbappe

 It’s a grubby little restaurant, but the spaghetti is delicious and the three of you have squeezed yourselves around one of the small, round tables near the street, the warm Parisian air still alive this late into the evening, the table cluttered with finished plates and empty wine glasses. You lean over the mess and squeeze a tattooed hand, meeting his sad hazel eyes as they glance up from his phone to meet yours, a soft smile covering his lips.

“You OK, Ney?”

 “Yeah,” he says and you smile at him. 

“Do you want dessert?”

“I do,” says Kylian from the other side of you, and you elbow him as Neymar snorts a laugh. “Let’s get the chocolate fudge cake with the cream.”

“Not for you, you’re not heartbroken,” you say to the younger boy, turning your attention back to your other friend. Kylian lets out a unrighteous gasp, shaking his head and taking a sip of his water.

He dumped her!”

“You’re both idiots,” you say as the two boys share a glance and burst into not-so-innocent giggles, a waiter coming to collect your plates as they try to quieten themselves.

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be mine kylian mbappe


Word count: 1 902 words
Featuring: Kylian Mbappe & Y/N (guest starring Presnel Kimpembe, Marco Verratti, Neymar & Bruna Marquezine)
Synopsis: Kylian attendings a wedding with Y/N and when they’re not dealing with annoying friends, it’s annoying exes.

Kylian kills the car’s engine and turns in his seat to face you. “And we’re here,” he announces with a chuckle.

“I can’t believe you talked me into this.” You turn in your seat to Kylian and notice that his bowtie is a little crooked. “Let me fix that for you.” Reaching across to him, you adjust the tie so that it’s sitting perfectly straight. “There, now it looks perfect.”

Kylian extends his neck to look up at the rearview mirror, a pompous smirk playing on his lips as he thanks you. He exits the cars and rounds the front over to your side to open the door for you. “My lady,” he says politely with a funny accent and extends his hand out to you.

“Why thank you my good, sir,” you play along, accepting his hand. “Ever the gentlemen.”

You giggle when he takes a small bow. Three months ago, Kylian asked you to accompany him to the wedding of his teammate and good friend, Layvin Kurzawa. When he had initially asked you to attend the wedding with him, you were on the fence, but eventually came around.

What bad was going to come out of attending a wedding with your best friend? Nothing! Besides, who didn’t like an excuse to glam up every now and again? Early this morning, a team of stylists—courtesy of Kylian—came over to your house to help get your hair and makeup done for the wedding. The dress, bought for you by Kylian at his insistence, is designer and currently the most expensive thing you own.

And being here, right now in this parking lot, the idea of attending a wedding doesn’t seem so daunting anymore.

“Kylian, we’re late.”

“What makes you say that?”

“Look around you, the parking lot’s too quiet.”

Kylian checks the time on his wrist watch, his eyes doubling from shock. “Shit, we are late. Come on.”

Taking your hand, Kylian starts leading you towards the area of the venue where the wedding ceremony will be taking place.

“Doesn’t look like we’re that late,” Kylian says, noting the clusters of formally dressed people stood around the garden grounds. “I told you not to panic.”

“You didn’t tell me anything,” you quip, nudging the side of your body into his. “And besides, I want a good seat.”

“I didn’t know you—”


Kylian curses under his breath beside you. “Looks like my friends have spotted me,” he says dryly.

“Try to sound more excited.”

When you both turn around, Presnel and Marco are approaching you, playfully jostling and laughing with each other.

“Mon bébé!” Presnel says affectionately when he reaches Kylian, pulling him in for an embrace. “What’s up? I didn’t know you cleaned up so good, my friend. I like it.”

Kylian laughs shyly.

“Hey, Y/N,” Marco greets you, pulling you in for a tight hug. “Thanks for getting him here on time.”

“Don’t sweat it.”

Of all the PSG boys, you’re closest to Marco. You make light conversation with the boys, allowing the time to pass. After a while of mindless chatter, Presnel confuses everyone when he says, “I think it’s time to address the elephant in the room.”

Everyone turns to face Presnel. “What elephant?”

His eyes go back and forth between you and Kylian, a mischievous smile on his lips. “I see you’ve finally decided to go public with your relationship.”

The air leaves you in a rush. Public? Relationship? You’re quick to deny the claims, the heat creeping into your cheeks. “We’re only here as friends. Tell him, Kylian.”

“Where are your claims stemming from?” Kylian backs you.

“Oh come on! You guys don’t have to play dumb with us. Your secret’s safe with us.” Marco turns to face you, saying, “Y/N, lying doesn’t become you. Don’t let Kylian scare you into not wanting to say what everyone already knows.”

You can’t help but laugh at their absurdity and nosiness. “Have you always been this nosey?”

Presnel’s grin widens. “That’s not a ‘no’.”

“Ignore them, Y/N.”

Marco and Presnel are busting a gut, laughing at the two of you. “Man, you should see the looks on your faces.”

“You guys are idiots. Y/N and I are friends and you know it.” There’s a hint of defensiveness in Kylian’s tone and you don’t know what to make of it. Of course, he’s only telling the truth, you are only friends even though sometimes, you wish it could be more.

It takes the boys a solid minute to calm back down but Presnel’s still snickering.

“I hate you guys so much right now…”

“We’re only teasing,” Marco lightly slaps Kylian on the arm. Being the youngest and quiet one on the team makes Kylian easier to pick on. “We do it out of love.”

You watch Kylian’s frown dissolve into a smile then a laugh. “Seriously though, you guys are idiots.”

“We deserve that.” Presnel pulls his sleeve up to take a look at his wrist watch. “We should go find our seats.”

“You guys go ahead,” Kylian tells them. “I need to tell, Y/N something.”

Oh la la!

Kylian rolls his eyes at his friends then turns his body to yours. “Please ignore my friends, they don’t mean to come across as… crazy.”

“I kinda like them. They keep you on your toes.”

“I’m glad my friend troubles amuse you.”

Hooking your arm with Kylian’s, you start leading him in the direction you watch Marco and Presnel go in. In all honesty, you don’t want to stand and listen to Kylian call you his friend again. “It’s what older siblings do, you know that, right?”


“Are you ladies still having a good time?”

You and Bruna turn to Neymar who’s taken a seat on the chair next to his girlfriend’s. It’s now hours later during the reception. “We were until you came.”

Neymar places his hand over his heart, feigning hurt. “Ouch…”

Bruna giggles, throwing her arms around her boyfriend and pressing a kiss to the side of his face. “I’m only joking.”

They’re sickeningly cute, making you wish you had a boyfriend of your own…

“Shouldn’t you girls be on the dancefloor?”

“Shouldn’t you” —Bruna presses her index finger to Neymar’s chest— “be with the guys doing whatever guys do at weddings?”

“I was just checking up on you.” Neymar takes a sip of the drink you didn’t notice he was holding. “I was also checking on Y/N for Kylian.”

You roll your eyes, well aware of what’s coming next…

“About you and Kylian,” Neymar starts but you cut him off.

“We’re friends.”

“Does Kylian know that?”

You arch an eyebrow. What question is that? “Yes.”

“How sure are you of that?” Neymar turns his head and you follow it to Kylian who’s standing a short distance from you in a group with Julian and Lassana. When Kylian’s catches you looking at him, he shoots you his best smile and a wink. “The boys like a lovesick puppy,” Neymar continues.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” you do your best to keep the emotion from your voice.

“He hasn’t stopped looking at you all night.”

“Neymar’s right,” Bruna chimes in.

God, what is up with everybody today? “I’m going to need more champagne to deal with you two.”

You excuse yourself from the lovebirds, going in the opposite direction towards the bar. You’re in your head, thinking of how to avoid people’s questions about you and Kylian when someone hooks their arm around you and forcibly pulls you into them.

You attempt to fight out of the person’s grip but they’re much stronger than you are. “Don’t cause a scene, babygirl.”

You freeze at the sound of your ex-boyfriend’s voice. “Let go of me or I’ll scream,” you warn chillingly.

He releases you like you’re on fire. “Woah, calm down now, Princess.”

“And don’t call me, Princess,” you bite out, taking a step away from him you straighten your dress. “And don’t ever fucking touch me. What are you doing here anyway?”

“I know the bride. I saw you with that Mbappé.” He takes a step towards you and reaches out his hand but you slap it away. “I see you’ve taken your relationship to the next step. I always suspected he had a thing for you.”

“Mind your business.”

He tries to hold you again but you’re aware this time and are quick to avoid his hold.

“Touch me again and I’ll kick you in the balls.”

“Y/N, I—”

“I won’t think twice about it so don’t test me,” you cut him off, sounding fierce to drive the message home. “Steer clear of me. Got it?”

He’s opening his mouth to say something but his time’s up, there’s nothing he can say that’ll make you change your feelings for him. You walk away from him, never looking back. A sense of calmness watches over you when you see Kylian walking your way and you walk right into him. At first his shocked, standing still with his hands at his sides but it quickly registers that he should hold you.

“Why do you look like you’re about to kill someone?”

“Because I just might,” you huff. Lifting your head from Kylian’s chest, you ask him, “Ever heard of a murder at a wedding?”

Kylian chuckles. “What have they done to you?”

“I’ll tell you later.” You dispel the last lingering thoughts of your ex from your head. “Distract me?”

Kylian’s accent from earlier returns as he offers you a dance.

Your face lights up. “It would be my absolute honor.”

Taking your hand into his, Kylian leads you to the dance floor and pulls you in for a slow waltz. You’re not much of a dancer, but so is Kylian so you both take it easy on each other.

“Did I tell you how good you look tonight,” he says into your ear.

“Yes, but you can tell me again.”

“You look breathtaking.” Your gaze locks with Kylian’s now intense gaze. “I didn’t know you were such a good dancer.”

The corners of your lips twitch into a smile. “I didn’t know you were such a bad liar.”

Kylian’s expression mirrors yours. “I have nothing to gain from lying to you.”

You sling your arms around Kylian’s neck, tugging ever so gently so that his face is only inches from your own. “You have everything to gain.”

“Everything?” he asks, his voice barely a whisper.


Kylian surprises you when he tilts his head and seals his mouth over yours. He’s kissing me! He’s actually kissing me! And his lips are so soft against your own. You give in, surrendering yourself to him. He kisses you with such confidence, applying just the right amount of pressure to the kiss and never faltering even as the people around the dance floor cheer around him.

‘Go Kylian!’

‘Get a room you two!’

And your personal favorite, ‘About fucking time you did something about your feelings!’

Your hands cup the back of Kylian’s neck, pulling him closer into you, allowing him to deepen the kiss. When you pull away from the kiss, you can’t help the smile on your face, your heart hammering against your chest. You have to take a moment to catch your breath.

“Be mine,” he says against your lips.

“You don’t have to ask me twice.”

He bends to join your lips once more.


Kylian’s teammates teasing him about his crush on you

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“Bro, I think your girlfriend is here.” Neymar elbowed Kylian lightly with a mischievous smile.

“Oh, [Y/N] came already? Wait - she is not my girlfriend!” The young footballer clasped his hand over his mouth and Neymar burst into laughter.

“She sure isn’t. Come on, I see the way you smile when she texts you and you always play better when she’s here to support you and the team.” The Brazilian explained. “Just go for it already, man.”

“I am not going to ruin a perfectly good friendship just because you’ve seen too many telenovelas and are convinced everything has a happy ending!” Kylian argued, folding his clothes in his sports bag and putting on a pair of sneakers. “It’s not that easy.”

“It isn’t friendship when you’re in love.” His teammate replied with an unusually solemn and serious expression. “But whatever you decide.”

You almost got hit in the face with the door as Kylian left the locker room, his heart skipped a beat when he saw you there.

“How much did you hear?” He chuckled nervously, scratching the back of his neck.

“Enough. You -” you pointed your finger at him, “have some serious explaining to do.” The tone of your voice became gentler upon looking in his eyes, he looked like a lost, lovesick puppy.

“Maybe we could talk about it during a dinner date?”

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Jealousy Part 4 - Kylian Mbappe

It’s an important match, the crowd electric around you as you sit in the stands, sit where you always go so they can both see you there, blue and red shirt clad with one of their names, face painted with a blue and red stripe, singing along to all of the anthems.

You put aside how you feel, put aside the tentative texts that you’d tried to exchange with the elder one, trying to fix the slowly shattering friendship you had managed to develop. It’s harder to put aside the images that run through your mind as you watch the younger run on the pitch, of another girl’s voice in his apartment, of the fading love bites littering his chest…

But you do. For the sake of the match- and your friendship- you erase them from your mind’s eye and cheer him on just as you would’ve before all of this was unearthed, even as his two shots rocket nowhere near the goal, even as the other team take the lead.

The game is, it almost hurts you to think it, boring. Both of your friends- if you could still call them that- played badly, hanging their heads as they walked to congratulate Angel Di Maria who saved their asses with a last minute equaliser. To any normal spectator, it was just a bad night, a night where neither of the star strikers could seem to link up effectively, but to you, it was more, noticing the way Neymar skirted around the sides of the group, never entering the middle fray where Kylian had placed himself. 

They were avoiding each other, two friends, two best friends. All because of you.

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7. “I’ve missed you” kiss - Kylian Mbappé

Words: 525

 "Tu m'as manqué, mon chou.“ Kylian said against your lips, making you grin and sigh in fond exasperation at the same time. As much as you didn’t like them, you had missed the silly nicknames Kylian kept giving you. When you had spotted him walking down the stairs of the bus at the stadium, you found it incredibly hard to contain your excitement and to keep standing where you were. And as soon as he had reached you and dropped his luggage on the floor, you had jumped into his open arms and wrapped your legs around his waist, pressing your lips against his and not caring about what other people may think of you. This was the first time in a week or so since you had seen your boyfriend and although you there had been times that had been apart for longer than that, you never got used to it.

 "I know,” You whispered back, caressing his cheek with one hand and stroking it with your thumb, “I’ve missed you too.” You grinned down at him and he squeezed your bum slightly and teasingly, his hands placed there to support your body as you were wrapped around him.

 Guiding his face back to yours, you kissed his lips again, your mouth moving tantalizingly slow against his and he made a little sound of protest in the back of his throat. Suddenly dropping you to the ground so that you could stand on your feet, Kylian put his hand on the back of your neck to press his lips more firmly against yours. A soft shriek of surprise escaped you and you slapped him on the arm in response, the sudden movement almost having given you a heart attack.

 "Either you kiss me properly or you don’t kiss me at all.“ He murmured, pulling back slightly to do so before connecting your lips again. And suddenly his lips were massaging yours in the most heavenly way possible, almost making you weak in the knees. Oh god, how you had missed his kisses. Even only being away for a week made you long for them again. You didn’t know what it was but somehow, he always managed to leave you completely breathless and dazed after he kissed you.

 You grasped at his shoulders for support as he bent you backwards a little bit, his hand tangling in your hair and tugging on it softly. You nibbled on his bottom lip in response but were forced to release it after a few seconds when he straightened up and pulled back to end the kiss.

 "We should probably stop and say goodbye.” Kylian said, gesturing towards some of his teammates, who were standing in a group a bit further away, saying goodbye to each other and waiting more or less patiently for their youngest teammate to finish greeting his girlfriend.

 Quietly gasping for air, you blushed and nodded as your boyfriend grinned down at you in satisfaction. You could see on his face that he was feeling pretty smug for making you so breathless. Well, you couldn’t really blame him. It was one hell of a kiss.

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Kylian taking care of you when you’re sick

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“Do you need more pillows? Blankets? Tea?” Kylian asked for the millionth time, pacing around your bedroom. “You hungry? I will order us something now!”

“Baby,” you peeked under layers of blankets, “I have a flu, I’m not dying.”

He sighed sadly and sat beside you. “I know, I-I’m just worried, that’s all.” Kylian shrugged, a little pout on his lips. You searched for his hand and grabbed it gently.

“I think you’re the best doctor and care taker ever.” You laughed and your boyfriend’s face lit up as well. He started leaning in for a kiss but you put a hand over his mouth which made his eyes widen.


“You can’t kiss me, silly! You will get sick too and your coach will kill me!” You complained.

“I won’t get sick because of one kiss, [Y/N]! No one can get sick that easily.” He huffed, crossing his arms like a child.

“Sure, like you didn’t get sick after going out without a jacket once.” You smirked at Kylian. “You were whining the whole time, Ky.”

“Alright, you win this time and that should help you get better too, ya know.” He flopped down on the bed beside you with a grin. “Now you should eat something cause I wanna be back to kissing you as soon as possible.”

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first time kylian mbappe


Word count: 1 702 words
Featuring: Kylian Mbappe & Y/N
Synopsis: Kylian and Y/N have sex for the first time…

You anxiously pull your bottom lip between your teeth as you stare vacantly at the movie on the television screen. A thought, a rather sexual thought, is gnawing at your mind making it difficult for you to focus on what is happening in front of you. There’s a question, no, a request you’re dying to ask of Kylian but are not sure of how to bring it up. Just say it. If only it were that simple.


You slant your head—which is comfortably nestled on Kylian’s chest—at a slight angle to look into Kylian’s enquiring eyes. “Yeah?”

“Did you hear what I said?”

Busted. “No…”

Kylian leans forward and grabs the television remote off of the coffee table, careful not to move you. He mutes the sound then looks down at you. “You’ve been distant since you got here. Is everything alright?”

“Yes. No. Well…” The words fail you. One word at a time, you have to remind yourself. “There’s something I’ve been meaning to ask you. Something… important.”

“What do you want to ask me?”

The heat rises in your cheeks and you turn your face into Kylian’s chest. “Never mind, forget I said anything…”

With a soft chuckle, Kylian says, “Come on babe, just tell me what you have to tell me. You said it was important.”

You take a deep breath and slowly roll your face from Kylian’s muscular chest to look up at him. The words fall from your mouth before you can stop them. “I think we should have sex, Kylian.”

A stunned silence falls onto the room followed shortly by a confused, “What?”

Now you feel stupid, and you’re desperate for the ground to swallow you up. “Are you seriously going to make me repeat that? Do you know how much courage it took for me to say it the first time?” Humiliated, not by Kylian’s reaction but by your insecurity, you drop your head to stare at your hands on your lap. Why are you so shy?  “I told you to just forget it…”

Kylian uses his fingers to tilt your chin up and looks down at you with the sweetest of smiles. “Are you upset?”

“Are you going to tease me about it?”

“No,” Kylian shakes his head, an earnest look on his face. “Please don’t feel offended.”

Lifting your head from his chest, you start searching the couch for your cell phone. “It’s late, I should go.”

“Y/N, what are you…?” His voice trails. When you don’t stop your frantic searching, Kylian gently grabs hold of your wrist, grabbing your attention. “What are you doing? Y/N, we’re talking. Where are you going?”

“I’m looking for my phone.” You attempt to pry out of his hold, but you’ve underestimated his grip on you. It doesn’t feel it, but he’s got his fingers secured tightly around you. “Kylian, let go.”

“Do you promise to talk to me if I do?”

“Let go…”

He shoots you a look, non-verbally beseeching you to answer his earlier question. “I’m not trying to embarrass you.”

Your body goes lax, and you stop struggling. “Okay, I’m listening.”

“I was just shocked.”

“Why are you shocked? We’re dating, eventually, we were going to have to do… it.”

“Will you stop being so defensive?”

“I’m not,” you bite back defensively, earning an ‘I told you so’ look from Kylian. “Maybe I am being a little defensive and I’m sorry.”

Kylian raises the back of your hand to his lips and presses a gentle kiss to it. “Did you mean what you said?”

The heat creeps back into your cheeks. “Every word.”

You think about the first time you felt you were ready only a few weeks ago. It was during France’s game against Argentina where Kylian had scored two of the four goals which eventually won them the match. His focus… His determination was enough to drive you to the brink of insanity. You’ve wanted nothing more than to have him have you since…

“Do you not feel it’s time?”

Kylian’s taken aback by your question. You can tell by his stunned expression and his silence.

“Kylian, say something,” you implore. “Anything.”

“Y/N, I…” You’re pushing onto your feet again but he yanks you back down. “Will you let me finish my sentence? Please?” Kylian settles into the couch and continues to explain, “Like I told you earlier, I’m shocked. Will you give me a minute to process it all?”

“What’s there to think about?”

“I just don’t want you rushing into this.” He turns to you, regarding you in the eyes. “I want you to be sure about what you’re asking me to do. This is a special moment for you…”

“I know.” And you have thought about it, countless times. You’re absolutely, positively sure of what you’re asking. “Kylian, I want to do this. I want to do this with you.” You crawl into Kylian’s lap and straddle him, resting your hand on his shoulder to support yourself. You lean your face close enough to his that your lips are lightly brushing against Kylian’s. “Will you do this for me?”

Kylian shifts beneath you, aligning his growing erection with your enclosed folds, the fabric of his jeans and you underwear the only thing keeping you apart. Releasing a shaky breath, Kylian’s tongue darts out to lick his lower lip. His eyes never leave yours…


He shakes his head as if to dismiss a thought and clears his throat. “Okay, okay, I’m sorry. I’m just… God, you’re so hot right now. It’s messing with my thought process.”

You press a gentle kiss to the corner of his lips, trailing the kisses across his chin. “What do you say?”

Kylian moans when you flick his earlobe with your tongue. “Let’s do it.”

The corner of your lip twitches, success. Snaking a single arm around you tightly, Kylian uses his other hand to push himself to his feet. You squeal in delight, impressed by his strength. Kylian carries you down the dimly lit hallway to the bedroom at the end of it. Kylian doesn’t bother closing the door behind him and he gently places you on the bed.

“Lights on or off?”

“Light… on,” you decide, wanting to see every detail of it.

You lay back on the bed and stare up at the ceiling, distract yourself from your first-time jitters. Kylian settles beside you, wraps his arm around you and hauls you into him. His lips find yours and he sinks into you with a lush, deep kiss. The soft strokes of Kylian’s tongue inside your mouth eases any lingering anxiety and turns you on.

Reaching between you, your hand cups Kylian’s erection into your hand, and gives a slight squeeze knowing how much Kylian likes that from past make out sessions. “What do we have her?”

A gruff groan sounds from the deep in his chest as he hips push into your stroke. Kylian slides his hand beneath your t-shirt and runs his fingers drifting across your belly. His touch is feather-light.

“Tell me if it gets too rough, okay?”


Pushing to his knees, Kylian’s hands come to your hips and pull your underwear to your knees. You feel shy when he lowers his head to the folds between your thighs and cover your eyes with your hands, holding your breath in anticipation. His hot tongue slides between the flesh, causing the air to leave you in a rush.

“Ah!” Your back arches off the bed and your eyes clamp shut. “God, Kylian.”

His tongue licks over and around your slick opening, the tip of his tongue applying just the right amount of pressure to the sensitive, throbbing clitoris. Moments later, you come with a loud cry, the climax shattering through you.

You’ve barely come down from your orgasm when you feel the mattress dipping as Kylian moves. Urging your legs further apart, he settles between the spread legs and you watch him pull his t-shirt over his head, his abs flexing with every movement.

“You still good?”

You nod your head, not trusting yourself to speak.

Kylian comes over you and rubs his nose against your own. “I love you,” he whispers sweetly.

“I love you.”

The head of Kylian’s length pushes into you, slowly stroking over the swollen walls inside you. Once inside, he slowly pulls back out, then back inside. He repeats this two more times before entering deeper causing you whimper at the fullness.

“Are you still okay?” he asks, his voice strained.

“Yeah,” you moan out breathlessly, clamping your eyes shut. It’s an odd combination of pain and pleasure, you like it. “Don’t stop.”

He doesn’t. His movements are mindful but more languid as he pushes in and out of you showing restraint. Oh! Your lips part to accommodate your breathing at a certain skillful stroke. God that feels good! When you open your eyes, you find Kylian’s eyes locked on you.

Without faltering, he leans forward to press a tender kiss to your mouth, swallowing your moans. “Fuck,” he hisses through gritted teeth, then proceeds to shut his eyes, letting his head fall back.

The orgasm tears through you, harder than the first time, every muscle in your body tensing from the intense pleasure you’re feeling. It feels like you’re floating in the clouds. It feels like you’re floating for hours before you come back to earth, loose-limbed and relaxed. You can’t help the goofy smile spread across your face.

Your feet are barely on the ground when Kylian pull you into his side and presses a loving kiss to your forehead. “How are you feeling?”

“Like I’m floating in the clouds,” you answer dreamily.

Kylian chuckles, “I’m talking about the pain. Are you sore?”

You can feel that something’s been inside of you. “It’s not as bad as I expected it to be,” you turn your body to face Kylian’s and plant a kiss on his cheek. “Not bad at all.”

Kylian presses a kiss to your forehead and chuckles. “Do you know what we should do now?”



You smile, glad it’s Kylian laying beside you at this moment. “Cuddles sounds good to me.”

Jealousy Part 3 - Kylian Mbappe

He lets you in, a steady drizzle starting to fall as you slip off your shoes in his hall, and follow him through the corridor to his lounge. His TV is paused midway through a game of FIFA and you realise that although he rang you, perhaps he wasn’t expecting your appearance.

“Uh, thanks,” you say to him as he switches the screen off and falls back down onto his sofa. You follow him around and sit tentatively on the other end. “Thanks for letting me come round.”

“So I’m forgiven?” He says, barely glancing at you, his hazel eyes baring into the black screen of his TV and you nod shortly, trying desperately to keep ahold of all of the emotions swirling in your head, making their way down to your heart.

One tear makes its way down your cheek, falling into your lap but you don’t wipe it away, don’t try to hide it and another follows it close behind. 

“Hey,” says Neymar, noticing, his eyes worriedly peering into yours, “are you OK?” 

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baby isayah kylian mbappe


Word count: 1 885 words
Featuring: Kylian Mbappe, Y/N & Isayah (ft Marco Verratti)
Synopsis: Kylian and Y/N babysit his nephew

“How is he? Is he not giving you any trouble?”

You turn to look at Kylian and Isayah fast asleep on the bed beside you. You can’t help the smile that spreads across your face, delighted at the sight of the sleeping boys. “So far, everything’s going great,” you tell Melissa. “How’s the babymoon going?”

“Fabulous though I must say, I miss my baby. Thank you for all the picture updates you’re sending me, they’re helping me cope better with being away from him.”

“What can I say? He’s a great kid to take pictures of.” You laugh a little too loudly causing Kylian to stir a little beside you. Shit. “I would let you speak to him right now but they’re currently asleep. Last night was rough.”

“Was he crying?”

You look down at the little boy cuddled into Kylian. “No, the opposite. I don’t think I’ve ever heard Isayah laugh so much.”

That has Melissa smiling. “I can’t thank you enough for taking care of my son.”

“It’s been an absolute pleasure.”

You trace a finger over Isayah’s eyebrow but he’s so sound asleep, he doesn’t feel it. It’s been three days since Melissa and Jires came to drop Isayah off, and every day spent with the little boy has been nothing but blissful filled with a lot of laughter and just pure love. You’ve never seen Kylian happier.

“We owe you guys big time.”

“We know you guys would do the same for us when we have our little one.”

Melissa gasps. “Are you dropping a hint? Is there a baby Mbappe on the way?”

“Oh, no” —you start shaking your head even though she can’t see you— “no babies right now.”

“I was just making sure…” Melissa says cheekily.

Spending the past three days with Isayah have been nothing short of amazing, but they’ve also made you realize how much work goes into raising children. Right now, children are definitely not in the cards for you and Kylian but you’ll gladly look after Isayah and the new baby on the way.

“We’ll stick to babysitting Isayah.”

Kylian hums sleepily beside you, lazily stretching his limbs.

“Well, I should get going, thank you again for taking care of my baby.”

“We’ll speak later and hopefully, Isayah’ll be up then.”

You hang up the phone and when you look down at Kylian, he’s peering at you through squinted eyes. “Did I wake you?”

He hums sleepily again, stirring before he remembers Isayah snuggled into him. “What time is it?”

“A little after 10, why?”

Kylian shakes his head and rubs his eyes. He’s not much of a morning person. “Thought it was later.” After some more eye rubbing, he greets you. “Did you sleep well?”

You bend to press a kiss to the side of Kylian’s head. “You’re really not a morning person, are you?”

The corners of his lips twitch into a smile. “No. But I’m trying here…”

“And I appreciate the effort.”

Kylian’s not going in to train this morning, and you were hoping to spend the day out with Isayah.

“Remind me never to feed him sweets, last night was insane.” Kylian shivers at the memory of little Isayah bouncing off the walls after he gave him one too many sweets last night. “Next time, we’re only feeding him fruits.”

“You’re only saying that.” Kylian opens his mouth to protest but you speak over him. “And you know I’m right so don’t bother arguing.”

Kylian rolls his eyes but he knows you’re right, he can never say ‘no’ to his nephew, and Isayah knows it and take full advantage of it.

“Admit it, babe, you’re a total marshmallow.”

He doesn’t think to protest at that, knowing that you’re right. Instead, he reaches for his cell phone on the bedside table. “I’m hungry, we should go out to get something to eat.”

“Isayah’s still asleep and I don’t want to wake him so I’m thinking of just making us some breakfast.”

Kylian beams at you. “Look at your maternal instincts kicking in,” he teases you. “It’s hot that you’re so motherly.”

You roll your eyes and start climbing out of bed but on the inside, your heart’s dancing at Kylian’s compliment. “I’m going to ignore that you just said that.”

“You know I’m right.”

“You’re going to wake the baby.”

Kylian laughs, covering his mouth when it becomes too loud. “You’re blushing.”

Sliding your feet into your slippers, you tell him, “Whatever.”

“Ice cream! Ice cream!” Isayah calls out excitedly, he’s so excited he can barely stay still in Kylian’s arms. “Ice cream!”

“After the ride, okay baby?” Kylian says to his nephew.

“I thought you said you wouldn’t be feeding him any more sweets.”

“I said sweets, not ice cream,” Kylian points out. “Besides, it’s ice cream, everyone needs a little ice cream in their life. Do you not want ice cream?”

You peer at Kylian from the corner of your eye, smiling shyly. “I do…”

Kylian laughs and he’s joined by Isayah.

“Yeah, whatever,” you nudge him lightly with your shoulder. “If he starts driving you crazy at night, I don’t want to hear about it.”

“You wouldn’t do that to me, right?”

Isayah shakes his head, “No.”

That earns Isayah a kiss from Kylian. “Besides, I can’t say no to his adorable face.”

You pinch Isayah’s cheek lightly. “You really can’t.”

You’re currently walking through the Disneyland theme park with a special guide allocated to escort you around the park for the day. You’ve been walking around the park all day, and even though your feet are killing you from all the walking, the smile on Isayah’s face right now makes all the pain worth it.

“Are you tired yet?”

You shake your head, “My feet are just killing me.”

“One last ride and then we’ll go home.”

The last ride being the Lancelot carousel, Isayah’s favorite ride according to the information Melissa gave you this morning and the perfect way to cap off your amazing day at the park with your favorite boys.

“Y/N,” Isayah’s soft voice calls for your attention, his arms outstretched to you. When he thinks you can’t hear him, he calls for you again.

“Yes, baby?”

“Up, up.” His way of asking you to carry him. “Up, up.”

“Are you ditching me for Y/N again?”

Isayah nods his head.

“I thought you were my friend.”

You take Isayah into your arms, tickling him lightly on his stomach. “No, tell him you’re my friend.”

“But I’m buying you ice cream.”

Isayah giggles some more, burying his head in the crook of your neck. “Yes, ice cream.”

You finally arrive at the ride, and thanks to the VIP package organized by Kylian for your trip, you don’t have to stand in the line. The three of you climb onto the ride, Kylian taking the horse ahead of the horse you’re sharing with Isayah. Kylian takes his phone out of pocket, holding it up to you and asks for you to smile.

“I want you to give me your best smiles.”

Cuddling Isayah into your body, the two of you smile for the camera. Hours later, Kylian posts the picture on to his Instagram.

You’re currently knelt beside the bathtub, bathing Isayah whilst Kylian kneels on the other side, singing nursery rhymes to the Isayah.

“You’re distracting him, Kylian.”

Both boys are falling over with laughter, continuing their singing.

“Baby, five more minutes and then you can continue singing.”

Kylian looks up at you, dabbing the tears from the corner of his eyes. “I’m sorry but he’s having such a great time.”

You’ve been back from Disneyland for a little over an hour now, and you’re getting Isayah ready for bed, except Kylian and the rubber duck are proving to be the worst distractions.

“Duck,” Isayah starts mumbling the tune to the song Kylian was singing to him earlier.

“We’ll sing later, buddy,” Kylian tells the toddler.

Isayah continues his singing and Kylian gives in, joining him shortly after. After a minute of resisting, you give in, singing along to their song.

The whole stadium is erupting in cheers, and you’re jumping up and down the PSG VIP box suite with baby Isayah in your arms. Kylian’s just scored his second goal, putting the team in the lead, but with a few minutes left in the match, you can’t help but be nervous.

“Did you see uncle Kylian score?” you ask Isayah who’s got a slight smile on his face.

He nods his head.

“That was a really good goal,” Marco says to you once you’ve taken your seat. Today, he’s watching the game from the VIP box suite with his family. “You must be a proud girlfriend.”

Turning to face him, you smile. “You have no idea.”

Both you and Isayah are showing team spirit in your PSG jerseys. You’ve barely been able to enjoy the match with Isayah wanting to walk around with you but you’ve been lucky not to miss Kylian’s goals.

Marco’s attention goes to Isayah in your arms, “Are you enjoying watching your uncle play?”

The toddler smiles at Marco, he’s become quite familiar with the PSG defender, having him seen him over at Kylian’s house a few times.

“How’s the parent thing going for you?”

“It’s been good. It’s not as easy as I thought it would be, but it’s also not terrible.”

“I saw the Disneyland pictures, you guys look like you had a good time,” Marco takes Isayah into his arms, bouncing the toddler on his knee. “I’ve never seen Kylian smile so much.”

“Yeah, well—”

You’re cut off by loud cheering that quickly dies down, and when you turn to look at the field, Kylian’s almost scored a third in the very last minutes of the game.

“Yay!” Isayah cheers on Marco’s lap, causing to both look down at him.

“No, baby, we’re not cheering again.”

Isayah smiles sweetly at you, throwing his arms in the air. “Yay!”

Isayah’s dozing off on your arms, and Kylian’s got his head rested on your lap, you’re watching the film ‘The Little Prince’ but it seems everyone’s on the verge of fall asleep. Finally, after minutes of trying to fight it off, Isayah gives in to the sleep.

“Babe, he’s asleep,” you inform Kylian.

“Really?” Kylian sits up and looks down at Isayah in your arms. “He’s so cute asleep.” Taking his phone from the table, he snaps a picture of you holding sleeping baby Isayah. “For my private picture collection.”

“‘Private picture collection’? What’s the that?”

“The pictures I take of all my loved ones.”

Kylian starts showing you the pictures on his camera roll. Picture after picture of you and baby Isayah from the last few days, and in most of them, you’re not even aware he’s taking them.

“Baby,” you say softly, but excitedly because you don’t want to wake Isayah. “I love you so much!”

Smiling, Kylian tells you, “I love you and I can’t wait to make babies with you, not now, but one day.”

“In the meantime, we can just keep babysitting little Isayah.”

Kylian leans over to press a gentle kiss on the toddler’s forehead. “I agree.”

Kylian Mbappe - Mine

Request: Hi! I have a request What about you’re a famous actress and dating Kylian and one of your movies is on tv and he is watching it with the boys (france team) and a hot scene comes uñ and he gets all jealous Im sorry if it sounds weird xoxo lots of lovee

Word count : 778

Originally posted by kmbappe98

Kylian was in shock. He hadn’t expected to see this when he put your movie on in the bus so that everybody could watch it with him but he now deeply regretted his decision.

 You didn’t tell me you had sex in this movie

 He sent you a text, gripping his phone tightly in anticipation of your response whilst glaring at the television screen at the front of the bus. He’d boasted to all of his teammates about your new movie, thinking it was just another harmless action movie but it seems he was sorely mistaken. He should have stopped showing off and just watched the movie in private.

 Relax, babe. It’s not real. What do you think about the movie?xxx

 He read the text message and glared at it, averting his glare to Antoine when he wolf-whistled at the steamy scene on the television. Of course they were going to tease him about this. They already teased him in the changing room every time they saw you two share an intimate moment so he should have expected this. This time, however, Kylian wasn’t really in a joking mood. He knew you often had to kiss other men in your movies, but kissing was something he didn’t mind. Kylian felt secure enough in his relationship for things like that not to bother him. But having sex with someone -albeit faked- was something else entirely.

 Oh, I think it’s great, except for the fact that I’m now watching my girl make out with another man.

 Paul came to sit in the vacant seat next to him and stared at Kylian with a shit-eating grin on his face. Kylian tried to ignore him, though, glancing out of the window and crossing his arms in annoyance.

 Again, relax. You know I’m only yours. I’ll make it up to you when you get home ;) xxx

 "So, Kyky,“ Paul started and ignored the warning glance Kylian sent him, "You, mon frère, are one lucky bastard.”

 "Shut up, man.“

 You’ve got a lot to make up for. I have a feeling that I’m going to hear about this for a long time. Better prepare yourself, baby, ‘cause when I’m done with you, you won’t be able to walk straight.

 "Aww, is little Kyky a bit jealous?” Paul teased, reaching out to pinch Kylian’s cheek but not able to get there because his hand was slapped away by the boy he was now teasing. Kylian groaned in annoyance, throwing his head back in exasperation when he heard Antoine’s voice from the seat behind him.

 "You two must have lots of fun in the bedroom. I didn’t know Y/N was that wild.“ He flipped Antoine off and unlocked his phone to read the reply you had sent.

 Oh god, please don’t tell me you’re watching it with the entire team

 Really? That was the part of the message you were focusing on?

 I put it on so I could show you off. Now everybody’s seeing something only I should ever lay eyes on. That booty is mine.

 Kylian tried to ignore the other comments coming from his teammates but they were really trying to rile him up. Normally he was a relatively calm person but seeing you do things like that with another man had really tested his self-control and jealousy so it was hard not to snap back at them. He knew they’d only laugh, however, if he did that. Of course they thought his reaction was hilarious. He imagined the expression on his face wasn’t exactly concealing what he was thinking and if his face didn’t betray him, his reaction to seeing you having sex with another man surely did.

 Kylian! How am I supposed to look them in the eyes now?!

 You’ve got bigger things to worry about.

 After a particularly loud moan coming from the television screen, he jumped up and climbed over Paul to go shut down the television and take the disk out of the disk-player. There was loud roars of laughter at his actions but he didn’t care. He couldn’t stand watching that scene anymore. He eyed the disk that was now in his hand and made the split-second decision to snap it in two. Of course that only encouraged the teasing and laughter and he flipped everyone off, going back to his seat and settling down again. The laughter and teasing didn’t stop for a few more minutes and whilst Kylian normally would be embarrassed by it, he was too worked up to be embarrassed now. He knew they’d milk this for as long as they could.

 Which would be…?

 What I’m going to do to you when I get home.

Online article reporting the confirmation of Kylian Mbappé and Y/N’s relationship


Hearts are breaking all around the world as Paris Saint-Germain forward, Kylian Mbappé seemingly confirms his relationship with rumored girlfriend, (your name & surname).

Last night, Mbappé took to Instagram to confirm his relationship with (your name) with a sweet message. In bold white letters in front of black background, Kylian wrote: “Happy Birthday to my love and best friend @ynhandle” with a cake emoji at the bottom.

Upon hearing the news, Mbappé fans took to Twitter to express their feelings. One fan tweeted: ‘Congratulations to Kylian & Y/N! Now that you’ve confirmed your relationship, could you adopt me? Thanks. #KylianxYN’ Whilst another tweeted: ‘I’m happy for Kylian and Y/N because they make a great couple but I’m also a little heartbroken because I really want to be with Kylian… #KylianxYN’

And though a lot of his fans were happy at the news, many were displeased. One Twitter user tweeted: ‘I really shouldn’t care because it’s none of my business but I really don’t think Y/N is a good match for Kylian #KylianxYN #myopinion’ And was backed up by another tweeting: ‘I give it a solid 3 months before it all comes crashing down, don’t say I didn’t tell you #KylianxYN.’

Kylian and (your name) seem unfazed by the fan reactions. This morning, the couple were spotted out and about Paris looking very much in love.

The couple was first rumored to be dating two months ago after they were spotted on what looked to be a dinner date as Paris’ exclusive Le Cinq. A source had told SportsTimes EXCLUSIVELY that Kylian and (your name) looked to be in love, telling us: ‘They sat in a quiet corner of the restaurant and couldn’t stop smiling at each other. You could tell by the way they looked at each other that they’re in love.’

When SportsTimes reached out to Mbappé’s reps for confirmation, they refused to comment on the nature of Kylian’s relationship with (your name). A few weeks after the news first broke, (your name) was seen attending a Paris Saint-Germain match with the Mbappé family.

A source told the DailyMail that the Mbappé family’s fond of (your name). ‘Kylian’s family approves his relationship with (your name). They’re spending a lot of time together outside of the public eye because (your name) is afraid of the attention the relationship will bring her.’

(your name)’s yet to comment on Kylian’s outfit but judging by the pictures from earlier, they’re happily in love. Congratulations to the new couple!

Thank God - Kylian Mbappe

inspired by ‘kiss me’ by ed sheeran

You close the door quietly behind you, wincing as it still echoes up the stairs, the floorboards creaking under your heels as you tiptoe into the kitchen, thinking it safe to turn on the light. The kitchen appeared before you and you went to the spirits cupboard, to fix yourself a straight whiskey to hopefully dull the edges of what had been an awful night when you noticed the light flickering on the cabinet by the fridge, the colours changing and dimming every few seconds.

Placing your glass down on the draining board, you paused only to flick off the extravagant silver heels you saved for first dates and first dates only, padding across the tiles into the living room now, the television left on. You cursed your housemate mentally as you crossed the carpet to flick it off, mentally tallying how someone so world renowned, so famous could forget simple things like turning the television off before he went to bed.

It wasn’t until you neared, until you could see the other side of the sofa that you realised he had never made it to bed.

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4. Awkward kiss - Kylian Mbappé

Words: 611

 Their first kiss was an awkward one. It wasn’t amazingly good like so many stories said. She didn’t automatically know what to do, and she didn’t automatically know that he was the one for her. Fireworks didn’t go off as soon as his lips touched hers either. Sure, she got a giddy feeling at the fact that he liked her enough to kiss her and she was really happy about it, but there weren’t any fireworks because it was way too awkward. It was her first kiss ever, so she didn’t know what to do, and he hadn’t had much experience either, despite being a famous footballer and all the rumours that went around about him. Because of their inexperience, their relationship was mainly figuring things out together. Later in their relationship, they eventually worked out how to do everything properly, after much practice, but their first kiss, even thinking about it months later, was cringe-worthy. At least, it was to her.

 It had been after their second date. Kylian had accompanied her inside of her apartment - it wasn’t the first time he’d been there because they’d been friends for a few months before they agreed to give dating a try- and they had put on a movie because they didn’t want to say goodbye yet. The movie had only been playing for a few minutes before he leaned in unexpectedly and planted his lips on hers. Because of her surprise at his sudden desire to kiss her, she didn’t respond until after a few seconds. And her response hadn’t been the best either. She just clumsily moved her lips over his, probably way too much than was necessary. She hadn’t even closed her eyes until he pulled away, having been way too surprised in the moment. She didn’t want him to think that she liked watching people whilst they kissed, however, because that’d make everything even more awkward, so she quickly closed her eyes as soon as his lips left hers.

 After the kiss, they just looked at each other awkwardly and because she really didn’t know how to deal with awkward silences, she blurted out the first thing that came to her mind, which was “well thanks”. He looked at her weirdly for a second before they both burst out laughing, and she covered her face with her hands in embarrassment.

 His answer to her embarrassment had been really sweet. His laughter quietened down, and he gently took her hands in his, pulling them away from her face slowly. He bent his head forwards slightly, seeking eye contact with her before he started speaking with a charming and adorable grin on his face.

 "You’re welcome. But you don’t have to thank me for kissing you, you know. It’s a pleasure,“ Kylian winked at you and you laughed softly, "Seriously, though. Don’t be embarrassed. The kiss was nice, and your answer was even better. Besides, I had a lot of fun tonight. I think we should do this again, but only if you want to.” He squeezed her hands softly, his lips breaking out into a full-out grin when she nodded.

 Leaning forwards again, he briefly pressed his lips against hers again before he leant back against the back of the couch. He wrapped his arm around her shoulders and pulled her closer to him, pressing her against his side as they settled back on the couch to continue watching the movie.

 And just like that, the awkwardness melted away. And Kylian had teased her about it for weeks, thanking her every time they kissed, and it wasn’t until she threatened to never kiss him again that he stopped.

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if this is love, then love is easy (kylian mbappé)

a/n: this is short and corny buttttt you can always let me know what you think!

As much as she tries to, Camila can’t ignore the sun blaring through the cracks in the blue curtains, warming the skin of her bare shoulder.

She’s about to start wondering why she’s feeling warm all over, but then something, or rather someone, whines and moves around in slight discomfort until he finds a better position, pulling her even closer to his chest. A smile spreads across her face instantly as her eyes flutter open to be met with Kylian’s sleeping face. His mouth is slightly agape, but she still thinks it’s the prettiest sight in the word.

She places her chin on top of her hand where it’s laying on his chest, and she immediately decides sleeping Kylian is her favorite Kylian. He looks soft and peaceful, his breathing deep and relaxed, his face is smooth without a single wrinkle like there usually is when he smiles, or when he frowns because he’s frustrated. So when he sleeps, his wrinkles are gone.

Camila loves the tranquility of it all.

She pecks his neck and starts moving up, up, until she’s nuzzling her nose in his cheek. She smiles at the way his nose slightly scrunches up at the touch. She can’t help but leave a lingering kiss in the corner of his mouth before getting up grudgingly, not wanting to leave his side.  

She heads to the kitchen, only bothering to put on a pair of underwear. The only one in the house other than her is Kylian who most likely doesn’t mind it one bit.

The food on his fridge mainly consists of frozen pizza, canned stuff and fruit. So, no breakfast in bed then.

The kitchen clock marks 7:06 am, she considers going to the grocery store that’s just rounding the corner when a pair of strong arms hug her from behind, Kylian’s lips resting on the back of her neck. He breathes in deep, gently rocking her from side to side. He doesn’t say anything, but there’s a sigh escaping from his nose. For a moment they just stand there, Kylian’s arms wrapped around her from behind. It’s calm and delicate; neither of them is in a rush.

“Everything alright, baby?” She asks, relaxing in his embrace.

“Just like holding you, is all,” he whispers, swiftly grabbing her hips and turning her around. “Did I annoy you when we were asleep?”

“Annoy me?”

“Yeah, like, did I snore too much? Was I too sweaty? I know my body’s temperature is hot all the time and –“

“Kylian, what –“

“And I go to the restroom too much. Did I hog the covers?” He shifts his weight, looking almost ashamed.

Camila is in awe. What honestly is this boy?

 She holds Kylian close, wrapping her arms around his neck before kissing him languidly in the middle of the kitchen. She breaks the kiss because she can’t stop smiling.

“I’ve never slept so well before,” she reassures.

“You know, I’ve always liked sleeping alone. Like, having all the bed to myself, but sleeping with the person you love is truly something else. I’ve never –“

Camila feels like she stops breathing. Her eyes are wide, her mouth agape, she sees Kylian’s lip moving but she can’t hear what he’s saying.

She jumps in his arms, her legs wrapping around his middle while kissing all over his face. She pulls back, placing her hands on his cheeks, squeezing them.

“What did you just say?”

Kylian looks perplexed.

“Uh, that my dad used to say –“

“No, no, no.” She interrupts, shaking her head rapidly. “You said the L word.”

“What? What L word?” His brows are furrowed, genuine confusion showing on his face. Camila can actually see the moment he realizes what she means, there’s a sort of panicked look on his face and she swears she’s about to burst out of happiness.

“You don’t have to say it back, I don’t want to make you uncomfortable,” he rushes, biting his lip.

“I love you, too, you moron,” she whispers before kissing him again, but Kylian is not kissing back. She opens her eyes to find him already staring back at her, his eyes quite literally sparkling.

“You, you mean it? Like, you actually love me?” A cheesy smile starts making its way to his face.

She nods excitedly, pecking his lips in quick sucession.

“So, does this mean you can move in already?”

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Christmas In Paris

can you do one w mbappe? thx!

We were spending Christmas in Paris this year. Usually we spent our time in different places, but this time we had both made the decision to stay together. That was all that we wanted as to be with each other.

“Kylian what are you doing?” I asked as I stood by the door and hear him having a little tantrum “I am just standing here trying to workout where the majority of our presents were left So get out before you spoil the surprise” I smirked at how frustrated he was. “Okay I will leave you” I laughed as I shut the door behind me.

As I shut the door, I knew he wasn’t going to be out there for a while because he was the worst person at losing things so I wasn’t shocked he couldn’t find anything. He never kept anything in a secure place, I was shocked that I hadn’t actually found any of my presents just yet.  

Kylian repapered hours later with a full bag of presents. “Oh you found the then?” I asked as he pulled a moody face. “Yes I eventually found them all. It was a struggle lets just say that” I laughed an just shook my head at how stupid he really was. “Its a good job I love you isn’t I” Kylian nodded.

The next few days had passed and we ended up finally celebrating Christmas together. Kylian rolled out of bed and he went out to the living room. I decided I would peel myself out of bed, to go and see Kylian putting all the presents out. “Aww merry Christmas baby” I smiled as I went over and kissed him on the lips.

“Merry Christmas to you as well, my angel. Right shall we open presents before we need to head out to my mums” I nodded as he kissed me on my nose. “Yes that sounds like a perfect idea” I smiled as we both sat down on the floor giving each other our presents.

“I am so excited” I squealed as I sat down and waited for him to hand me my presents. We opened our boxes of presents. “Here is one of your main presents baby” Kylian handed me a box. As I opened it, I could see tickets to somewhere. “Disneyland Paris!! You are taking me to Disneyland. KYLIAN” I shouted.

“I cannot believe you. I am so happy, I cant believe you have always known I  have wanted to do this for just so long. Thank you so much baby” I kissed him on the lips as I was just so excited and I couldn’t believe that he would do something like this.

“I had the idea when the whole team went to Paris for our dinner, a couple of the boys had decided they wanted to have trips for their girlfriends and families. I know you have been before when you was younger but have never been with me before” I smiled as I could see how happy Kylian was.

We opened the rest of the presents and had the most amazing time together. Until we went to his mums, we were really happy now and couldn’t wait to spend time with Kylian’s family.

The Best Awards

hey this is for anon! sorry if it’s crap :’)

“Can we meet Messi? Ooh and Ronaldo!” You say excitedly, bouncing up and down.

“(y/n)…chill please! There will be a lot of people there, we might not see them” Kylian sighs, adjusting his tie.


“Fine, but only if you calm down”

“Yay!” You clap your hands together.

“I swear you’re more excited about this than I am”

Tonight you and Kylian, your boyfriend of exactly 11 months and 6 days, were going to the Fifa awards. At first you hadn’t been that excited. You’d been to plenty of awards ceremonies in your time and they were all the same, boring.

But then you’d seen the guest list and freaked out. Logically you knew all the big names would be there but that’s when it really sinks in. You’d gone to town buying a new dress and shoes. You had to look amazing.

You reckoned you did look pretty damn amazing if Kylian’s reaction had been anything to go by.

Kylian himself was taking forever. He always did. You couldn’t count the amount of times you’d dragged him out of the house while he was still fixing his tie or jacket.

“Come on! We need to go” You say, pulling at his arm.

“Calm down, we still have ages”

“Yeah but we’re gonna meet people”

“We can do that after. If we go now you’ll just get bored. Trust me, your precious Messi doesn’t get there until like, 5 minutes before”

You sigh and flop on the hotel bed.

“Stop being so dramatic” Kylian says “You’ll get to meet them”

“I know, I know”

Finally he’s ready so you go down to the car. It seems to take ages to get there but soon you see a sign for it.

“We’re there!” You say.

“We are, and look! There’s Messi”

“Where?!” You almost break your neck looking around.

“Just kidding, but he’ll be here soon”

“Meanie” You playfully hit his arm and pretend to sulk.

Kylian parks and you get out of the car. You’re looking around all the time for footballers. Kylian sees some friends and drags you over to talk to them. You open instagram and post a selfie, saying you couldn’t wait for the ceremony.

Just as you look up you see Messi.

“Be right back” You say, kissing Kylian’s cheek.

You wander over to where Messi is standing.

“Hi” You squeak “Can I have…can I..I mean”

“An autograph?” He laughs “Or how about a selfie?”

“That’s good too”

You take your phone out and snap a few photos of the two of you.

“I love your dress” He says “I gotta go, have a good evening”

“Thanks, you too” You say, still awestruck.

“Are you ok? You look like you’re gonna faint” Kylian says, appearing from behind you.

“Messi likes my dress”

Kylian laughs “We better go sit down”

Kylian leads you over to your seats. You’re sitting next to Mo Salah who seems nice, thankfully you’re much calmer now.

“This is (y/n)” Kylian says to Mo.

“Nice to meet you” Mo shakes your hand.

It feels so surreal, there are so many footballers in one place! If someone had told 13 year old you you would get a selfie with Messi and meet god knows who else you would’ve cried.

Soon the awards start. You’d been right, it is quite boring and by the time the awards are finished you just want to go. Of course Kylian insists you both get a drink and talk to people. You sigh but agree.

Eventually he can tell just how bored you’re getting.

“Ok” He says “We can go”


You put your glass down on the table and look around one last time.

“Ready?” Kylian asks.

“Hang on” You say “I think I just saw Ronaldo”